Being His

Scarlett loved One Direction.She also loved being on twitter.As any One Direction fan she followed them.One night after she had came from one of their concerts, she tweeted a pic of Liam singing and she wrote"My Love".She didint expect anything until Liam,Louis,and Harry retweeted, and that is where it all began! (sounds boring but read and see if you'll like(:


17. Locked , but this time inside and in my room

Zayn's POV

Liam is so stupid.I got up and followed him. He sat there beside her bedroom's door and I heard him say,"What did I do?"

I walked up to him and sat beside him.

"You know?"I told him. He gave me a worried look.

"I know." He answered .

"Bro, you keep pushing her further away while she tries to get closer to you? What up with that?" I asked him.

"Well, I dont know everytime she gets close to me I want to say something to her but my stomach starts hurting, and I just dont know what to do, not now or anymore."I looked at him and grabbed his hand and said,"Come on."He just looked confused.

I entered the living room where Jordan and Ashleigh and the lads were surrounding Carly.I walked up to them and grabbed her hand. I led them to her room and when I got there I not really pushed them but shoved them in the room and closed the door. I grabbed the handle and waited like 2 minutes to let go.I heard them talking so I went back to the guys.

Carly's POV

After Liam got up everyone looked at me and I saw Zayn get up and followed him.I just sat there and the guys and girls sat around me and comforted me. After like ten minutes of just sitting there, almost crying but I held it in to show them I was strong,my eyes were turning red, Zayn came with Liam grabbing a hold of his hand and then grabbed mine.He walked us to my room and closed the door. I tryed opening it a few times but Zayn wouldnt let go of the knob. So, I turned around and looked at Liam, I guess he noticed my red eyes and asked,"Were you crying?"

"Nope, why would I be crying?"I answered him and tryed to look a little tough around him.

"Well, I noticed your eyes, they are red so I had my thoughts, um listen, I uh-uh I am sorry for leaving you and I just cant be around you, you make me blush a shade of red I have never had and my stomach starts hurting and I cant talk." He babbled on.

"I just... I just cant be around you, you make me have feels and I cant help but think if I let them out i'll push you away."

"Well, I try to control my feelings because sometimes they just fly out and I also need to tell you something, because I try to let my feelings out but I am afraid you wont think like I do back so-" I got cut off by some lips on mine.I was shocked at first and pulled away."Sorry, I , uh , i ,didnt,-" I looked at him and smashed my lips on his.

A/N Sorry for taking long, I had to take a shower after the computer restarted because it also uodated some stuff so yea, anyways what do yall think of the story?Answer in the comments, and also, I am also starting this thing where I tell yall things about myself. So here goes. 1- I am the oldest of my sibilings.
2-My family is from Honduras a country in Central America. 3- I  LOVE  watching spongebob with my little sister! Well got to go peeps! Update tomorrow?- <3 Eva

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