Short poems

These are some short poems I made up


2. Sunrise and Sunset acrostic

Sunset is the thing that starts the day

Under the sun you can do anything

Nothing can stop you doing what you want

Run, jump, climb a hill or swim in the freezing cold sea

In the sun anything is possible

Sun lets plants live, without it they couldn't survive

Even on the coldest days there is still sun


Although sun is vital, it fades

No-matter what, night comes and the sun dissapears

Do whatever you can while the sun is still up in the sky


Sunset ends the day

Uniting the world with darkness

No light remains, exept for the slight shimmer of the silvery moonlight

Slight as the moonlight may be, if we didn't have it then the world would plunge into darkness at sunset

Eerie as it may be, darkness can be stunning

Take bonfire night for instance, we couldn't have it without darkness, as you wouldn't be able to see the fireworks. So we have to be as thankful to darkness as we are to light

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