Little Things

"I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth, cause its you. Oh it's you. It's you, they add up to. An I'm in love with you. And all these little things."

I heard him whisper as I stood in front of the graveyard.

WARNING: rated R for language and sexual actions.


7. At the house...

Jess's POV:

I got to their house about 10 minutes later, and quickly got out of the car. I looked up at the window, wondering who I had seen the day before. I needed to find that out, but I'm not sure why. I just needed to. 

I walked up to their porch, and right before my hand even reached the door to knock, the door swung open and I was greeted with a pair of icy blue eyes and a hug. 


I welcomed the hug that I saw coming towards me, and when I reached his arms, I melted inside. He held onto me tight, for quite a while. I finally loosened his grip, and he started laughing. 

"Pushing me off already, aren't ya?" he said with a smile. I gave him a smirk. 

"Saving it for later." I gave him a wink and I saw him beam with happiness. That was then, once again, I heard a cough from behind me. Once again, Harry had interrupted a moment between Niall and I. I was about to turn around, When I felt a pair of arms reach around my waist. Harry pushed him head into he crook of my neck, and breathed on my shoulder.

"Saving it for me?" He whispered, making me shudder. I ran out of his arms and sat next to Louis on the couch. Again, and don't forget, I was going to make this hell for Harry. I jumped onto Louis's lap and snuggled into his chest. Louis gave me a weird look, but then caught on to what I was trying to do. I gave him a wink and suddenly Louis screamed. 

"Truth or Dare!!!" He shouted, practically making me go deaf. I jumped off him and sat on the floor, while Niall walked over. He sat next to me and Louis sat on the other side. I looked up for Harry, and found him pouting across the circle we had made. I smiled at him apologetically, and he smiled back. 

To be honest, I had always hated this game, but i didn't want to ruin the fun, so I went with it. I mean, who knows a game of Truth or Dare that ends well? Oh well, I thought to myself. We got started, and Louis grabbed a bottle from the kitchen and sat down.

"Ok, I'll spin first." I heard Louis say excitedly. He spun the bottle and for about a minute, it was spinning extremely fast, and then it suddenly stopped. On Zayn.

"Why does it always have to be me to go first?" Zayn said unhappily. We all laughed at his misfortune, and then we got back to the game. Harry told Zayn to go make out with a pillow. It was kinda a sucky dare, but I guess it worked. Zayn went out of the room, too embarrassed to do it in front of us. About a minute later, Zayn came back in, face red with embarrassment and sat back down. He spun the bottle and it landed on Harry. 

"Revenge." We all heard Zayn whisper under his breath. 

"Truth or Dare Harry?" Zayn said with an evil look in his eyes. 

"Dare" Harry said with a smirk. I guess he thought he was doing the macho thing, but that was the wrong choice.

"I dare you to make out with one of the people in this room for a minute. Girl or boy." He said while smiling at me. I already knew where this was going. I mean, who doesn't. I was the only girl in the room, and its not like he is gonna make out with one of his bandmates. Harry, nervously came over and held out his hand. I looked over to Niall, but he wasn't looking at us. He was looking down and thn gave Zayn a death glare. What is up with these guys? 

I got up with the help of Harry, and we walked into his bedroom. Once I shut the door, I felt him come up from behind. He kissed my neck, moving slowly around me to my lips. I knew this was wrong, but it felt so right. He pushed me up against the wall and grabbed my legs, as I wrapped them around his waist. I kissed back. I know I shouldn't have, but I did. I felt his tongue asking for entrance, and gave it to him. We were kissing, but not in a harsh way. It was the best kiss I have ever had. He picked me up and carried me to the bed. I knew where this was going. It was too fast. I stopped him when he leaned over me and started kissing my collar bone.

I pushed him back, and got up. I saw him hurt, which only made me think of Niall. How could I do this to him? I knew he kinda had a crush on him, and I had one on him as well. I looked at Harry, but he gave me a look of understanding. I nodded as I tried fixing my hair in the mirror, hoping to make it look like we hadn't gone too far. I felt pleased with how I looked, so we walked out of the room. My eyes searched the room for Niall. I couldn't find him. I walked over to Louis.

"Hey Louis, have you by any chance seen Niall?" I asked, hoping to get an answer. Louis looked up at me with sad eyes, and looked back at Harry.

"He said he needed some fresh air, I think he went on a walk." Louis said, obviously unsure of his answer. With that, I ran out the door.


Niall's POV:

"Truth or Dare!" I heard Louis scream. I actually liked this game, but it was more fun if there were more people. I sat down next to Jess, happy that Harry couldn't, since on her other side was Louis. I smiled at myself, pleased with the fact that I was so close to Jess. Zayn went first, he had to make out with a pillow for a minute. I hated dares like this, because they were so stupid, but oh well. A minute later, he came back in, completely embarrassed. I laughed and so did everyone else. Then he spun the bottle. It seemed to be going so slow. It finally stopped. On Harry. 

"Revenge." We heard him say under his breath. Everyone else laughed, well all but myself. I knew where this was going. 

"Truth or Dare Harry?" Zayn said with a smirk. 

"Dare." Harry said, and I'm pretty sure he knew where this was going too. Of course, though, Harry had to me macho, so he gave a smile to Zayn.

"I dare you to make out with someone for one minute. Girl or boy." Zayn said evilly. My heart dropped.  There was no way in hell that Harry was going to make out with one of us, and the only girl here was Jess. He got up nervously walked over to Jess. I saw her look at me out of the corner of my eye, but I ignored it. All I could do was glare at Zayn. She got up and walked into Harry's bedroom. 

Once the door shut, well I'm sure you can guess what we heard. And what I was thinking. 

I stood up and told everyone that I needed fresh air. I needed to get out of there. As soon as I got out of the condo, I ran. I didn't care where, I just ran. It was cold and windy, and soon tears formed in my eyes. How could she do this? Could she not tell I liked her? I ran to a park, that was completely closed off from everything. I sat down in the swing, and just stared, mindlessly, into the forest. 

That was when I heard footsteps, from behind me. I turned around and my eyes widened...

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