Little Things

18 year old Bri finds herslef in love with Zayn Malik. Then Liam comes into the picture and changes things. Read more to find out what will happen.


8. Liam's condition

Liam was in the operating room. I couldn't stop him. He was donating his kidney to save my girlfriend. He can't do that though its not right. I'm supposed to save her. This wasn't right. I went to go try to visit Bri but they wouldn't let me. I just had to wait. It was killing me inside. I just wanted to run through the walls and hug her. The doctor came out.......but for Liam. 

"Liam has had the kidney donated to Bri. Give us about 2 hours and you can visit her." the doctor said. No. I cant wait. Why this long. She is my girlfriend and I haven't seen her. I went to Liam's room. He was still hooked up to IV's. His heart was beating regularly. I had to thank Liam. I walked to his bed side and gave him a hug. For him to do this for my girlfriend was amazing. He woke up and hugged me back. I had to be careful cause' of the stitches he had on his stomach. I looked at his scar and tears came down from my eyes. Poor Liam Now he had only one kidney. I owe Liam my world. My life. My kidney. I soon left Liam and said my goodbyes. Me and the 3 boys went to the cafe' and got some coffee. El had left. Soon we went back upstairs and waited. It was only about 2 hours since the doctor did the operation. 

"Okay. Bri is done. She has had her surgery. You guys can come in." the doc said. We all walked in and greeted her slowly. I went to go hug her but she flinched. I forgot the stitches.

"Sorry." I said.

"Its okay. I missed you."

"I missed you to. I love you." I bought her a teddy bear and card and handed it to her. I saw a smile grow on her face. She gave me a kiss. 

Bri's POV: 

Zayn handed me a teddy bear. I smiled a little. I loved Zayn alot. I sat there until my smile faded away. 

"What's wrong babe?" Zayn questioned. I loved how he knew that something was wrong with me.

"W-who donated a kidney to me?" I asked.

"L-l-liam." My face was stone. No. How could he. I love Liam but no he can't do that. Right after I get out of the hospital he's dead. Liam now only has 1 kidney. "I'll be right back babe. I'm gonna go ask when Liam and you are getting out of the hospital." Zayn said.

"Okay. I love you." Zayn left and in 3 minutes he returned. "The doc said you'll get out of here tomorrow and Liam tomorrow to."

"Agh. Liam is so dead."

"I don't even want to know."

"What's that supposed to mean. Nevemind."

"Okay." Zayn came and laid by me and watched tv with me all night. It was finally the next day. I could get out and yell at Liam. I was rolled out on a wheelchair and before that I grabbed all my things before I could leave.

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