In the Stairs of Hogwarts

The members of One Direction living their lives in the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With the Tri-Wizard tournament coming up, and a creepy new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, how much trouble will these sixth years get in to?


5. Relations


“I’m tired babe, staying up with you all night doing homework catches up to you.” Perrie said to Zayn as they walked down the stairs to the great hall.    “Love, it takes a lot of studying to get grades like mine. Being top of the class isn’t easy.”    “Well at least you’re modest about it.” Perrie had a sarcastic tone, but she was very proud of her boyfriend. They sat down at the Ravenclaw table and looked at their other friends making their ways to the table. Jessie and Niall took their seats at the Hufflepuff table and they took their food and started to chow down. “So what do you think about our Dumbledore’s Army idea, princess?”    “I think it’s a good idea, we need some way to learn defense. Who better to teach us than you, Zayn, and Harry?” Jessie looked at Niall with loving eyes. She smiled and blinked a few times to show she was sincere.   “So babe, what do you think about your boyfriend being the next tri-wizard champion?” Niall playfully nudged his girlfriend. Jessie rolled her eyes.    “I’m worried. If you get chosen what if you get hurt?”    “Love, I’m strong. If I get chosen I will win for you.”    “Niall, I can’t have you getting hurt like that…” Jessie looked upset; she really didn’t want her boyfriend to enter this tournament knowing the dangers that come along with it. Jessie could tell just by looking around, that her friends were upset and anxious knowing that their boyfriends could soon be chosen to fight, all in the name of superiority.     At the Slytherin table, Cindy and Eleanor were eating their breakfast silently, occasionally exchanging worried looks. The girls were worried about their boyfriends being chosen for the Tri-Wizard tournament. Both girls knew that their boyfriends had a chance of being chosen, and they had nervous pits in their stomach. Neither girl wanted to talk about the tournament, but their boyfriends had different feelings.    “I bet I’ll be chosen,” Louis went on, “I think I have the proper skills, I’m sure I have a chance of winning!”    “C’mon mate, we both know that I’m the one who’s going to be chosen.” Harry said in an all-knowing tone.     “I’m excited for today!!” Andie playfully punched her boyfriend’s strong arm.    “Yeah, I’m not…” Liam said, “I wish you didn’t enter. I love you Andie, and want to support you, but this competition is dangerous…”    “Liam, I know, but this is something I want. I can handle it. I’m strong, why not me?”    Liam sighed. “I know you’re strong, and can handle it. If any girl were to win, it’d be you, but I still worry. I love you Andie.” Liam put his arm around her and hugged her. Both Liam and Andie were worried for each other, but they were both headstrong about entering.   Andie looked over at the Slytherin table and gave Cindy a look. That look meant that they would go through their plan during their DA class. They always talked telepathically, so no one would know what suspicious activities they were up to.   ~   The Slytherins and Gryffindors made their way to their Defense Against the Dark Arts class. They took their normal seats and all sat quietly. Even Harry and Louis, who would always joke around, were quiet today. Professor Erikson strutted in and took his seat at his front desk.   “Page 124, 12 inches of Parchment, due tomorrow. No exceptions.” Most of the students got to work; Cindy and Andie started writing then looked at each other. Cindy stands up, and walks over to the teacher’s front desk and slams her book down. Professor Erikson looks up, “Yes…?” Cindy clears her throat.   “Your assignments are ridiculous!! I have quidditch practice. We aren’t even learning anything….” Andie stood up and followed behind.   “I agree, how is writing essays about the importance of the defense against the dark arts, going to actually help us defend ourselves?”    “You two have just bought yourself a detention, sit. Now! I will see you at lunch.”    Cindy and Andie both turned around smirking and took their seats. Harry and Liam looked over at their girlfriends confused and a little bit angry. Cindy and Andie just smirked and went back to doing their work.      Cindy and Andie left the class walking shoulder to shoulder. Harry and Liam both stormed out following behind them.    “What the heck guys??” Liam put his hand on Andie’s shoulder and spun her around.    “What were you two thinking? It was bad enough Louis and I had detention. You didn’t have to sass him like that…” Harry grabbed Cindy’s hand.    “Harry, Andie and I have a plan. You two don’t need to worry. We’ll be fine.”    “We’re only saying, Erikson is bad enough, you don’t want to be on his bad side…” Liam said as he grabbed Andie’s hand and walked to their next class.    ~   It came time for Andie’s and Cindy’s detention with Professor Erikson. Andie kissed her boyfriend lightly on the lips and headed off.    “Don’t get in too much trouble without me babe.” Cindy said as she kissed Harry and the cheek and ran off to Andie.   Andie and Cindy approached the dark, metal door and Andie reached up and gave it three loud, impatient knocks.   “Enter.”    The teacher opened the door and told them to sit.    “I have better places to be than be giving you two ungrateful students a detention.” He gave them two pieces of parchment. “I would like an essay on nocturnal creatures. That is all. Sit silently and do your work. No snooping around. Trust me, I will find out.” Erikson left his room and slammed the door shut. The girls both ripped up their papers, knowing that they weren’t going to get any work done.    “I’ll take this half of the room, you take that half?” Cindy said to Andie as she observed the room. The girls split up searching. The room was filled with creepy animal bones, dusty books, old parchment, but nothing too odd.  “Cindy! Over here look!” Andie was searching through Erikson’s desk and pulled out an old photo. The drawer was locked, but Andie was always good at charms.    “What is it?” Cindy looked at the old photo. It looked as if it was from Erikson’s times at Hogwarts.    “Look, “Andie pointed out Erikson is the photo and their Care of Magical Creatures Professor.    “Is that Professor Sheeran?” Cindy looked at the photo and held it closer to her face observing it. “Wow Andie!! We did a much better job than those two idiots!”    “I know and now that we know Professor Sheeran and Erikson knew each other, we just have to go see Professor Sheeran and he’ll tell us more about him.” Andie and Cindy high fived and tried to clean everything up and put it back to normal.  “Coloportus” Andie put the locking charm back on the drawer and the two girls took their seats and pretended to work. Professor Erikson would be back soon and neither girl felt like getting any more detention. They knew they had to get the group together and visit Professor Sheeran.    “Hey Andie,” Cindy looked over at her friend. “Good luck tonight, I’m rooting for you.” Cindy smiled at her friend.    “Thanks Cindy, I hope I get chosen.”    “Andie, if any girl is going to get chosen, it’ll be you.”   ~   The girls finished their detention and made their way down to the library where the group usually met after lunch.    “Hey babe, guess what we found!” Cindy was talking in a sing songy voice as she went and sat down next to her boyfriend, planting a small kiss on her cheek.    “What?” Harry and the rest of the group shut up and all eyes went on Cindy and Andie.   “I broke into Professor Erikson’s desk and found a photo.”    “So what? “ Louis said, “What’s a photo going to tell us about?”    “Shut up and let them finish Lou!” Niall was eager to hear about their creepy Professor.    “It was a picture of from when Erikson went to Hogwarts, Professor Sheeran was on the other side of that photo!” Andie went on to explain sounding excited. Liam congratulated her with a kiss. They were always so supportive and proud of each other. “So who’s going to talk to Ed?” Zayn asked, “Someone has to figure out what’s up with this creep and if we all go to him he’ll think we’re up to something.”    “We have class with him next.” Jessie chimed in.    “Yeah, Zayn, Niall, Jessie and I can talk to him after class.” Perrie sounded excited.    “That works out. Make sure you meet us right after class to tell us all about it.” Andie got up and grabbed her books. “I’ve got to get to potions class anyway. Have fun you guys!” Liam followed and they walked to class together his arms wrapped around her shoulders, hers around his waist.   ~   The Hufflepuff’s and Ravenclaw’s made their way down to the forbidden forest where their class was held. They stood in the back while Professor Sheeran explained how to properly care for flobberworms. A lesson that no one found interesting. Professor Sheeran dismissed the class early and the four students walked over to him. Niall walked over to Professor Sheeran and tapped his shoulder. “Yes Niall?” He turned around and saw the four students standing there. “Is there something I can help you all with?” Sheeran looked confused, being close with these students; they never looked worried to talk with him before.  Zayn cleared his throat and began to explain the situation to his professor. “We’re worried about our defense teacher. He’s a total creep, and we aren’t learning anything.”    “What would you like me to do about that?” Professor Sheeran looked at the kids worried.    “We want you to tell us about him! “ Niall was excited to hear what he had to say.    “I don’t know much about him, why are you asking me?” He started to go back to his work trying to avoid the question.    “We know you knew him before, Cindy and Andie found a old photo of the two of you!” Perrie took her turn speaking.    “Kids, I don’t know much about him. Enough with the questions. Get to your next class!” Professor Sheeran went into his cabin and slammed the door shut. The kids started walking back to the castle. Professor Sheeran was close with them, he was their favorite Professor and they were his favorite students. They were very close. “He’s obviously hiding something from us.” Niall sounded kind of annoyed.    “Maybe it’s for good reason Ni” Jessie grabbed his hand and walked into the main castle with him.    “I just want to find out what his problem is. Good thing we’re starting Dumbledore’s Army.”    “Maybe we’ll find something else about him. Professor Sheeran will warm up to the topic.” Jessie seemed hopeful.
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