Accidently A Star

Raksha-Keller Arlin had no idea that going to visit her friend Cassandra meant that she'd be on X-Factor. She didn't even watch it. But either way she ended up there. What would happen when her whole world turns upside down? Would she remain true to herself or would she let the world change her?
Erin O'Brian is an Irish girl whose life is music. She plays piano, guitar and sings. She finally got up the nerve and auditioned for X-Factor. Now she's in a band with three Canadian girls and a British girl. Maybe this won't be as bad as she thought. Then she gets singled out by fans for hate. Was she wrong?


3. Cassandra's House

Once we had arrived at Cassandra's house my jaw dropped in astonishment. She lived on the coolest farm. Er ranch. Erm, I was unsure of what they called it. Either way, it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I'm a farm girl, freely admitted. I tried to get Cass to take me to the barn but I had to settle myself first apparently. Begrudgingly, I submitted. I guessed that I did need to throw my stuff in the house, but the look on Cass's face was so smug. It was like she knew a secret that I didn't. "Come on! If you move any slower, snails will be passing you," she called back teasingly. I shook my head with a small smile on my face.

I dashed after her hauling my stuff behind me. We headed to the cabin that would be for the ranch hands if there were any. It was empty. Wait, empty cabin. Why? Turns out Cass, Taylor, Dani and I were all there and would be staying in it. I hoisted my suitcase on one of the bottem bunks. Turning around I looked Cassandra straight in the eyes. "Alright I did as you asked. Now you must take me to the barn," I demanded. "But Keller, you just got here!" she sputtered. I truely hate to state the obvious, in most cases. I only do when it happens to be excrutiatingly necessary, such as now. "You promised me you would," I pointed out. She sighed and gestured hat I should follow her. Victory was mine!

She figured that she could ditch me on the way but I kept up with her pace. I froze in awe. She guided me throughout the whole place. Decently sized and made box stalls, a solid wash rack, and an office. The hay loft and sleeping loft were upstairs and in amazing shape. Yes,  I realize that farms are more countryside but I'm only going on what she said. I hugged her and at that moment her phone dinged. I jumped because it vibrated on me. She grinned and yanked her phone out of her flowery skirt pocket. Setting it on speaker we started talking with Taylor and Danielle.

"Hey girl hey!" they said.

"Ello ello ello, you're comming tomorrow yes?" we said to them.

"R.K. if we knew Cass was going to tell you we would have said something ourselves. But anyways, we're comming tomorrow to saty with you guys! Eeeeeee!"

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