In the Stairs of Hogwarts

The members of One Direction living their lives in the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With the Tri-Wizard tournament coming up, and a creepy new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, how much trouble will these sixth years get in to?


11. The Yule Ball


The night finally arrived. The girls spent hours getting ready and they all agreed to meet their boyfriends at the bottom of the steps into the dining hall, that would be transformed into a magical venue for the Yule Ball. The boys spent the day goofing off because it only took them ten minutes to get ready. Liam slipped the box with the pretty red bow into his pocket and followed the rest of the guys to meet their girls.


The boys were only waiting for about 5 minutes before the girls appeared at the top of the stairs. It’s safe to say that all of them were captivated by their girlfriends’ beauty. At once, all of their jaws dropped and quickly changed to smiles. They held their hands in the direction of their girlfriend so they would come greet them. Jessie was the first to leave her friends to meet Niall. She walked down the steps in the white and gold dress she had her eye on. She matched the dress with gold shoes and a gold ring that her mother gave her. She had her hair in a knotted bun at the base of her neck, with nude lips and dramatic black eye makeup. Her nails were painted in alternating black and white with gold specks. Niall went to kiss her, but didn’t want to ruin her makeup so went for her cheek instead. He smiled and took her hand and led her into the beautifully decorated hall. 

Andie was next to descend the staircase. As she approached Liam, he said “Who are you and what have you done to my sweet and innocent girlfriend?” She kissed him passionately and responded.


“Since when am I sweet and innocent?” She winked at her boyfriend as he gazed up and down her body to examine the astonishing look she put together to impress the school as a true competitor. She chose a bright red dress that was longer in the back than in the front. The shoes she had her eye on were now on her feet. They were tan pumps with black studs and gems along the back and heel. They showed that she was not someone you would want to mess with. Her nails were painted the darkest black Liam had ever seen. She had flowing waves down her back, with a waterfall braid to keep her hair out of her face. She also had nude lips, but added a dramatic touch with her intense eyeliner. Needless to say, she took Liam’s breath away. 


“I got you something.” He was still staring at his girlfriend’s new side, and pulled the box out of his pocket and handed it to her. “You deserve the world. But this will have to do. I saw it and I just thought embodied you perfectly. I want you to wear it always so it can keep you safe.” He was smiling at her as she unwrapped the ribbon that went perfectly with her dress. When she saw the necklace, her eyes filled with tears. Then, out of the blue, she punched Liam in his chest.  “Ow! What was that for?!”


“Liam, you’re making me cry after I spent an hour on my make-up!” Her boyfriend laughed with her. “I love it Liam. It’s absolutely perfect. You really didn’t have to do this. Thank you.” She kissed him passionately and handed him the necklace so he could put it on her. They waited off to the side, because they would be summoned when the champions were suppose to enter.


Perrie seemed to float down the stairs. She was always breathtaking, but tonight was extraordinary. Zayn got tears in his eyes when he saw his flawless girlfriend approach him. As promised, she went with a completely gold dress, accessorized with black earrings and gorgeous black wedges. To match the theme, she had black and gold eye makeup and put a gold bow in her low bun. She had her nails painted white and added gold specks to the tips. “How in the world did I get so lucky?” Zayn kissed Perris’s soft pink lips. 


“I don’t know, Zayn. How did you?” Perrie smiled. “Oh I love this song! Dance with me!” Perrie started singing and pulled Zayn into the Ball and started dancing right away. 


“Eleanor, Eleanor, Eleanor. I don’t know if it’s possible to look better than you do everyday, but if it is, you’ve done it.” Louis was being very cheeky as Eleanor stepped down and jumped into his arms as he twirled her around. “I love those colors on you!” 


“Thanks, I knew you would.” Eleanor had a huge shiny smile on her face. She ended up choosing a dress that was light blue on top and pink on the bottom. Her shoes were classic tan pumps, and her hair was in a twisted bun. She had pearl earrings and nails to match. Her eyeshadow was the color of the light blue part of the dress and her lips the pink. She truly did look unbelievable. Louis couldn’t keep his hands off her as they waited for the champions to be called.


