Being His

Scarlett loved One Direction.She also loved being on twitter.As any One Direction fan she followed them.One night after she had came from one of their concerts, she tweeted a pic of Liam singing and she wrote"My Love".She didint expect anything until Liam,Louis,and Harry retweeted, and that is where it all began! (sounds boring but read and see if you'll like(:


23. A Rose Heart

Carly's POV

After we got in the car I asked Liam,"So where shall we be going my batman?" He chuckled,"What, you like batman right?" I asked him.,"Yes..."He said."And Were going on a date, so your like my man and you add that up and you get my batman, get it?" I said."When did this turn into a date?" He asked smirking."Umm, lettme think, well Im a girl and your a boy.""Yes.""And your taking me out someplace right?" I asked him."Yea.""That equals a date, do you seriously dont get that?""Well..."He said."Nevermind, your not my batman anymore, your my dumbman now."I said grinning."Why, but I like being your batman!"Liam shrieked."Nope nope.....well okay, anyways off to another topic where are we going, and dont give me any of that "Its a surprise!" crap, I wont talk to you until we get back to my place.!" I told him seriuosly. kinda harsh but,You know I like knowing things straight off the bat, so yea.

"Well, You gotta see yourself, cause we are here."He said smiling. I hadnt watched where we were going for talking with him. We both got out of the car and he came up to me."You like?"He asked me.

"LIAM! I LOVE SO MUCH, I have missed my baby ALOT!but I didnt bring any extra clothes to get in the water."I said with an upside down smile.

"Dont worry babe, there is a shop around the corner, so we can walk up there and buy you one, there is also a changing room there,BTW I had this all planned out."He told me.

"OMG! I LOVE YOU A WHOLE LOT MORE NOW!" I told him excitedly and turned to him and gave him a giant bear hug, kinda like a Horan hug, but Niall's are really amazinger, or est or whatever. He was shocked at first but then hugged me back. We parted and we both locked our eyes on each others. Liam started leaning, OMG second time kissing him, here I go.

As soon as his lips touched mine, he moved his hands to my waist and mine were on his neck. I moved mine up to his hair and we stayed like that for 3 whole minutes, a record I think? Aaag! Yes

"Second time! I cant wait till the next one!" I said to him."Just wait, everything comes by time." He said back. What the heck! I cant wait till we became official and he actually aske dme to be his girlfriend. FUDGE! I am falling for Liam Payne so damn hard, and I hope he is too.This boy is making me go to Heaven and I dont think he notices.

We finally had arrived at the little shop and I went straight to the girls section of bathing suites and grabbed an orange bikini. The top was strapless and the sides were like fishing nets.The bottom was like that too, the sides were like fishing nets also."Liam, I really liked this one. Let me go pay it so I can go put it on and go in the water." I told him and once I finsihed telling him that he came up to me kissed the back of my ear and whispered,"Let me pay this for you my angel." He grabbed the bikini and walked to the check out."Liam!"

"Nope, I already bought it, here go put on and Ill buy some towels and some swimming trunks for me."He told me. Oh gosh, Im his angel! I just smiled and headed to the dressing rooms. I put on the bikini and my shorts and shirt back on and I grabbed my bra and underwear and made it into a ball hid it behind my back.

"Liam, where are you?"Nobody answered so I walked out and stood outside and got my phone and texted him

Me:Liam where are you, I am scared:(

Liam:Just come back to where we parked and go out to the beach.(; You'll love your surprise!

Me: Liam, I dont like surprises but since it is from you, Ill accept it(:<3

I walked back and once I saw what he had done my jaw opened up and I dropped my phone.

The roses were turned into hearts and inside it read: Carly, would you like to be my girlfriend?

I nodded and ran up to him and tackled him down.I looked into his eyes and kissed his red lushish lips."I love you!"

"I love you too, my angel."


Yall like, sorry my computer hasnt worked so I havent been able to update.Follow me on Tumblr at A quote a day keeps your happiness awake!(:

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