Short poems

These are some short poems I made up


1. What is life?

Life is the thing that enables us to live,

To jump, to laugh, to cry,

To play, to breath and to sleep

All these things we couldn't do without life,

When you look at a flower what do you see?

Do you see just an object?

Or do you see something that couldn't survive without life?

Do you take life for granted, or do you cherish it?

What do you do when a bee stings you

Do you get angry at the bee?

Or do you think that it gave up it's life to do that?

When you put down a mouse trap do you think about what you are doing?

Do you think that you would take away life when the mouse got caught?

Or do you think that it is just vermin and it deserves to die?

Do you think that it could have family?

Do you think that it would do anything to feed them, just like you would?

No you think that it deserves to die,

So whenever you get the chance,

Just think about what a gift life is,

And what would happen without it.

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