Cindy was the last to descend into her boyfriends arms. Before Harry could even look at her, he embraced her in a bear hug. He then took a step back to look at the stunning image that was his girlfriend. She chose the dark blue dress with the lace trim, and it was a great choice. She wore the dress with black suede pumps and black chandelier earrings. Her lips were a blood red and her eye makeup was simple but beautiful. Her hair was up in a curled bun to show off her gorgeous face. 


“I think we should ditch this thing and go upstairs now because you are just so ridiculously stunning that my brain hurts.” Harry was shaking his head to bring himself back to sanity. 


“Oh stop, Harry. It’s not that big of a deal. It’s just a dress and some makeup. We have to stay to support Liam, Andie, and Louis. Let’s go.” Cindy tried to pull Harry into the hall but he put up a good fight. 


“Where’s the fire? Can’t I just stand here and look at you for a few minutes?” Harry held Cindy’s hands and looked at her while she blushed harder than ever before. 


“Okay fine. But only because you’re adorable when you’re mesmorized. Just one more minute though!” They stayed there for exactly one minute then Cindy winked at Andie as she was being placed to march in. Cindy and Harry quickly met with the rest of the group right before the champions’ entrance started. Dumbledore’s voice boomed through the hall. 


“Welcome everyone to the Yule Ball! You all look wonderful. Now, it’s time to introduce the featured guests of the evening! Please welcome, your Tri-Wizard Champions!”


Louis and Eleanor marched in with Liam and Andie a few steps behind. The hall was filled with ooh’s and aah’s at the girls’ beauty and the boys’ handsomeness. There were cheers and applause, the loudest of which coming from the group of friends standing towards the entrance. Liam, Andie, Louis, and Eleanor couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous their friends sounded. 


“Louis Tomlinson, Slytherin, is being accompanied by his date, Eleanor Calder, who is also a member of the Slytherin house.” As Dumbledore spoke, the Slytherin house started chanting Louis and Eleanor’s names. Dumbledore waited until they were a bit quieter before introducing the other two. “And we have the other two champions, Liam Payne and Andie Kiddoo, both of the Gryffindor house, who are accompanying each other of this lovely evening!” More cheers started from the Gryffindor house. Andie tried to choke back laughter, but she couldn’t help it. “As tradition goes, the champions will now share the first dance of the evening.” Waltz-like music started playing, and Louis pulled Eleanor into his arms and started dancing eloquently. 


“Holy crap. I didn’t know Louis could dance like that. What a proper gentlemen.” Niall laughed.


A second after Louis and Eleanor, Andie and Liam started to dance. Everyone knew Liam had dancing skills, but Andie was never good with her feet. Cindy, Jessie, and Perrie were interested to see how she would pull off dancing in front of the whole school.


“Are you okay? You’re doing great.” Liam knew his girlfriend’s dancing weakness.


“I’m doing okay. It must be the neckace.” Andie laid her head on her boyfriend’s chest, and the girls in the crowd let out a collective “Awwww”. Andie stuck her tongue out and went back to dancing. 


“Please join them.” As Dumbledore spoke, more students joined the champions on the dance floor. 




The night was just as much fun as everyone expected it to be. Andie, Cindy, and Harry spent most of the night on the balcony that lead into the gardens. Liam was busy showing off his moves, but Andie didn’t mind. She loved watching him. The talked about how well the DA meetings were going and how they could get Ed to open up about Erikson. Suddenly, Zayn appeared in a panic.


“Have you guys seen Perrie? We were dancing and I turned around once and looked back and she was gone. I’ve looked all over the school but can’t find her anywhere!” He was talking at a mile a minute. Harry, Andie, and Cindy exchanged concerned looks. The others noticed the panic from the dance floor and came over to join the discussion. 


