Being His

Scarlett loved One Direction.She also loved being on twitter.As any One Direction fan she followed them.One night after she had came from one of their concerts, she tweeted a pic of Liam singing and she wrote"My Love".She didint expect anything until Liam,Louis,and Harry retweeted, and that is where it all began! (sounds boring but read and see if you'll like(:


6. Locked out of the car

Liam's POV

I knocked on the door and it opened and I saw this beautiful girl: Light  curly brown hair, bright blue eyes, slim,amazing,hot body.I kind of drooled but nobody notice.

I asked her "Hey are you Carly?" and she had said yes.She also asked "Is this your phone?"

I replied "Yes, I thought you were leaving tomorrow or today to America?

She stuttered to say "Oh... about that..."

I looked at her surprised while she said "Yeah, about that I really wasn't leaving uh.... I just wanted you to come get your phone"

I loudly said" So you made me come here at 12:00  AM for nothing while I could have easily came tomorrow?

She said in a low voice "Be quiet, I live around people come in and we can talk in there quietly!"

I came in and her apartment wasn't bad it was actually nice.

"So now, you can apoligize for lieing to me and we can leave!"I said sarcastically, and she actually apoligized.

She said"Okay,*sigh* I am sorry for lieing to you."

Carly's POV

I just could not believe One Direction was at my house I wanted to freak out but i wanted to seem like a normal girl.

I apoligized to him cause I did not want to seem rude,but he didnt seem to mind he just had a cheesy smile on his face.

"Well Thanks for giving me back my phone and um......."He just stood there while the boys sat on the couch watching cartoons.

"Well we have to go see you!Come on boys lets go say bye to the lovely lady and lets head off.

They all said bye to me and gave me a hug I freaked inside but I just stayed calm outside

Liam's POV

I was just silent the whole way to the car and we got there and harry had a cheeky smile and sarcasticly said "Aww did leeyum fall deeply in love with someone"

I just hissed at him amd said "Shut up" and i grabbed the door handle and it was locked all the doors were locked.All of us checked our pockets for the keys mainly Harry and he could find them so we were locked out of the car!

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