Accidently A Star

Raksha-Keller Arlin had no idea that going to visit her friend Cassandra meant that she'd be on X-Factor. She didn't even watch it. But either way she ended up there. What would happen when her whole world turns upside down? Would she remain true to herself or would she let the world change her?
Erin O'Brian is an Irish girl whose life is music. She plays piano, guitar and sings. She finally got up the nerve and auditioned for X-Factor. Now she's in a band with three Canadian girls and a British girl. Maybe this won't be as bad as she thought. Then she gets singled out by fans for hate. Was she wrong?


2. Arriving in B.C.

I got off of the plane ad headed towards baggage claim. I was nearly there when I heard my phone go off. Ed Sheeran's A Team played. I pulled it out of my pocket and looked to see who it was. Taylor Ever flashed on the screen. I grined broadly. I answered it.


"R.K! Have you landed?"

"Yeah, at baggage claim now. Why?"

"Just curious. What did you see so far? Does everybody have an accent?"

"No. They don't consider it an accent; I have one though. If you mean do they all talk like Cassandra, then yes."

I picked up my neon violet suitcase and headed for the door.

"Coolio. Promise you'll say 'hi' to Cass for me."

"Why don't you say so yourself?"  I said smiling at Cass. She was standing in the middle of the space by the doors. Her caramel coloured hair was still curly and she still wore really bright clothes. I ran at her and crushed her in my grip. "Say 'hi' to Taylor, Cass!" I put my phone on speaker. "Hello to Taylor! I miss you and wish you were here!" she said excitedly. We said good-bye to Tayls and headed out. My phone dinged and I saw a text come from Dani. Have fun bro! I grinned at that and showed Cassandra.

In the parkinglot we walked to a big van. It was a school-bus-yellow Volkswagen bus and awsome. After chucking my suitcase into the back I hopped in the front seat beside Cassandra. The whole way to her house not too far from town we listened to Taylor Swift and the Ennis Sisters, singing along to every song.

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