Being His

Scarlett loved One Direction.She also loved being on twitter.As any One Direction fan she followed them.One night after she had came from one of their concerts, she tweeted a pic of Liam singing and she wrote"My Love".She didint expect anything until Liam,Louis,and Harry retweeted, and that is where it all began! (sounds boring but read and see if you'll like(:


18. Jordan's POV

Jordan's POV

I couldnt believe my eyes when Liam had left, poor Carly looked devastated.Even though this was a bad situation, it ended good, well I hope it will, since Zayn locked them up in Carly's room. I just loved how he had the courage to make them by force be together. I wish we were, but you should always take things slow, just in case, but I really like Zayn. After he had came back from locking Liam and Carly, he came and sat beside me and he smiled at me.There was a knock at the door and I was so happy to finally get to meet  Eleanor , she had promised to meet up with all of us, but now we have to explain the situation that just happened.

"Hey!"Eleanor exclaimed.

"Oh, now here is another reason you and Louis make a great couple!" I said.

"Well, what can I say...." Eleanor replied,"Im Eleanor and I know you two aren't the only girls Zayn and Niall have talked about, where is Liam and Carly?"Me and Ashleigh turned a shade of red and so did Zayn and Niall.

"Um, they had a little situation so uh Zayn locked them in a room together so they could talk."I answered and she just started laughing.

"What, they needed to make up or well Liam needed to because he made a fool out of hisself so I made them talk to each other."Zayn said.

"Since when?", Eleanor sat down on the couch.

"Just like 10 minutes ago, I wonder what they might be doing?" I replied back.

Louis got up and walked to Carly's door, we all followed and he had his ear to the door.

A/N Hey guys! Will the guys know Liam and Carly kissed? Who knows, anyways I wont be able to update until sunday or so I think because I have to work on my science project, I havent even bought all the junk I need for it, well hope yall liked this and here are three more things about me 1- Music clears my head, so I listen to it all time and everyday. 2- I am currently single(Sorry, ayll probably dont want to know this but I have to go so quick facts)3- I know both Spanish and English very well. - <3 Eva

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