Accidently A Star

Raksha-Keller Arlin had no idea that going to visit her friend Cassandra meant that she'd be on X-Factor. She didn't even watch it. But either way she ended up there. What would happen when her whole world turns upside down? Would she remain true to herself or would she let the world change her?
Erin O'Brian is an Irish girl whose life is music. She plays piano, guitar and sings. She finally got up the nerve and auditioned for X-Factor. Now she's in a band with three Canadian girls and a British girl. Maybe this won't be as bad as she thought. Then she gets singled out by fans for hate. Was she wrong?


1. The Airport

Raksha-Keller's P.O.V.

"I apoligise. I can't pronounce your name hon," the woman said again. I bit back a groan. I don't understand why they can't pronounce my name. It most definitely is not rocket science, and that is not as difficult as people say.  I attempted not to roll my eyes at her. I still am unsure if I suceeded. "Rack. Sha. Kel. Er. Are. Lin. Raksha-Keller Arlin," I enunciated. I put an emphicis on each syllable. "Alright. here's you're ticket Miss Arlin." She handed me a ticket and I stalked off.

Why is it that everyone assumes that I have never flown? I found where it was I was supposed to go and jogged over. My plane would leave very soon. After standing in line for what felt like hours though it was only a few minutes I handed the attendent my ticket. He smiled at me and told me to put my suitcase on the shelf. He weighed it and put the tag on it. Thanking him, I dashed off towards security check. I listened and once I got through security, I stood at my platform and ran towards the plane once my flight was called. I was going to visit one of my old friends. Cassandra and I have been friends for years. I hadn't seen her in nearly two years because she moved to British Columbia.

I read on the plane and continued to wrote my novel that I doubted I'd ever publish. I fell asleep and when I woke, I was in Nanaimo.

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