The Day and the Night- Short Story

This short story is an old elf tale about the Day and the Night.


1. The Story of Day and Night

Long ago there lived two sisters, one that always seemed bright and the other, rather gloomy. They lived in the town of Silence, a place where everyone did not talk and there was no light or darkness. They didn't have a thing to do so they Wandered through the city, remembering everything that happened.

One day something strange happened. A lady, with hair of golden white and green eyes arrived. The sisters thought it was peculiar, so with nothing better to do, they followed the lady. She stopped at a house woven of branches and leaves. She slipped inside, soon after the sisters did too.

They where blinded by something strange. Light! they thought. They approached it with caution, not knowing how to react. The gloomy one of two shrank back while the other closed her eyes, appearing to suck up it's light.

A shadowed figure came up from behind and grabbed them both and squeezed them. "My children! My children at last!" They sisters wiggled free, both frightened."My children, don't be afraid! I will tell you all you need to know." At that the sisters sat down on the dusty floor and the lady told the tale.

Long ago something tragic happened, the sun and the moon disapeared. As Mother Nature, it was my duty to bring them back, to restore Day and Night. At frist no one noticed but after a time the elves came, begging to bring back Day and Night. I replied to them, "More than one kind of being must ask for them back. It must be as affective as a hurricane!" At that, they left for as long as it takes for the autumn air to catch a leaf from mid flight. When they returned they came with the dawrves. It must be serious if dawrves from the ground came! I said to them, "There is one way for me to make this change, I must give them my life to live as long as they need. But I will need one of yours to sacrifice his life to give them their being forms." One man-elf came up, his heart of gold and this mind of silver, and sacrificed his life for you both. In memory of him, I changed my form from a human to an elf. I left his body to the elves and you were born into this world.

She stopped studdenly and looked at them both. They both looked as if they were given the answer to everything. "I waited until you were old enough to understand. You are the Sun and the Moon, Day and Night, it is now my job to put you were you belong." She stood up, her green eyes fixed on the more brighter looking one. "Do you accept being pucked from here? To gaze across the world and giving people hope?" The sister nodded and stood up. Mother Nature pulled up a small leather pouch. She pucked a small orange ball and put it into the sister's hand. The sister closed her eyes and began to fade into nothingness.

The sister that was left cried, screaming for her sister to come back."Hush, there is no need to cry. While Day is sleeping you, Night, will come up and protect everyone like you would do for Day." At that Night stood up, wiped her tears away, and extended her hand for her ball. Mother Nature pucked out a ball of silverly white and placed it into Night's hand. Night's eyes closed and she, too, faded away into nothingness.

This is an elf tale passed on from generation to generation. If you do not understand read this again, then memorize it, then tell another...


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