Accidently A Star

Raksha-Keller Arlin had no idea that going to visit her friend Cassandra meant that she'd be on X-Factor. She didn't even watch it. But either way she ended up there. What would happen when her whole world turns upside down? Would she remain true to herself or would she let the world change her?
Erin O'Brian is an Irish girl whose life is music. She plays piano, guitar and sings. She finally got up the nerve and auditioned for X-Factor. Now she's in a band with three Canadian girls and a British girl. Maybe this won't be as bad as she thought. Then she gets singled out by fans for hate. Was she wrong?


4. Collecting the Girls

I was so excited that Cass and I went on a trail or, hack as they call it in English disciplines. Thank God she keeps a few western saddles in the tack room. Without those, I would have just not gone, or gone bareback. I ride western and that is the end of that. I used her bay quarter horse percheron cross, Kendall. I nearly forgot how huge of a Big Time Rush fan she is. It's scary how she gets about them.  Anywho, we set off and I saw all the beauty she described in her letters and e-mails.She had become a much better rider since she moved here, even if she rode the girly way. We did alot of other things that day, all outside because I hate being cooped up. It's, it's suffocating to be trapped inside. After such a long day, exhaustion set in and I slept like a dead man.

The next morning, it was to the airport right after breakfast. I changed out of my footed pjs and into a pair of jeans, my black converse and one of my word shirts. It is yellow and had "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." scrawled across the front.

I was making breakfast for the two of us. Then we would check in with her mom in the house and her dad in the city. I debated what to make and decided on pancakes. I had to tie up my wavy/curly auburn hair. I can't cook with it down because I can't see what I'm doing so I tossed it up into a messy bun. After washing my hands and cooking up a whole crapload of pancakes, I woke up Cassandra. At the mention of pancakes, she was up so fast you'd think somebody lit a fire under her ass and that was hilarious. We inhaled the food and hurried up to the house. "Mum, we're off to get Taylor and Danielle!" yelled Cass. I threw her a tired look. She is so lazy. Walking into her office, I hugged Ms. Casio. "Ms. Casio, we are leaving to collect Taylor and Danielle from the airport now. Is that alright?" I said gently. She smiled and hugged me back. "Brilliant, but really Raksha-Keller, Ms. Casio is so formal. Call me Annabeth or mum," she said kindly. I grinned at that and, as I headed out the door I said, "Alright, well we'll be home soon Annabeth!"

I hopped in the front seat and we were off. My dad's expression "off like a herd of turtles" popped into my head for some unexpected reason. I smiled to myself.  Some random boyband music blasted through the speakers. I asked Cass who it was and she replied with One Direction as if it should have ben obvious. Then I realized these were the idiots that wrecked my favorite song! I never will be able to listen to 'Viva La Vida' ever again. I plugged my Ipod into the input and turned on Paramore's 'Misery Business'. That was much better but Cass complained so I changed it to We The Kings' 'Check Yes Juliet'.

Once we had gotten to the airport, we walked to the landing platform. I saw Taylor and Danielle before Cass did. Taylor's fire red hair is like a becon. I ran up and crushed them in a hug. They laughed. Dani's sandy hair was all in her face so Cass handed her a scrunchie to tame her bedhead. Dani can sleep anywhere I swear it. Taylor and I went to get the baggage. "So, how's Michael?" I asked her, mentioning the boyfriend of hers that none of us like at all except her.  She glared at me and told me she broke up with him because he cheated on her with some faceless girl named Rebecca. I knew he was a jackass; I called it! I felt ther urge to say "I told you so" but I stomped it down into oblivion. After we collected their bags I started to sing 'I Knew You Were Trouble' by Taylor Swift and the others joined me. We had an amazing harmony, but it was missing something.

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