The Life of a Loner

This is a story of a Lone Elf called Dasiy Mollin that goes on an adventure. You will have to find out what the adventure is though...


2. Part 2

Daisy had walked, and walked, and walked until she was as far as she could be from the border of her tribe. Well, her old tribe. She remembered walking with Clove through the forest. He doesn't care, she thought to herself as she settled under an old weeping willow. The sprites danced around her, as if to make fun of her. If he did care, wouldn't he come after her? Go together and making a house as far as they could be? Yea right, he doesn't give a--, she stopped thinking. Close by she heard a twig snap. She arose, only to be pushed down by something that was twice her size. Everything started to swirl and she felt lifted into the air. Then everything went dark.


The grass on the medow swished in the gentle breeze. A beautiful girl pranced around with a handsome boy. "Listen," He spoke with a voice as sweet as sugar. "We have been togther for sometime Dasiy, I asked your father if I could marry you. He said yes and that we are going to be wed tonight." The girl stopped in her tracks and turned to the boy."Clove," She spoke as if she were the moon speak. "You don't have to ask my father, we are going to run to out there!" He stopped her. "No, we are going to stay." His voice began to disappear. Slowly drowned away by a soothing voice.

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