In the Stairs of Hogwarts

The members of One Direction living their lives in the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With the Tri-Wizard tournament coming up, and a creepy new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, how much trouble will these sixth years get in to?


9. The First Event


“You just add a pinch of octopus powder, and use the charm to brew the potion. Once you make that, the lock on the box should open right away.” Jessie and Niall were walking down to breakfast together, discussing their findings on the clue for the tournament. “Thanks babe,” Niall said as he kissed Jessie’s cheek. “I don’t know if we’d have been able to do this without you, we’re not the best at potions.” They took their seats at the Hufflepuff table and dug right into their food, they knew they had a long day of lessons and a long night of helping their friends prepare for the tournament.


The Slytherin students took their seats at the table, laughing and joking around like always. “You know, there’s only a few days until the tournament. Are we ready?” Eleanor had a worried look on her face, and couldn’t eat much. She was really nervous for Louis, especially since she knew they were the farthest behind on figuring out their clue. After everyone finished breakfast and left for class, Cindy grabbed Harry’s bicep and pulled him off into a side corridor. “Listen Harry, I know you guys are behind, as a Slytherin I want to help Lou out.” Harry sighed, not wanting to accept the help, but he knew they would need it. “Cindy, Louis doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. He thinks he’s going to get by on pure dumb luck.” “I know. After we meet with the groups, we need to talk.” Cindy kissed Harry’s cheek and they walked off to class holding hands.


After class, the students did some of their homework, ate their dinner, and immediately after that, met up with their groups to figure out the clue. The tournament was only days away, and everyone was anxious and nervous. At this point, they all felt unprepared.


Liam, Zayn, and Niall met up in an empty courtyard under the stars to figure out their clue. Niall came with a small vile of the potion to unlock the chest, thanks to Jessie. As Niall and Liam unlocked the chest and were looking at the map trying to figure out what it could mean, Zayn was holding the box, looking at the words and back up to the sky. “Guys, look over here! The box is glowing.” Zayn read the quote to Liam, and all Liam could do was smile. “I think it’s a maze of some sort, mate.” Zayn was busy studying the clues. “Thank you so much you two. I’m more than prepared, I know exactly what I need to know to win this challenge.” Liam gave two of his best friends a quick hug, and they all went back to their dormitories to finish homework and rest up. Even though Liam needed his sleep to be well rested for the tournament, he stayed up waiting for his girlfriend to get back. All he wanted was to give her a big hug, to let go of the stress from the tournament.




“Open it, open it!” Perrie was so excited to see what was inside the chest. The girls all met up in the deserted third floor girls bathroom. Jessie opened the chest, and all four girls crowded around to peak inside. Andie picked up the piece of parchment that laid  inside, and suddenly it changed. Like Liam, Andie was able to quickly identify that the 3D map was of Hogwarts grounds.  Above the grounds, there was a starry night sky. “Now if we could only figure out what this box means.” Cindy was holding up the box, studying it, but none of the girls were able to figure out what it meant. “We have half the clue figured out. We’re going to figure the next part out soon, but I think you need rest now.” Perrie rested her hand on Andie’s shoulder, trying to comfort her. It was late and the girls were all tired.




“Just get the damn chest open!” Louis was obviously stressed about being so far behind on figuring out his clue. Harry was fiddling with the locked chest, but was of no help getting it open. The trio of Slytherins were outside, near Ed’s hut with their clues. “Hey, boys, look over here..” Eleanor pointed to the box on the ground, and the letters were glowing. “We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.” Harry looked down at the glowing box and read it aloud. “I think you’re going to have to make a big decision in this challenge Louis, maybe something like choosing a path.” Eleanor hugged her boyfriend, and he hugged back. Figuring out half of the clue made Louis feel a bit better. “Come on love, let’s go get some sleep.” Louis kissed Eleanor’s hair and they walked back to the Slytherin common room, not breaking the hug. In the meantime, Harry rushed back to meet his girlfriend outside the common room, so they could talk.