“What’s going on?” Jessie asked. Zayn explained it again. 


“Have you checked the garden?” Liam question.


“We’ve been out here the whole time. We would’ve seen her.” Harry said. “Let’s all go look.” They all turned in a panic to go look for their lost friend, just as they saw Professor Erikson walk into the hall next to a ghost-like Perrie. He looked at her and nodded and disappeared into the crowd. Zayn ran to his girlfriend who looked like she was about to collapse. She lost her balance and stumbled into his arms. Liam ran over to help carry her to the balcony. The others frantically pulled up a seat for her and got her a glass of water. Liam and Zayn set her down and gave her some space. Jessie approached her and kneeled next to the chair, brushing Perrie’s hair with her hand. 


“Perrie? Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” Jessie asked very gently while everyone else watched in silence. 


“I...I...I’m okay. Just in shock.” She spoke weakly. 


“Can you tell us what happened, or do you want to wait until morning?” Jessie comforted her friend.


“I can tell you. You’ll want to hear it.” Perrie took a sip of water. Niall walked over and shut the doors from the balcony to the hall. “I just went to go get a drink, and he asked me to take a walk with him.” Perrie started to tell the story, and everyone listened intently. She went on to explain that Erikson told her that she looked ill and wanted to give her a potion to make her better. She kept insisting that she felt fine, but he insisted back. He took her to his office where he fixed her a cup of tea and added some sort of potion. Luckily, Perrie pays attention enough in potions class to have recognized it as a serum that puts you in a hypnosis like state. She tried her best to avoid drinking it but he was practically pouring it down her throat. She said that he talked to her for ten minutes about how she and her friends should give up on Liam and Andie, because they will never make it out of the tournament in one piece and that they should focus on helping Louis. He gave her a list of ways to distract and destroy Liam and Andie to the point where it was impossible to win the competition. After explaining all of this, Perrie looked even more drained.


“Oh, Perrie. I should have never turned my back. I should have gone with you to get the drink.” Zayn felt terrible. He hugged his girlfriend. 


“It’s alright, lad. You could have never known what would happen.” Liam patted Zayn’s back. “Let’s get her back to your common room. She just needs rest.” He helped Zayn carry her. 


“What a waste of an awesome outfit.” Perrie managed to choke out before the boys took her to into the hall. The group chuckled and said goodnight and wished her well.

“Why me? What could he possibly have on me?” Louis was in a state of confusion trying to figure out why Erikson chose him out of the three to win. “The only thing we have in common is that he was a Slytherin, too.”


“For some people, that might just be enough.” Cindy moved tighter into Harry’s grasp. She, along with everyone else. was thrown through a loop about this whole thing.


“Seriously! What could this guy possibly have against us?! We have friends and he didn’t?! I wanna kick this guy’s ass so bad.” Andie was always more angry than sad. Especially when someone hurt her friends.


“Hey, I’ll kick it with you.” Harry agreed.


“Unfortunately, I don’t really think that would solve anything. It might make us feel better, but we need to find out his motives and plan accordingly. And we need to do it soon, because for all we know, he could be planning to add a surprise road block for Liam and Andie in the next challenge.” Eleanor was right. They needed Ed and they needed him now. 


Liam arrived back to the group. “She’s asleep. Zayn’s with her. I think we should all just go to bed.” Liam looked angry and distracted. The group listened and said goodnight to each other. After everyone was gone, Liam took Andie’s face in his hands. “If you think I’m going to let you go anywhere without protection until this thing is over, you’re wrong. I refuse to let anything happen to you.” Andie knew how scared this made Liam, so she didn’t fight him on it. She just nodded her head in understanding and rubbed his hands with hers. They walked back to the common room attached at the hip.



Outfits: - Zayn and Perrie - Louis and Eleanor - Niall and Jessie - Harry and Cindy - Liam and Andie


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