Letters Best Unread

Everyone is worried about Niall Horan. He gets loads of hate and insults everyday, and everyone's worried that it's getting to him worse than the others. Niall thinks he's fine, but agrees to go to the doctor. This doctor has him write pretend letters to a fake address. No one expected for the address to be real. No one expected for Niall's letters to reach her.


2. Chapter 2


The recently bought house was empty besides the few boxes that scattered the floor. The walls for white, the hardwood was dusty, and nearly everything needed cleaned, but it was still homey. It was one of those fix-me-up houses that no one minded fixing. The house was small, only one floor, but it was a cute little house that every woman dreamed of having because it was just that; cute. 

“Mom, there’s one last box!” Janelle called out to her mother who was inspecting the bathroom for mold and fungus. Her mom was a neat freak, but occasionally it was a good thing because she had offered to clean the house. 

Janelle dropped the box filled with clothes on the ground and stood up to stretch her back out. Lifting boxes all day wasn’t exactly a relaxing thing, but it would be worth it once she got settled. Janelle was one of those independent sorts of girls; the kind that could take care of herself by the age of ten. So by the time she was eighteen, Janelle was buying her small house and moving in, which was the present time as of now. She had just turned eighteen three weeks ago and was already moving in. Her mother detested it, but agreed that it was for the best.

The house Janelle had bought was far off from the city. It was out past dirt roads, regular roads, and pretty much every road connected to a living person. Janelle liked it that way though because neighbors were annoying. She had just recently found out this house even existed, and she had had to go to the city and check that the address was correct. The city of Pittsburgh wasn’t too far off, and the sights were beautiful, so it wasn’t a nag at all. It was actually something Janelle looked forward to.

“Are you sure about this, Elle? You really want to do this?” Her Mom asked for what must have been the millionth time, and Janelle groaned. “Yes, I’m sure. I’ll call you every night if it worries you that much.” With this, her mom smiled with satisfaction. Janelle’s Mom and Dad were moving all the way to Florida for business reasons. Janelle, being the independent person she was, took this as her chance to start living on her own. She was beginning to realize where she wanted to go with her life, and college sounded like something she wanted to do. 

“Good girl. And you want to stay here tonight?” 

Janelle nodded. She was sure that her mom would never leave if she didn’t do something quickly. It was getting late and she needed to unpack at least some things before going to bed. She would miss her family, but the idea of doing things on her own was too exciting. It was almost like an adventure for her. 

With one final kiss on the cheek, Janelle’s mom slipped into her car and drove down the dirt road until all that was left was dust. Feeling giddy, Janelle skipped around her four room house with a smile on her face. This house was hers and hers only. She had signed the papers, bought the paint, and even bought toilet paper that was just for her. The feeling was amazing no matter how strange it sounded to her. 

The house did have its downers though. For instance, she had to go into the small nearby town to collect her mail. The only pets allowed were cats. She couldn’t paint the house if she liked, and she wasn’t allowed to replace the hardwood if she wanted to. These things weren’t exactly horrible, but still, Janelle felt if she wanted to do something she should be allowed to.

Feeling that she had nothing better to do, Janelle started unpacking all of her things and setting them neatly in the drawers and shelves in which rooms they were accorded to. The time passed by quickly, and although she wasn’t anywhere near done, she slipped into the bed that had already came with the house and fell asleep quickly in hopes of going to town to collect her mail in the morning like an adult. Janelle liked her new life already.  

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