Harry saw Cindy waiting outside the common room, and they ran to hug each other. At first they said nothing,  they just hugged and breathed in each other’s sent. Both of them were exhausted, it was late. Harry took Cindy’s hand and led her to the nearest staircase. They sat on the stairs in each other’s arms. “There’s a potion to unlock the chest, here.” Cindy pulled a small vile out of her pocket and slipped it into Harry’s. “You’re wrong, the box did glow in the dark.” Harry and Cindy nonchalantly shared the information, both wanting to help out their friends. If they acted like they both thought of it themselves, no harm was done. After a few minutes, they went back to their common room to finish homework and get some rest. They may not be competing, but the tournament was definitely taking a toll on both of them.




It was the day of the tournament, and the nerves turned into excitement. Adrenaline was rushing through the veins of the champions. As Liam and Andie walked down to breakfast together, all the some students were glaring at them, full of envy, other smiled to cheer them on. “I was up all night studying the map, I think I know it pretty well.” Liam took his seat and boasted to his girlfriend. “Yeah, I know it pretty well too. I’ve also been studying the constellations, I figured that might help with the challenge.” Andie replied to Liam confidently.  There was a competitive tension between the couple, both were well prepared for the tournament and excited. “I’m going to meet up with my group for some last minute preparations. See you later, Li.” Andie left, kissing Liam quickly on the lips with a smile and ran off to meet up with her girls.


“What’s your plan Lou? Are you ready? What’s your plan?” Harry looked over to his best friend, he was just as excited for the tournament. “I’m just going to go in confidently, and do my best. We’ve done all we can, now that you figured out the chest, I have an idea of what it’s going to be.” Louis acted like the tournament was no big deal. “Maybe we should go to the library and look up more things about astronomy, it couldn’t hurt.” Eleanor was the only one concerned for Louis, Harry and Louis thought they had it all figured out. “Lou, you know you’re going to have to choose between two paths, don’t let the competition go to your head. The tournament is made for you to think in ways you haven’t before.” Cindy let Louis into some of what her and the girls had planned out, but she didn’t want to reveal too much. On that note she finished breakfast, kissed Harry on the cheek and ran off to walk with Andie to help her prepare for the tournament today.


The friends all met up with their groups. The girls working out some spells that might be helpful to Andie, Eleanor and Harry helped Louis study the constellations more, and Liam, Zayn, and Niall all took another study at the map. They students couldn’t be more prepared. After a long day of hard work, the all went off to dinner. As the challenge got closer, they only got more excited.


“Yesterday’s DA meeting was great Zayn, we covered a lot.” Perrie was smiling at her boyfriend across the table. “I know, and I’m sure some of those defense spells will help our friends out with the tournament.” “It’s great that you’re doing this, even I learned a few new things yesterday. Like Rictusempra, tickling is a form of torture, that will come in handy some day.” Perrie smiled again at her boyfriend, she was proud of him for leading the DA. “Thanks beautiful!” Zayn stood up and kissed Perrie sweetly across the table and sat back down.


Andie and Liam spent their dinner eating, knowing they needed their energy for the tournament. Once they finished their meals, their attention was turned to Dumbledore’s voice booming over the great hall. “Will our three champions please join me in going to the first event. Everyone else may make their way to the outside grounds at this moment.” All the students stared shuffling out to the grounds. Liam and Andie looked at each other and smiled. Their moment to shine finally was here. They stood up holding hands, standing up straight and tall. “Good luck Liam, I love you.” Andie kissed Liam passionately, and he kissed back. “I love you Andie, I also wish you the best of luck. May the best champion win.” They walked up to Dumbledore together, but the competitive tension was still strong between them. They both wanted to win more than anything.


Louis heard Dumbledore call him up, and immediately jumped up . “Louis wait!” Eleanor stood up and ran to him. She hugged him, and he planted a big kiss on her lips. “I love you Louis, you’re brave, strong, and I know you can win this! I’m more than proud to call you my boyfriend. I love you, good luck, even though you don’t need it.” Eleanor smiled, but underneath it all, she was worried sick about Louis. “Good luck mate!” Harry called over to his best mate.  “I’ll be rooting for you!” Harry smiled at his best friend, and stood up and took Cindy’s hand as they walked down arm in arm to go watch three of their best friends compete against each other.


