Little Things

18 year old Bri finds herslef in love with Zayn Malik. Then Liam comes into the picture and changes things. Read more to find out what will happen.


4. Zayn Malik's house

Bri;s POV:  

"It's okay. It's not your fault." I told Zayn.

"Okay but to make it up to you do you want to go out tomorrow night?" he questioned.

"I'd love to." I smiled at him.

"Okay how about you come to my house tonight?" He asked.

"I'd love that to." I replied.

"Okay come with me." he said. I held his hand and he took me to his car. I saw that it was parked in the middle of the street by the ally with the door open still. We drove in silence to his house. All of a sudden something was on my shoulder and it wasn't Zayn. It was Louis. "AH!" I yelled. Zayn turned around quickly. "Louis what are you doing here?" Zayn asked.

"The boys wouldn't take me home." Louis said.

"Ah your lucky I like you." Zayn said. Finally Louis was gone. It was just me and Zayn......alone. Zan took my hand and led me to his house. He opened his door to his flat. It was amaZAYN. A staircase leading up stairs. Huge couches and a huge window over looking the city. On one wall there was his albums with the boys. I loved his song Little Things. He let go of my hand and left to a different room. Suddenly a familiar song started to play. It was Little Things. He started to whisper the lyrics. His voice was beautiful. I couldn't help but smile. Beautiful. Soon he went upstairs and came back down with a t-shirt. "You can go shower and then change." he told me. He took my hand and led me upstairs to a huge bathroom. "Here." he said. He left the bathroom and let me shower. He was a gentle man. I looked around at the bathroom. A glass shower and right next to it was a huge tub. I saw all the products Zayn used on his hair. I smirked a little. Not even I used that much stuff. I turned the shower on.

Zayn's POV: 

I heard the shower go on. I just waited and stared at my phone. I heard a knock on my door. I went to answer it. It was Perrie. My ex girlfriend. I hurried and slammed the door in her face. I didn't want to see her and I didn't want Bri to see her. I left to the kitchen and made some popcorn and got some tea. I returned to the living room to see Bri in my t-shirt. She was beautiful. Her brown straight hair and brown eyes. Beauty. "Hey." I said.

"Hello."she said back.

" I got us some movies and food." I replied.

"Okay! Yay!" she yelled. She jumped on the couch next to me. I turned the movie on and we ate popcorn and had tea. The movie was Finding Nemo. I looked down at Bri and she was asleep. She started talking in her sleep. It was cute. "You can't go to bed without a cup of tea, maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep, and all those conversations, all the secrets that I keep, though it makes no sense to me..." I thought of Louis's solo. She all of a sudden said in her sleep that she likes me. I felt my heart beat a million times an hour. I liked her to.

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