Dancing in the living room.

Alyssa was just another girl, singing to One Direction. Dancing in the living room, maybe to much.. But when you keep the windows open and everyone can see. Sometimes when certain cars get stopped at the red light, and look into the house you might just get lucky. But when a agent of a pop sensation sees you, you might just get that one special moment...


11. Chapter 11

Harry's P.O.V


When Simon walked out of the room. I didn't say anything.
Only because I completed my mission. The boys looked at me with the "Did you do it" look. I nodded.

Harry: I completed the dare.
Louis: You got it?
Harry: Yea.
Zayn: How?
Harry: When she gave me a hug, I put my hand in her back pocket, and pulled out her phone, guess she didnt even notice.
Niall: Nice Job mate.

We went through the contacts, and found one that said "Me" We all added that one to our phones. Hope she doesnt have a friend that she calls me, because thats just gonna turn into a akward situation.

I listened to Simon through the door.

Simon: Thank you for signing with us!
Trinity: My pleasure!
Simon: I'll give you a call in a few days.
Trinity: Sounds great.
Simon: Oh, and trinity.
Trinity: Yes?
Simon: Don't lay eyes on Scooter Braun, don't communicate with anyone who knows him.
Trinity: Sure thing.

Then Simon walked out of the door, and of course gave me an evil eye.

I took my chance and walked back into the room Trinity was in.

Harry: Looking for this?
Trinity: What? You douchbag! You took my phone.
Harry: You let me.
Trinity: Oh Yes, I tottaly remember saying, Hey harry take my phone! How did you even get it?
Harry: When you gave me a hug, i took it out of your back pocket.

She stuck her left arm. Trying to grab it. I pulled the phone back, so she couldnt grab it.

Trinity: GIVE IT.
Harry: No.
Trinity: Please?
Harry: No?
Trinity: Harrrryyy!
Harry: Fine then Give me a kiss in return.

Her eyes widened. She shook her head. So I took her phone, and unlocked it. She didnt have a passcode on it.

Harry: Ah, look here. Twitter. Tumblr. Hmm. Gifboom?
Trinity: You wouldn't dare.
Harry: But I would.

She walked towards me, and kissed my cheek.

Before I could respond she took her phone out of my hand, and walked away.

Trinity: Good-bye boys.
Niall: Bye. Trinity
Louis: Bye Gurll..
Liam: Good-bye.
Zayn: Bye Bye


She walked out of the studio, little did she know. There would be more of us.


                            Trinity's P.O.V

I walked out of the studio, and drove to Alyssa's apartment. Well the one that we share. I hope she didnt sign with Scooter.




Short I know... Wait there will be longer chapters up. Things are going to start moving fast in the story.... :)

Stay Wonderful,


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