The Life of a Loner

This is a story of a Lone Elf called Dasiy Mollin that goes on an adventure. You will have to find out what the adventure is though...


6. Part 6

Dasiy stared in amazement. He just broke one of the Anceint Elf Rules!

Glade, noticing drool coming out of her mouth as she gazed at him, spoke "If the other elves banish us then why should we live by their rules?"

Dasiy thought about this. He has a point, they threw us out. But, we were raised by them and we were taught this for all of our lives. Dasiy sighed. The stew was not filling her up. Glade stood up and took the squirrel.

"Would you like some?"

Dasiy nodded and tossed the stew into a bush were the squirrel's wife was weeping, seeing the whole thing. Glade skinned it while Dasiy made a fire. They cooked it up ate just like it was a feast.

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