Little Things

"I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth, cause its you. Oh it's you. It's you, they add up to. An I'm in love with you. And all these little things."

I heard him whisper as I stood in front of the graveyard.

WARNING: rated R for language and sexual actions.


3. Pure Hell

Jess's POV:

I woke up the next morning with a huge headache.

"what's going on?" I asked myself quietly.

I stood up, but immediately sat back down because I felt so dizzy. I tried once more to stand up, but it was no use. I layed down and reached over for my phone, which was sitting upside down on my side table. I turned it on, and when the screen came to life, I had 3 missed messages. All from unknown numbers... 

From: Unknown #1 

Hey Jess! Its Niall:) I was wondering if you wanted to catch some coffee or something? -Niall

I leaned over my bed and searched my room for a clock of some sort. It was already 9:00. I looked at the other messages before texting back.

From: Unknown #2

Jess! Its Harry! :) Hope you had a nice sleep. I was wondering if you wanted to, you know, hang out maybe at my place? xx -Harry

I smiled and thought of who I should text back first. I looked back down to my phone and realized I hadn't checked my last message. I clicked on my phone and the last message popped up.

From: Unknown #3

Jessie:) It's Lou <3 wanted to know if you wanted to hang today? Harry and Niall can't stop talking bout u:/ get over here fast cuz im not sure i can handle it much longer... MISS YOU! xx -Louis

Again I smiled, then blushed at the fact that Harry and Niall couldn't stop talking about me. I decided on texting Niall back first.

To: Niall:

Hey Niall:) I would love to meet you for coffee... but im not feeling so well today. I think im gonna take off from work, but you're welcome to stop by! xx -Jess

I then texted Harry and Louis pretty much the same thing, telling them I wasn't feeling well. I got up from my bed, took one look in the mirror, and squinted at myself. My hair looked like  had just come out of a windstorm, and my makeup was all messed up because I had been too lazy to take it off that night. i grabbed a cute pair of clothes from the dryer and ran upstairs, while my shower heated up. I put the clothes next to the sink and ran back to my room. I searched my room for some clean towels, found them, and hopped into the shower, melting into its warmth. 

That was when I heard a loud knock on my front door...


Sorry for the short chapter you guys! I'll make up for it in the next chapter:) Sorry for the cliff hanger, but I want you guys to keep reading!!! Thanks, and much love ...xx


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