Little Things

"I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth, cause its you. Oh it's you. It's you, they add up to. An I'm in love with you. And all these little things."

I heard him whisper as I stood in front of the graveyard.

WARNING: rated R for language and sexual actions.


1. Waking Up

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Screamed my alarm clock. I opened one eye and gave my alarm clock a death glare. It was 5:35 am and I needed to get up. I was working at Panera this morning, covering a shift for my best friend Mac. Her real name is Mackenzie. But I liked Mac better. I slowly dragged my sleepy legs over to the side of my bed. I pulled the rest of my body up from the bed that I knew I would miss it dearly the moment I wasn't under the warm covers. I shivered and remembered that I got home late last night, from a party. No wonder I felt like shit. I was hungover. I didn't even remember what happened last night. I pretty much fell into the bathroom and headed straight for the toilet. I leaned my head over and puked. I started crying because I hated it when people threw up. I had my reasons. (you'll find out later in the story) I cleaned myself off and got undressed, while turning the shower on. I smiled to myself as I felt a layer of warm water seep around my sides, into my hair, on my stomach, and down my bare legs. I scrubbed myself clean, turned the shower off, and it was then that it occurred to me that I had left all of my towels in the laundry room. Shit, I thought to myself. I peered around, as if there were someone secretly watching me, even though I lived alone in my apartment. I had moved into there about a month ago, and it was centered in the heart of London. I stepped out and almost slipped, but regained my balance quickly. I sprinted down the hallway, turned right, went down the stairs, and around the corner into the laundry room. I felt the goosebumps raise on my body, but ignored them as I searched through the newly washed laundry in the dryer. I found a clean towel and yanked it out of the dryer. Thankfully, it was still warm, making up for all of the body heat I had lost while rummaging through the laundry room naked. I walked upstairs, and stepped into my room. As I turned the light on inside my closet, I was greeted with hundreds of clothing articles, reminding me that I had made the right decision to become a model for the New York to London Agency. I picked out a cute floral top with violet flowers and turquoise leaves along with some black skinny jeans. I found myself pleased when trying the outfit on because of all of the weight I had lost. During my high school years, I had put in a few pounds, and I preferred to be called husky, not necessarily fat. But recently I had been playing soccer more and working out, causing me to shed off those few pounds. I walked into my bathroom and brushed my hair. I was actually lucky that I had really beautiful hair. It was an almost black color, with a tint of red brown and it was extremely long. It came to about waist length and was naturally wavy, with a slight curl underneath the back. I brushed my teeth, which were now straight after getting my braces off about 5 months ago. I put on a bit of eyeliner, mascara, and a glimmery liquid eyeshadow. I was pleased once again with how I looked. I grabbed my purse from Fossil and my phone off of the desk it was charging on and ran out the door. I hopped into my car, ready for a day of serving people delicious food that I couldn't have any of. Lol no. I pushed the hair out of my eyes and drive off to the mall to find the Panera. I mean, this day couldn't really get any worse, other than the fact that I was overly tired and had a bunch of exams at my college to study for. Right?

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