The Life of a Loner

This is a story of a Lone Elf called Dasiy Mollin that goes on an adventure. You will have to find out what the adventure is though...


4. Part 4

Dasiy and the man walked on a path untill they came to a small pond. They sat down and stared into it. The surface of the water was still. A heart beat later a butterfly fluttered across the pond. It glided out to the top of the trees.

"What did you say your name was?" ask the man as he turned to Dasiy.

"My name is Dasiy, Dasiy Mollin." Dasiy answered, blushing slightly. "What is yours?"

"Glade. Just Glade, if you don't mind. I forgot my last name."

Dasiy gazed out to the pond again. Glade is a nice name, Dasiy thought. A nice name for a nice guy. Dasiy's stomach grummbled. She dug her hand into her pack and pulled out some leftover root stew. She motioned it toward Glade. His handsome face frowned.

"I don't eat that slop that you have." He said, twisting his face. "I eat the things that nature has left around for us." He pulled out his bow and swiftly killed a squirrel.


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