The three champions went to their separate tents, waiting for the horn to sound so they could compete. They were jumping with excitement, eager to go out already. They heard cheering from the stands. Dumbledore came into each tent to wish each member good luck. Soon after the horn sounded and they each entered the maze from a different side.


As they stepped out of their tents, they were greeted by two paths to choose from. Both paths looked like they were made of a slick marble like material. One path was white, it was bright and shiny, as far as they could see, it glowed. The other path was black, and dark, but it was tempting. Above the maze there was a bright starry sky. It looked almost fake, it was so beautiful.


After examining the paths, Liam and Andie both chose the white one, despite the face of the black path looking sleeker, almost as if it was asking to be traveled down. Louis took the black path. Even though it was dark, he had a good feeling about it.


About 20 minutes had gone by. At this point, Liam was in the lead in the maze. He was constantly looking up to follow the stars, but keeping aware of his surroundings. Around each corner there was another path, if he chose the wrong path he knew that there would be dangers. He walked brave, keeping his wand ready for use.


Andie was a bit farther behind Liam, but she was going strong.  The maze was set up to lead the champions in the wrong direction. Andie couldn’t be fooled, she was smart enough to know that the easiest way isn’t necessarily the best. The stars were leading the way for her, but they also put her through a challenge. As she was looking up at the constellations, and trying to picture how they lined up with the school grounds, she tripped. When she fell to the ground, she immediately stood up.  She looked down and saw she had tripped over a fire crab. It’s jeweled shell was almost blinding. Even though the flames it was shooting out from it’s rear end weren’t touching her, she felt it burning her skin. She quickly ran away from it, getting back in the right direction.


Louis was in a mess of his own. The path he chose was long, dark, and cold. He tried using the Lumos charm, but it wouldn’t work. No light was coming out of his wand. He wasn’t afraid though, he remained strong and kept going forward. He was careless of his surroundings, and stumbled upon a manticore. He took a look at it and panicked. It had the body of a lion, with a human head and rows of razor sharp teeth. It talked with a trumpet like voice. “Turn back! You don’t belong here!” was all it said. Louis stumbled back, unaware of how to respond. Louis didn’t want to take the help from this creature, but it was intimidating. He heard weird noises coming from behind it, noises that sounded like howling and screeching. The walls of the maze started to close in on him, and turned around and ran back as fast as he could. Louis ended up back at the start of the maze, far behind his competitors.


The students were all in the stands, cheering on the students of their house. The Gryffindor tower was split, some rooting for Liam, some rooting for Andie. The Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw houses were also rooting for the couple, seeing as the other competitor was of the Slytherin house. Louis had his fair amount of supporters, the other houses may not like Slytherin, but the Slytherin house kept their pride. The stands were decked out in Green and Silver, and they were all screaming out Louis’s name.


Liam ran at a steady pace, jumping over various plants trying to grab at his ankles. As he approached the finish, there were three beautiful shells placed on glowing stands. He walked over to one and picked it up, taking a good long look at it. He had a huge smile on his face knowing that he came in first place for this round. He stood there waiting for his competitors to finished.


Shortly after Liam reached the finish, Andie followed. She looked a bit more worn out than Liam, and had a bit of a rash from being burned by the fire crab. Andie grabbed her shell, and took coming in second place as motivation for the next task. They hugged each other quickly, but didn’t show too much affection. This was a competition after all. It took Louis much longer to reach the finish. By the time he took his shell, he was a bloody mess and out of breathe from all the running. Louis also looked shaken up, seeing things he’s only ever read about in book. The three champions waited until Dumbledore announced the placements and after went back to their common rooms to relax.




Liam and Andie were both exhausted after their long day. They thought it would be a good idea to take a bath together in the prefect’s bathroom. The water was flowing from the fountain, colorful lights were dimmed in the background. There were plenty of bubbles in the water, and the moon light shown through the beautiful stained glass windows that had nautical images. The couple got in the bath together and they both simultaneously let out a sigh of relief. Andie leaned back closer to Liam, and he massaged her shoulders. Neither of them said anything, they just relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company. Liam left soft, innocent kisses on her neck. They may be competing against each other, but outside the tournament, they were more in love than ever. Nothing could come between them, not even the title of Tri-Wizard Champion.

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