The Life of a Loner

This is a story of a Lone Elf called Dasiy Mollin that goes on an adventure. You will have to find out what the adventure is though...


3. Part 3

Dasiy slowly opened her eyes. Have I been dreaming? What was that voice? When she fully opened her eyes, she saw something she couldn't believe. A man-elf with brown hair and green eyes was staring down at her.

"Great, your awake." He spoke, with the same voice that drowned out her dream. Who is he? Daisy thought. He stood up and a light shined in Daisy's eyes. She gazed around. She was laying on her back in a small cave. A small waterfall fell down near her. She cupped her hands and drank the water. She felt warm hands wrap around her." I am sorry I knocked into you. You seem too young to be banished here." She felt herself blush.

"I was just banished. I dunno where to go or what to do." That was true. She had just decided to run far way from the border. She wasn't prepared to leave home at all. All of the anger had surged her to get out of there.

"I was banished 2 moons ago. I have just been camping here ever since." He unraveled his hands. Daisy turned to face him. "You don't have a wepon. Anything, and anyone, could have come up to you and killed you. I will train you to use a bow if you come with journey with me. Daisy couldn't refuse, his eyes sparkled with hope and his hair shined.

"Yes, I will. But I have a feeling I have to go somewhere." The man nodded in understanding, his eyes filled with excitment. He must have been so alone, with nothing to do. They both gathered their belongings and walked out into the world.

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