I'll make it right

Sammy is a 16 year old girl who has lived her whole life long in Holmes Chapel. She watches as her best friend Harry becomes hotter over the years. But when he makes the cut for the X Factor and has the chance to live his dream her mother is diagnosed with a late stage breast cancer and she is forced to help provide for her younger siblings alone. Secretly she is in love with Harry and when he moves on and becomes part of One Direction she vows to raise her sisters on her own and that one day she'll find him again and tell him about her love. Will he feel the same? Or will Sam's heart be shattered?


2. Chapter 2

"Hello Mrs.Rose...Sam told me what happened and we came imeadeatly here. The girls are with my mum and Sam is getting you some food."
"Hey there Harry. Have you gotten taller since I've last seen you?" She said with a weak smile.
"No ma'am I haven't"
"Now what have I told you about calling me ma'am? I'm not married anymore and I passed my title to Sam. And please Harry after I'm gone and you make it big, I want you to come back here and tell Sam how you feel and ask her to marry you."
"I promise. I'll take care of her and the girls."
"Thank you. Now may I ask you to get that damn nurse, she was supposed to give me my pain killers already."
"Sure thing"
I walked down the hall to the nurses station and told her what Sam's mum told me.
"Okay ill be right there sir" she said.
"Haz? How's she doing?" Sam said from behind me, scaring the bejesus out of me like usual.
"She's doing good. Do you want some alone time with her?"
"No I can't face her alone" Sam said. Her beautiful face had become filled with stress and pain and her cheeks bared tear stains. There was no trace of makeup on her face or product in her hair. She was a mess, she wore a hoodie some leggings and the UGG boots I got her for her birthday. I wanted to confess my love for her right there. I wanted her mom to be a witness to it, I wanted her to know that I would keep her promise.
"Hey sweetie!" Mrs.Rose said as we walked in.
"Hey mummy! I brought you some chocolate pudding, a brew, and your favorite sandwhich"
"Thank you baby." She said when Sam had finished putting the items in front of her mum and she sat on the bed next to her.
"Mummy I don't know if I can do this....I know Mrs.Styles will be there to help me but I'm only 16! I need you still!" Sam cried breaking down and cuddling up next to her mum.
"I know Sam and I'm so sorry but I love you sweetheart and I know your gonna be a strong independent woman and you can do this." She said sounding the weakest I've ever heard her.
I started bawling then. Sam's mum was like a second mum to me and now this last image of her will be stuck in my mind forever. The strongest woman I've ever known is losing her battle and I can't watch anymore. So I walk to her bedside, opposite Sam, and I kiss her forehead and I say that ill miss her. I walk out the door as the nurse comes in.
"Goodbye" I whisper as I hear Sam's loud sobs. My heart is shattering and I feel like screaming.
When the nurse comes out I hear Sam saying goodbye and her mom telling her that she can do it. Her last words are "I love you my child. Don't forget me, pass my story on" the last word is barley audible. When she's gone a few moments of silence pass and then I hear Sam screaming. I run in the room and hold her close to me. She soaks my shirt but I don't care. I sob into her hair and she holds her moms hand until the doctors pry it away from her. We slowly walk to my car and I drive home. My mum runs out side when Sam starts screaming again and clawing at her chest where her heart is. I catch her as she starts to fall to her knees. I carry her bridal style to the couch and my mum holds her while I make her favorite brew and I grab a blanket and two pillows. When I'm done my mum has Sam calmed down but tears still fly down her porcelain cheeks. She thankfully sips the brew down and my mum passes her to me. I pull out the couch bed and swaddle her in a blanket while covering the both of us with a thick duvet. I hold her close until she finally is peaceful in sleep.
"I love you so much Sam. I will come back for you my love." I whispered into the darkness. I feel so horrible that Im leaving tomorrow. I just wanna stay here and hold my beautiful best friend in my arms forever. Softly before I go to sleep I sing a light song I wrote about Sam a few years ago.
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