Letters Best Unread

Everyone is worried about Niall Horan. He gets loads of hate and insults everyday, and everyone's worried that it's getting to him worse than the others. Niall thinks he's fine, but agrees to go to the doctor. This doctor has him write pretend letters to a fake address. No one expected for the address to be real. No one expected for Niall's letters to reach her.


3. Chapter 3


Niall walked down the streets of London in search for the nearest post office. One other thing he wasn’t allowed to do while on break was drive. Supposedly walking was more soothing and calming. To Niall it must have been the stupidest excuse he’d ever heard. So here he was—famous pop star Niall Horan—walking down the sidewalk clutching a bloody envelope with a letter he had written to a fake person. If only the fans could see him now. 

“Oh my god, you’re Niall Horan!” 

Niall took his gaze off of his feet and looked up to find a teenage girl. She wasn’t his age, but she looked to be about fourteen. She had black hair and her face was caked with makeup, and Niall just looked at her and nodded. Honestly this was the only time in his life he could remember not wanting to be with a fan. The girl squealed anyway.

“Can I have a picture? Will you sign my phone, wait, no—my arm?”

Niall looked up to the sky and prayed for mercy on his soul from this girl who was obviously obsessed with him. Maybe he shouldn’t be judging her this quickly, but he might as well have a story to tell the doctor who was the one who forced him to do this anyway. It was all her fault. The girl, instead of going on about what Niall should sign, became somber. 

“Or, why don’t you go grab some tea? You’re exhausted aren’t you, Niall? I’ll leave you be.”

Niall lowered his head and fixed his blue eyes—that did not fail to make the girl’s heart to flutter wildly— on hers and couldn’t help but smile. She must have been the first fan who ever thought about his well-being. Instead of nodding and walking away, Niall walked straight up to her and gave her a long hug, whispering in her ear as well.

“Thank you, love. You’re amazing.”

The girl hugged him back but didn’t answer because she was afraid she would burst out in tears of happiness, but this was enough for her. She was hugging Niall Horan for at least twenty seconds now and he wasn’t letting go. Finally, after what seemed like ever, he pulled away and gave her one last smile before walking off. If there was one thing that could make him happy in a time like this, it was his fans. His amazing, beautiful, wonderful fans that he couldn’t get enough of.

The walk to the post office was bearable now, and Niall found it hard to believe that he had just left the doctor’s office a little over an hour ago. He reached the post office and took one last look at his letter before dropping it in the bin. It had a blank name on it, but an address all the way in America. He wondered how quickly the letter would reach its destination. Hopefully by the next day—wait, what was he saying? This letter was going to no one. 

Shaking his head and dropping the letter in the bin, Niall stuffed his hands in his pockets and walked out. He didn’t know what else to do besides go back to his hotel room and sleep. It wasn’t like he was allowed to drink alcohol either. Doctor’s orders.


Janelle awoke the next morning feeling refreshed and happy. Her first night spent at her new house had gone well. The window had burst open in the middle of the night releasing cold wind, but other than that things had gone well. It was early morning, around nine o’clock, and Janelle fixed herself a small breakfast before heading out to town. 

The drive to town was just as enjoyable as she’d expected. The air was fresh, the leaves were green, and the sky was blue. Well, the leaves were always green, and the sky was always blue, but everything seemed to be more vibrant today. Janelle thought that she should get a bike instead as she reached town in a matter of five minutes. Too quick, she thought.

The first stop would be the post office to see if her mail had arrived, and then she would go to the grocery store. Janelle parked outside, and after waving to some town locals first, she stepped inside and went to the front desk.

“Hello, do you have my mail? I’m Janelle Walters.”

The front desk lady smiled and nodded, ducking under the desk and reappearing with just one letter. Janelle had expected more, maybe from friends or family or even bills; but just one letter? It would have to do for now.

Janelle smiled graciously and grabbed the crinkled envelope. It had inked stamps all over it meaning it had come from overseas, and Janelle wondered for a bit on to how this letter got here so quickly.

Shrugging and thanking the lady before exiting the office, Janelle tore open the letter and unfolded the crinkling paper. 
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