Shayla and Zayn have been friends ever since they can remember. But what happens when Zayn auditions for the XFactor and totally forgets about Shayla?
Will real love prevail? Or will they never speak again?


1. Chapter 1

It was a typical autumn afternoon. I was looking out of my bedroom window when I saw my besty friend Zayn standing outside of my window. I just looked at him and smiled apparently he saw because he smiled back and gave me the open the damn window and jump out look. Oh did I mention my full name is Shayla Gianna Lopez, I have red hair and sea blue eyes and i'm captian of the cheerleading squad. So since at practice today we learned how to jump from hights and not hurt our feet, I jumped, when I got to the bottom Zayn greeted me with a hello and a "Vas happenin". (This is Shayla's Outfit "C'mon let's go we're gonna be late" I said "Okay, but why do I have to go shopping with you can't you ask Kelsi to go with you" "No Kelsi is with her parents on vacation" "Okay then can you ask Gisell" "No Gisell has to babysit her little brother" "Okay fine I'll go with you". We finally got to the mall and I quickly went in and picked out a lot of things.

~2 Hours Later~

I was finally done shopping (I had bought this ). We were on our way home, when Mine by Taylor Swift came on Zayn and I started singing because Mine was "our" song. Eventually we got to my house. When we got there I said "Zayn, you know how you love singing" "Yes" "Well I signed you up for the XFactor" "Oh, my, god thank you Shay" "It's what I do" I said cheekily.

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