In the Stairs of Hogwarts

The members of One Direction living their lives in the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With the Tri-Wizard tournament coming up, and a creepy new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, how much trouble will these sixth years get in to?


3. The New Teacher


It was early Monday morning; Slytherin and Gryffindor sixth years have a Defense against the Dark arts class. It was their first time with their new teacher, Professor Erikson. The students started entering their class and taking their seats, like always Liam, Andie, Eleanor, Louis, Cindy, and Harry were all last from talking and fooling around during breakfast and forced to take the seats up near the front of the room. Despite the rivalry between the Gryffindor and Slytherin houses, the six of them were best friends. Andie, Cindy, and Eleanor sat on one side of the room, the boys sat directly across.  “I really have a bad feeling about this teacher,” Cindy whispered to her two best friends. Andie turned to look back at him walking in proud and silent.    “I know, he looks like he hasn’t showered in months!” Eleanor added in a whisper. Professor Erikson walked to the front of the room where he stood and waited for the class to go silent. All eyes fell on the dark, greasy man and he began to speak, “Open your books to page 160 and read the chapter … SILENTLY to yourselves. I want a 2 page paper on the reading by tomorrow. You children need to learn how to comprehend reading in order to defend yourselves.” Andie and Cindy exchanged worried and angry looks, but went straight to work. The man went on and kept lecturing on the importance of reading; Liam went straight to doing his work while Harry and Louis had other ideas. Instead of listening, Harry and Louis started talking about quidditch practice that night. They were so busy in conversation they didn’t realize they were being approached by Professor Erikson.    “I said read, silently! Two hour detention tonight for the both of you!”    “Sir, we have practice tonight, you should understand-“ Louis was cut of by Erkison’s anger.    “Three hours, and you’ll be doing extra work for me!” Harry and Louis sighed and started on their work, obviously upset at their teacher. The class ended and the six of them walked out, “I cannot believe that man!! I have a quidditch team to run!” Louis was angry.    “Babe, its okay…” Eleanor put her arms around his waist and walked with him.    “Something about him really upsets me, I don’t know what it is, but I know something’s not right” Cindy told her boyfriend.    “I know, we’ll figured something out, there’s no way were going to learn any defense this way.” Harry and Cindy joined hands and walked to their next class.     “I was thinking about entering for the Tri-Wizard tournament today… Come with me?” Liam asked his girlfriend as they walked down the hallway their arms wrapped around each other.    “Yeah, I’ll enter too” Andie smiled up at him.    “I really wish you wouldn’t love, I care about you too much. What if you get hurt?”    “Liam, I can handle it. If a girl is going to be picked, why not me? I think I could blow the competition away.”    Liam sighed knowing Andie was already set on entering, “I still think it’s a bad idea.” He cared to much to argue with her about something she obviously wanted so badly. He stopped in the hallway, bent down and kissed her lightly. “Andie, I love you and I think this is a bad idea. It’s too dangerous.” Liam and Andie went back to walking with their arms wrapped around each other’s waist.    “I love you too Liam, but I want this. Please understand.” -A few hours later- The sixth years had a study period to do homework. Liam and Andie sat together cuddling trying to focus on their work. Zayn, Perrie, Niall, and Jessie were playing some game instead of doing their work seeing that Zayn was already done with his, and the rest of them didn’t feel like working. Cindy sat next to Andie with Harry and her other side, and Louis and Eleanor sat across them. Cindy looked up from her work frustrated, “ I need to know more about this guy! He’s a total creep!”    “I agree with Cindy,” Andie looked over “I don’t like him very much either.”    Harry rested his hand on Cindy’s lower back, “Louis and I have a detention with him later, we could do some snooping about…”    “Yeah, Harry and I would be happy to,” Louis chimed in. Zayn looked over.    “I think you guys are overreacting, he seemed fine in our class. I just think he could have a better way of teaching.”    “Zayn, we’re never going to learn how to fight in that class!” Niall pitched in, “We need a way to learn defense.”    “Yeah, a much better way…” Harry said before going into a state of deep thought. Cindy nudged Harry.  “Babe, what’s up? What are you thinking about?” Harry snapped out of his thought.    “Nothing, I had an idea… It was probably stupid.” Class was dismissed and the group of 10 walked together up to the dining hall for dinner. The students took their seats at their tables and began to eat. Andie and Cindy kept exchanging glares and watching Professor Erikson.    “Cindy, since Harry and I have detention tonight, do you mind running Quidditch practice. You’re practically key player anyway. We play Gryffindor this week, and we only have two more practices before the game. Tonight is key.”    “Uh, yeah I’ll do it... “Cindy was too busy telepathically talking to Andie about their teacher to further acknowledge her fellow Slytherins. “Everything okay Andie?” Liam wrapped his arm around his girlfriend.    “What?” She broke her stare with Cindy and looked over at him, “Yeah sorry… I was just distracted I guess.”    “Let’s go enter the tournament after dinner, it’ll be fun.”    “Sure thing Liam” Andie went back to eyeing the teacher.   After Andie and Liam finished talking, Liam stood up and raised his eyebrows at the other boys to indicate that he wanted them to meet up. The five boys walked out into the hallway and headed toward the hall with the Goblet of Fire.    “I figured we could all enter together.” Liam stated.   “We have to make it quick, Harry and I have detention soon.” Louis quickly wrote his name on paper and threw it in the Goblet.   “I’ll enter... but I wanted to talk to you guys about something.” Harry started to explain the plan he was thinking up before. “I think we should form some sort of... I don’t know.. group. To learn and practice dark arts. We aren’t going to get much learning done at this rate.”    “I think that’s a good idea, Harry. We should get this army started.” Niall seemed very excited about this idea.   Zayn always gave his two cents, “I know plenty about Dark Arts. I think O could help with the lesson. But how will we propose this to the girls?”   “I didn’t think about that.... we’ll worry about that later.” Harry said. He watched all the boys, except Zayn, put their names in the Goblet and they all walked back into the dining hall proud.  Liam sat back down next to his girlfriend and put his arm around her.  "Where did you go babe?" Andie looked at Liam confused, and a little hurt from what she suspected.    "I just entered for the tournament with the boys" Liam brushed the question off like it wasn't a big deal.    Andie got a bit of an attitude, "I though we would enter together. I told you I wanted to come.."    Liam felt bad about going without her, but it was too late to turn things back, "I'm sorry Andie, I didn't know it was this big of a deal for you..."   "Whatever Liam, its fine. I have a lot of homework. Im going to go back to the common room." Andie stood up and left Liam sitting there feeling guilty.    "Wait! Andie, lets study potions back in the common room together! I could use your help.."    "Yeah sure Liam, I’ll be there in a few." Andie said while walking away. Cindy, Eleanor, Jessie, and Perrie noticed she was upset, and all got off to follow her.    The girls went to the bathroom, where they usually went after dinner. The bathroom wasn't used anymore, after a flooding a few years ago. The girls used it as their hangout for whenever they needed to talk.   "I'm angry at Liam for trying to sneak about to prevent me from entering . We were supposed to do it together!"    Cindy walked over and rested a hand on her shoulder to comfort her, "He isn't being fair, I think if any girl in this school has a chance it's you."    Jessie walked over, "I agree with Cindy, I mean go enter without Liam. I'm sure you can handle it. Well all be rooting for you."    Andie shook off Liam entering without her, and the girls all went to the hall and cheered Andie on as she put her name in. They each gave the paper a kiss for luck.    "Prove Liam wrong Andie!" Perrie was excited and hugged her, "I bet you'll get picked!"    After, the girls decided to go back to their dorm rooms and finish up their homework .  
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