Being His

Scarlett loved One Direction.She also loved being on twitter.As any One Direction fan she followed them.One night after she had came from one of their concerts, she tweeted a pic of Liam singing and she wrote"My Love".She didint expect anything until Liam,Louis,and Harry retweeted, and that is where it all began! (sounds boring but read and see if you'll like(:


3. Niall's Number

Liam's POV

"Yes, I promise it is Liam Payne and if I wasnt then how would I not know my own number?"Liam said.

"True, but so I can trust you for real give me any of the boys number and I'll call them if they answer they got to tell me if this is YOUR phone!"I told him in a im-so-much-smarter way.

"Okay, this is Niall's number: 558-675-890(I just made it up i dont know Londons area code), call him He'll prove because also he is with me right now!"Liam said.As he told me the number so I could write it down I heard someone talking about carrots and it sounded like a boy voice."Okay, I got it when I talk to who you suppose is "Niall", I'll call you back if IF it is him and I'll give you my address so you can come and pick your phone up"I told him.

"But.....its almost 12 and- "I cut him off and told him"You want your phone yes or no if no then ill take it to America tomorrow!

"Okay, gosh you are pushy ! Bye and Call him!"I hung up the phone and called supposedly "Niall" and I heard someone talk and I just dozed off and I heard an Irish voice ask"Hello.....who is this? Are you there?"

"Oh uh yes is this Niall Horan?"I asked curiously.............

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