Dancing in the living room.

Alyssa was just another girl, singing to One Direction. Dancing in the living room, maybe to much.. But when you keep the windows open and everyone can see. Sometimes when certain cars get stopped at the red light, and look into the house you might just get lucky. But when a agent of a pop sensation sees you, you might just get that one special moment...


2. Chapter 2

                            Alyssa's P.O.V


I woke up on just a normal Tuesday. I brought out my phone, 18 new texts. I had alot of friends. I guess Im just a very friendly person. I forwarded " Party at my place at 8, wanna come?" to 21 diffrent people. I got 6 replys  right away. All said they could come. Awesome. I put my feet on the cold wooden floor. I opened my fridge. Looked like I needed Food, drinks, and some party stuff. I walked out of my room, and into the living room. I opened the curtain to the huge window. I tucked it behind the 60 inch tv stand. I guess you could say that I was rich. I dont. My grandma died in a car crash along with my grandpa. I was their favorite grandkid. They were rich. In the will, I got all the money.

So I have a nice flat. With a lot of nice things. Im grateful for everything. I try not to act snotty, rude, or stuck up... to anyone. I went into my room, got dressed.. the average normal morning routine. I grabbed my purse, and walked out to my car. I drove to the nearest target. When I got there, I saw a minivan with One Directions Face on it. huh, probally some overly obbsessed fans. I got out of my car and walked into the store.


First, I went to the food part of the store. I got 4 Gallons of Ice Cream flavors vanilla, chocolate, mint, cookie dough. Then I got stuff for the party; Pizza, soda, cake, cheese & sausage, crakers, chips, dip Ect. I wanted my party to be good.

Then I got over to the music, book, and game section. Of course I had to go over there even if I wasnt going to  buy anything! I went into the C.D rack and got:

Niki Minaji: Pink Friday

Drake: HYFR

Taylor Swift: Red

Justin Bieber: Believe

Carly Rae Jepson: Kiss


I loved all of thoses artists! I walked over to the magazine section and grabbed 4 magazines. Then I went to the Game section I had a Wii, PsP. I grabbed Just dance 4. Even though I beat everyone who plays it, Its still fun. ( For me at least). I grabbed a couple of things on my way out. My total was 137.00$. I guess it was alot, but I rarely spend my money like this, so it wasnt that bad.


2 hours, and 7 shopping bags later. I got home. I set up everything it was around  2:00. I cheaked my phone 23 texts. I got 10 " Yes's" and 3 " Cant come's". Then I had 10 from people who wanted to come. I told all of them that they would.




                                                                  Alyssa's P.O.V ( 6 hours later)


It was 8:00 People started arriving. Boys and Girls. We were all partying. Music loud. Food out. Video Games on! I played a round of Just Dance with people at various times. I took it easy on the people I was playing against.

The Dances on just dance 4 were super easy. I do some difficult levals of dance. So it wasnt that hard to do a simple song of simple cherography. I didnt live my life at the dance studio. I went 4 days a week for 3 hours each time. Ok, maybe I did spent alot of time there. But It was average for me. I never thought someone would pick me out of the crowd to go on stage, to be in the spotlight. I was just there. The girl in the class everyone knew, out side of the studio, in the city's no one knew me, my name wasnt really out there like if you googled it, Not alot would come up.


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