In the Stairs of Hogwarts

The members of One Direction living their lives in the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With the Tri-Wizard tournament coming up, and a creepy new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, how much trouble will these sixth years get in to?


10. Preperations


After stressing out for so long about the first task, the champions decided to take a break and focus on their school work. The next task wasn’t until after Christmas, so they had plenty of time to work on the clue. More importantly, they were getting excited for the rapidly approaching Yule Ball. Everyone was buzzing around talking about who was asking who and what they were going to wear. Of course it was assumed that all the friends would take their better halves, but they were still going to go through all the romantic gestures to ask. The first couple to be officially announced as “dates” were Louis and Eleanor. Louis had made up a fake Tri-Wizard Tournament clue and told Eleanor that is needed to be solved right away, so naturally Eleanor started working on it as soon as she could. It turned out, the clue was just a box that had the same lick spell on it that the previous one did, and on the inside was a piece of parchment that said “I would be honored if you would be my date to the Ball. Love, Louis.” and a red rose. As soon as El cracked the box, she ran and attacked her boyfriend with a hug and a kiss and gladly accepted.


The next couple to tackle the challenge of asking their date was Andie and Liam. The Gryffindor quidditch team was in the middle of a practice when Andie decided to mess with Liam and release a snitch for him to catch. He rolled his eyes at his girlfriend but gladly accepted the challenge. After about ten minutes of chasing the snitch, Liam got it and landed swiftly on the ground. He walked up to his girlfriend and held it out with pride. It wasn’t until then, that he noticed a red ribbon tied to the snitch. He gave Andie a puzzled look and untied the ribbon. Inside of the strand, words were etched in black thread. “Will you, Liam Payne, allow me the pleasure of showing you off as my date to the Yule Ball?”. Liam looked up at his girlfriend’s smiling face. He picked her up and spun her around and gladly agreed to go, but not before he cursed her for asking before he had the chance. 


Zayn was the next to perform his romantic gesture. He sent her a letter to be carried by owl and delivered one morning at breakfast. When the letter dropped down in front of Perrie, she looked confused because she wasn’t expecting any letters. She slowly tore it open and as soon as it was open all the way, birds made of paper flew out and started singing a beautiful song. “Dearest Perrie, the prettiest in all of Hogwarts. Don’t you think dancing is a beautiful sport? It would cause jealously to one and all, if you would accept to be Zayn’s date at this year’s Yule Ball.” The whole Ravenclaw table erupted in applause and Perrie’s face turned bright red. She turned to Zayn and told him that she would love to and kissed him on the cheek. This caused an even bigger burst of applause. 


Niall decided that to ask Jessie, he would use the one thing that both of them loved most. He arrived in the dining hall before anyone else one night before dinner, and asked the house elves to help him prepare something special for dessert. They gladly agreed and Niall was absolutely overjoyed. After trying to act casual all of dinner, Jessie knew Niall was up to something. She was about to ask him what was wrong when dessert appeared on all the tables. In front of Jessie sat a giant cake with “Be my date to the ball?” written in yellow frosting. Jessie’s face broke into a giant grin and she kissed Niall like never before. She took some of the icing from the cake, and wrote a big “YES” on Niall’s plate. He blushed so hard that Harry was talking about how he could see it from the Slytherin table. 


Since it had gotten down to the last few days before the Ball, Cindy had just figured that Harry and her were just assumed to be going together. This didn’t bother her at all, because she was never one for big romantic gestures. However, that is just what Harry wanted her to think so he could fly in at the last minute and sweep her off her feet. 


“Hey Cindy!” Harry called to his girlfriend who was in the middle of a very important conversation about what the girls were going to wear to the ball.


“Yeah, we’ll meet in the bathroom later. Sorry, guys. The man awaits.” Cindy walked away laughing and the girls dispersed to do their own thing. “Hi Harry!


“Hi, love.” Harry kissed his girlfriend sweetly on the forehead. “After you finish meeting and talking about girly things later, can you meet me in the prefect bathroom? I think I found something that could help us figure out whats with Erikson.”


“Yeah, sure! It’ll have to be late though. Around 10 okay?”


