Dancing in the living room.

Alyssa was just another girl, singing to One Direction. Dancing in the living room, maybe to much.. But when you keep the windows open and everyone can see. Sometimes when certain cars get stopped at the red light, and look into the house you might just get lucky. But when a agent of a pop sensation sees you, you might just get that one special moment...


1. Chapter 1

                                         Alyssa's P.O.V


Hi. I'm Alyssa. 19. Dance takes up around 85% of my brain space. But Thats Fine with me. Its not such a bad thing. I hope. I Like to dance in front of a window in my living room. I dont know what it is... The only thing is beyond the window is a road, only like 10 feet away. And in front of the road is a red light. So when the people get bored they look around, and usally the eyes land in the window. Then land on me. When pop sensations drive by with their angents, well then I guess I would Lucky.





A/N This is my intro, there will be more up soon! Comment down below ;)


♥♥♥ Stay Wonderful♥♥♥

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