Little Things

"I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth, cause its you. Oh it's you. It's you, they add up to. An I'm in love with you. And all these little things."

I heard him whisper as I stood in front of the graveyard.

WARNING: rated R for language and sexual actions.


2. Meeting Him

It was now 8 o'clock. My shift was almost over, but I had one more order to deliver. About five minutes ago, I had received a call from a boy, with a British accent. It was still a bit unusual to hear that accent, considering I had only moved to London a month ago from Texas in the United States. The voice sounded familiar, but I couldn't tell where I knew it from. I picked up 5 chocolate croissants and 5 coffees with extra whipped cream. "Why so much food?" I said softly to myself. I grabbed a drink carrier and headed out to my car. As I pulled up to the address given to me, I looked around. It was a huge condo with a water fountain and a driveway thr seemed to extend for miles. I peered into one of the windows from my car and noticed a face staring at me. I couldn't see anything else, but I smiled back. I hopped out of the car and put on my signature fake smile, which I only used when I didn't want to do something. I grabbed the orders from the passenger seat and walked up to the door and knocked. Suddenly, I heard 3 screams and some shouts saying that food was here. The door swung open and I was greeted face to face with 5 hot guys.


Harry's POV:

I shouted up the stairs as Niall and Zayn came running down and Louis screamed in my ear. Liam was also shouting for everyone to calm down, because he was doing a twitcam and didn't want to worry the fans. I opened the door to be greeted face to face with an angel.

"Hello love" I said in a seductive voice, hoping to get some sort of feedback.

"Hi! I am Jess and I have y'alls order." she blushed and smiled as she realized we thought her Texas accent was cute.

"Thank you darling! Please come in why don't you!" said Niall staring hungrily at the food. I glared at him. Was it not obvious I was making a move on her? I wondered what was going through his head right now. He smiled at her and she smiled back. Was I missing something?


Jess's POV:

Oh my god. I was completely FANGIRLING inside. Was it seriously Harry Styles who was flirting with me? I smiled and said I had their order, emphasizing the fact that I had a cute accent as well. He smiled and I heard Niall ask for me to come in. I looked up at him and smiled, I mean, who couldn't at a face like his? Out of the corner of my eye I saw Harry look down. I ignored it, and walked in. I didn't really know a lot about One Direction, but I knew for a fact that Mac was obsessed with them. I walked in and admired their place, taking in the fact that I was in the same room as a famous boy band. Oh my god, I thought, Mac is going to murder me. That's apparently what she gets when she makes me do her shift.

" Nice place y'all have got here!" I said a little too enthusiastically. I looked over and found that everyone had gone to sit at the table to eat breakfast. Well, everyone but Harry. He leaned against the wall and gave me a flirtatious smile. I blushed and looked down.He walked over and smiled.

"Love? Would you mind sitting down with us? I'm sure the boys wouldn't mind." I smiled. I looked over at the table and saw Louis wink at me. I blushed again. God, why did I have to blush all the time.

"Sure thing!" I said, making my way over to the table. I sat down at the corner, next to Harry and Louis. We talked for a bit, but then they got a phone call from one of their managers, which knocked me back into reality.

"Oh my god! What time is it?" I practically yelled, while searching through my purse looking for my phone.

"Is something wrong love?" asked Harry.

"And I believe it's about 10 o'clock." Niall chimed in. Fuck, I thought to myself. I needed to meet Mac for lunch.

"Hey y'all I'm sorry but I need to leave now. I need to meet my friend for lunch." I said pouting as I grabbed my purse and made my way to the door. I suddenly felt an arm wrap around my waist.

"Wait love. Do you mind giving me your number?" I heard an Irish accent say behind me. I turned around and was greeted with a pair of icy blue eyes. Wow, I thought. I could just get lost in them for ages. I saw him lean in, but i quickly put my hand on his chest. I stepped back, and looked up again. He looked hurt. I was snapped back to reality once again when I heard someone clear their throat from behind Niall. I looked over his shoulder and saw Harry. He looked pissed. For some reason, I wanted to make this fun, and hell for him. I turned back to Niall and gave a flirtatious smile, agreed to giving him my number, and kissed his cheek before taking out a pen and writing it on his hand.

"See y'all later!" I said quickly looking back at Harry, who grew red with anger. I focused on Niall, giving him a wink, and slung my bag over my shoulder. As I sat down in my car, I laughed. I liked Harry, but I needed to know he could control himself first. This I why I am flirting with Niall. To see if he can control his reactions. Man, this is going to be fun, I thought. But suddenly, my mind turned to Niall, and his hurt face. I felt a ping of sadness, and anger. I liked Harry, but Niall was making this hard for me. Was I taking a liking to Niall. No, I can't be. I turned on the radio to get my mind off things and drove out of their driveway. About 5 minutes later,  I pulled up to a restaurant and saw Mac sitting down in front of the small cafe. I made my way to her, still thinking about Harry and my almost kiss with Niall.


Niall's POV:

I was watching TV when I saw out the window a girl drive up our driveway in a cute little red mercedes benz. I freaked out for a second, thinking a crazed fan had found us. I walked up to the window and looked down at her. She saw me, waved and smiled. I smiled back, and then realized that she wasn't a crazed fan, but was the girl Harry had called at Panera. I ran downstairs, along with Zayn and shouted because I was absolutely starving. Harry had reached the door far before any of us did, and was already talking to the mystery girl when I caught up. She looked up at me and smiled, hopefully because she recognized me as the boy from the window. I looked behind her and saw that it was raining.

"Come in why don't you?" I said to her catching her hazel eyes with mine. She blushed and it was just so cute. I just wanted to run up to her and hold her in my ar-- wait Niall. You don't even know this girl. Take it slow.

"Sure thing!" She said with a Texas accent. Oh my god. That just seriously made her 10 times cuter. I smiled at her once more before taking the bags of food and drinks and heading to the table. I sat down and dug in my food. I looked up to search for her, and saw her talking to Harry. I tried listening into their conversation, making sure that Harry didn't try to make a move on her. I caught her name, Jess. How adorable, and how perfect it fit with her personality. She smiled at Harry and then came down to sit with us. Sadly she sat with Louis and Harry. About an hour passed with us talking and then she realized something, well atleast I think she did, because she totally freaked out for a second screaming at us asking what time it was. 

"Is something wrong?" Harry asked her worried. I was worried too.

"Oh and its about 10 o'clock love" I said to her, but was soon relieved when her face settled down, and she sighed. 

"Hey y'all i have to leave now. I gotta meet my friend for lunch." She said as she pouted and turned around, making her way to the door. I couldn't let her leave. Not just yet. I still need to get to know her better. I grabbed her waist and she turned around.

"Wait love, can I have your number?" I asked, slightly afraid of rejection. She smiled and I couldn't help it. I leaned in close to her and then I felt a hand on my chest. SHe stepped back and looked into my eyes. I couldn't help but look hurt. Her face lit up and then she smiled, kissed my cheek and wrote her number on my arm. As she left, I turned around and was pretty pleased with myself. I then saw Harry, and he was pissed...

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