I'll make it right

Sammy is a 16 year old girl who has lived her whole life long in Holmes Chapel. She watches as her best friend Harry becomes hotter over the years. But when he makes the cut for the X Factor and has the chance to live his dream her mother is diagnosed with a late stage breast cancer and she is forced to help provide for her younger siblings alone. Secretly she is in love with Harry and when he moves on and becomes part of One Direction she vows to raise her sisters on her own and that one day she'll find him again and tell him about her love. Will he feel the same? Or will Sam's heart be shattered?


7. Chapter 7

This time I woke up to Paige jumping around screaming something about me and Harry. It wasn't until I opened my eyes that I figured out what she was talking about. Harry was giving Adelle a bath in the sink and acting like his goofy self. I got up out of bed and walked into the bathroom behind him, I wrapped my arms around his waist and rested my head on his bare shoulder.
"Glad to see someone's finally up." He chuckled. He finished Adelle and I took her from him.
"You know I can dress her if you want."
"Nah you need to practice for tonight."
"Fine...I will." He said before starting to sing "Isn't She Lovely". When he finished both girls were dressed and ready to go, but we were a different story. We looked at each other and then the clock. 2 hours till we have to leave.
"You go use the bathroom first." I said to him.
"Okay. Want me to help you get your dress on when I'm done?"
"Sure." I said walking over to the tv, flicking on some children's program. I sat the girls on the bed and walked over to my suitcase. I changed into a different bra, new pantys, and a spandex tube top. Harry had just jumped in the shower so I walked into the bathroom and brushed all the tangles out of my long hair and then I put some moose in it. Even though Harry doesn't like it when I wear makeup I brushed on some power, a light eyeshadow, and a layer of mascara. Done. Harry stepped out of the shower and started drying off as I walked out. I went over to the closet and grabbed my new dress out of it. It was a shimmery orange color and started right above my boobs and stopped an inch from my knees. I stepped into it right as Harry walked out and he zipped it for me.
"Thanks" I said turning around to face him.
"No problem. Wow you look stunning!"
"Oh stop it you." I said blushing. He smiled at me and started getting dressed himself.
"Hey curly can I do your hair again?"
"Yes!!!" I yelled punching the air, jumping up and down. He started laughing really loud and the girls started clapping. I bowed.
"Thank you, thank you! Your all to kind." I said.
"Hey do you guys wanna catch something to eat before the show?" Gemma's voice came through the door. I jumped a mile.
"Jesus! Gemma! You scared the crap out of me!!! Don't do that!"
"Oh stop complaining and hurry."
"Ugh fine!"
A few minutes later I was standing on a step stool behind Harry in the bathroom, taming his curls with a blow dryer and my brush.
"Ugh. You need a hair cut curly."
"In your dreams princess."
"Whatever Styles. Your hair is done." I said, rolling my eyes. He grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder.
"Put me down Harry! You'll ruin my hair!" I screamed as he tossed me on the bed next to the girls and ran into the closet. Paige covered my eyes.
"Traitor." I said as I felt Harry slipping shoes on my feet.
"A perfect fit Cinderella!" He said. Paige's hands were replaced by his as he helped me stand up. He tilted my head up and our lips connected passionately. After a few moments we pulled back to catch our breath.
"I'll take Adelle and the baby bag." I said going for the door, hands already loaded.
"Oh no you don't. I'll carry the bag."
Once we were out the door Gem dragged us to a cute little cafe down the street from the hotel. There weren't many people inside, Harry's mum, a young mother with two cute children, and a young man not to much older than Harry with his girlfriend.
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