Little Things

"I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth, cause its you. Oh it's you. It's you, they add up to. An I'm in love with you. And all these little things."

I heard him whisper as I stood in front of the graveyard.

WARNING: rated R for language and sexual actions.


5. That same day...

Jess's POV: 

I woke up, and noticed my face was all puffy. I then remembered what had happened earlier. I had taken a shower. Harry saw me. Naked. I cried. He knows. He knows what happened to me. I got up slowly, dreading to see the time, because I am pretty sure I slept through the whole day. I was overcome with relief that it was only 10am. I was SURE that I had fallen asleep longer, but I guess not. I picked up my phone and saw that I had two missed messages. 

From: Harry

Hey Jess:) Hope you feel better! MAybe we could hang, just us and the boys. It turns out we are having a couple of months off from work, and we can stay here! Hope to see you soon love...xx -Harry

I smiles as I got up and clicked on the second message. It was from Niall. I smiled.

From: Niall

Hey babe:) How are you feeling? I heard Harry tell me that you weren't doing that well. Can I come over? Or would you like to come and hang out with the rest of the boys and I? Whatever you like, I'm okay with:) xx -Niall

I was feeling much better, so I got walked into my bathroom and got ready. I brushed my hair and smoothed out my clothes. I then put on mascara and concealer, to hide the fact that I was crying, even though Harry already knew. I texted them back when I was done.

To: Harry

Hey Hazz:) I'm feeling much better! Thanks for coming over:) It helped alot. Thats great that you guys have some time off! I think im gonna head over to y'alls house soon! So CLEAN up! haha see ya soon... xx -Jess

I felt a bit bad about asking him to clean up, but to be honest,  it was completely true. Their house was a pigsty. I laughed and realized I hadn't texted Niall yet. I got out my phone once more, and clicked on Niall. I decided to call him, thinking it would just be easier.


Niall: Hello? 

Me: Hi! Niall! Its me Jess. I was wondering if I could come over in a couple of minutes?

Niall: Jess! Yeah of course! Im glad you called. Its nice to hear your voice again. 

This, of course, made my heart flutter. Oh no, was I taking a liking to Niall. No, I can't be. Can I? 

Me: Ok great I'll see y'all in a few! 

Niall: Ok great! I'll tell the boys you're coming over. See ya Jess.

Me: See ya Niall.

*end of call*

It was about 5 minutes since the call, and I was eager to get over there. I needed to see Harry. And Niall. They are not making this very easy. I got into my car and drove off. 


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