I'll make it right

Sammy is a 16 year old girl who has lived her whole life long in Holmes Chapel. She watches as her best friend Harry becomes hotter over the years. But when he makes the cut for the X Factor and has the chance to live his dream her mother is diagnosed with a late stage breast cancer and she is forced to help provide for her younger siblings alone. Secretly she is in love with Harry and when he moves on and becomes part of One Direction she vows to raise her sisters on her own and that one day she'll find him again and tell him about her love. Will he feel the same? Or will Sam's heart be shattered?


1. Chapter 1

I couldn't tell him. All I could do was stare into his mossy green eyes and feel the tears start flowing off my cheeks.
"Harry....my....my mum....she..she..has..she's....gunna...die." I said fully breaking down.
"What? How Sammy?" He whisper-yelled into my hair as I was sobbing into his shoulder.
"The cancer is spreading to far into her heart....there's nothing they can do" I said between sobs.
"Samantha I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything. Your mum, not being there for you when your dad left, and the thing I'm most sorry for is leaving tomorrow...I will visit you and I will talk to you at least once a day. Your my sister I love you. Even though I won't be here I will help in every way. I promise!" I looked deep into his hurt and saddened eyes.
"Thank you" I whispered as he lifted me and tucked me into his bed. Like the gentleman he is he grabbed some blankets and a pillow and started towards his couch.
"No Hazza stay with me please?"
"Okay anything babe" he replied jumping under the covers next to me.
He wrapped me in his arms as I fell to sleep.
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