I'll make it right

Sammy is a 16 year old girl who has lived her whole life long in Holmes Chapel. She watches as her best friend Harry becomes hotter over the years. But when he makes the cut for the X Factor and has the chance to live his dream her mother is diagnosed with a late stage breast cancer and she is forced to help provide for her younger siblings alone. Secretly she is in love with Harry and when he moves on and becomes part of One Direction she vows to raise her sisters on her own and that one day she'll find him again and tell him about her love. Will he feel the same? Or will Sam's heart be shattered?


4. Chapter 4

The drive from the house to the train station was 15 minutes long and dead silent. Harry drove and held my hand all the way there. It's too bad that I know he'll never love me like I love him. I'm going to miss him so damn much! At least I have Gem and Ann. I don't know how I'm gonna do this I'm only 16!
"We're here love" Harry said before going around the front of our LandRover to open my door and Ann's.
"Thanks" Ann and I said at the same time.
I carried a crying Paige on my hip while Harry had Adelle wrapped tightly in his arms. Gem & Ann each took one of Harry's light suitcases with them while we walked to the train. Ann said her goodbyes first and took Adelle, who was fast asleep, back to the car. Gem hugged him for a long while and they cried together. When Gem went to the car I stepped up in front of Harry and looked him in the eye.
"Listen I'm not gonna say goodbye but I am gonna say that you better not forget me and the girls. I wish you lots of luck...knock the judges socks off. Oh and here I wrote you this, it's everything I never told you. Read it once you get settled."
"I can never forget you or the girls. I love the three of you so much. Thanks I wish you could come too."
"We'll if you make it ill be there in the front row at your live addition with Ann and Gem and the girls. And I know you'll make it."
"Now boarding train 319" a voice called from over head.
"I'll see you soon Sammy belle."
"Right back at at you Styles." I said as tears started to pour down my cheeks. I wrapped my arms around his waist and I looked up into his eyes again.
"I love you" I whispered loud enough for him to hear. He bent down and our lips connected. Sparks were flying. A minute later he stepped out of the embrace and jumped on the train. I was in shock as I watched him mouth 'I love you to Sam'. I had no idea! How could I be so blind?!
I walked back to the car with a sleeping Paige and passed her to Ann right before I collapsed to the ground and totally broke down.
"Shh....it's okay I saw the whole thing. I'm glad he loves you like you love him. I have wanted to tell you for years but he never thought you'd love him back so he forbid me telling you. He's gonna go get his dream and then he's gonna march right into our house and kiss you. Then he'll ask you to marry him. And you'll have kids and we will all have a great life. You just gotta be strong and pick yourself up and come home and take care of the girls and yourself. That's it. Your moving in with us so we can take care of everything else sweetheart. I know you can do it." Gem said running over to me and holding me close. I nodded into her shoulder and then I got up and wiped away my tears. I got in the car and did exactly was I had to, start to become a mother to these children and start being as strong of a woman as my mother. I can do it I thought as we drove away from Harry. From the love of my life, my best friend, a brother, a son, but most of all I was being driven away from the other half of my heart & soul. A single tear escaped my eye. I knew I couldn't do it, but I can try.
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