“Sounds perfect. See you later, beautiful.” Harry kissed her once more and turned to leave like he was on an important mission.


“There is something seriously strange about that boy.” Cindy turned to talk to Liam who had approached just as Harry turned to walk away. “What’s going on, Li? You look disturbed.”


“I really wanted to do something special for Andie since she asked me to the ball before I had the chance. I just don’t know what to do. I figured, being her best friend, you could give me an idea.” Liam looked genuinely concerned about what to do.


“Let me think. Oh! I know! There is this necklace that she absolutely loves down at one of the shops in Hogsmeade. She doesn’t want to spend that much money on it, but it would look stunning on her and go perfectly with what she’s planning to wear to the Yule Ball. This weekend is a Hogsmeade weekend, so tomorrow we’ll find a way to break away from the rest of the group and go to get the necklace. Does that sound okay?” Cindy proposed the idea and Liam’s face lit up.


“Yes! That sounds absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much, Cindy. I knew I could count on you.” He gave Cindy a huge hug and ran to meet up with Andie who was waiting to go back to the common room. 




“I want to wear something that says ‘I’m a force to be reckoned with’ so people know I’m serious about the competition even though I’m the only girl.” Andie was saying this while standing up and making warrior poses, causing all the girls to laugh to hysterically. “Oh! And I think I saw just the perfect pair of shoes in Hogsmeade.” She sat back down on the floor deep in thought about the pair of shoes.


“Well, I know that Louis loves it when I wear light, springy colors. Even though it’s the winter, I think I saw a really pretty dress in one of the windows of that dress shop. It’ll be perfect and Louis will love it.” Eleanor always glowed when she talked about Louis. They were infatuated by each other, and it was the cutest thing.


“I’m thinking of going a little edgier than normal. I think I’ll go gold! Like a gold, hot, disco ball.” Perrie was laughing at herself and everyone joined in. They all knew that Perrie looked stunning in anything, so she was the least of their worries.


“I like that! I saw a white and gold dress that I really liked. I have the perfect ring for it too. Niall likes anything so I’m not too worried about the color choice.” Jessie had a really hard time finding dresses that she liked, so the fact that she knew exactly what she wanted impressed all the girls.


“I have no idea what I want to wear. I like all the dresses in the shop. But I think there was this navy blue one with a lacy top that I liked a bit more than the rest. Anyway, I told Harry I’d meet him in the prefect bathroom to talk about Erikson, so I better go. I’ll see you all tomorrow morning before we head into Hogsmeade!” Cindy hugged each of the girls and went to go meet her boyfriend.


“Harry?” Cindy opened the door to the bathroom but the only thing she saw was a large array of lit candles scattered around the room. Her jaw dropped and her eyes lit up as  she noticed that the water was running in the tub and bubbles were making a blanket at the surface of the bath. She looked around the room again to make sure she didn’t miss her boyfriend the first time. Sure enough, Harry was standing at the door with a handful of roses and book. 


“Hi, Cindy.” Harry had a huge grin on his face. He was pleased with his girlfriend’s shocked reaction.


“Harold, what is all of this? I thought we were meeting to talk about Erikson, but I’m guessing you didn’t get those roses from him.” Cindy was in absolute shock.


“Well, Cynthia, I know I led you to the point that you just assumed that we were going to the Ball together, but you deserve the best. So I set up the bath and the candles to ask you...” he was now on one knee holding out the roses, “will you be my date to the Yule Ball?” He smiled a big goofy smile that no one in the world could resist.


“You silly, silly boy. Of course I’ll go with you. Now get up off of the floor and let’s enjoy this wonderful bath you’ve set up.” Cindy kissed her boyfriend but before she could start preparing for the bath, Harry grabbed her hand.


“This book is for you. I found it at the book store and I thought you would really enjoy it. It’s all about rarely used, but extremely efficient spells and charms. It might be stupid, I don’t know. But I thought you’d like it.” He handed her the book.


“Harry, I love it. Thank you so much. You really didn’t have to go through all of this.” She hugged her boyfriend and they climbed into the tub. Harry rested his head against the side of the tub and put his arm around Cindy, whose head was resting on his shoulder. They sat in the tub for a good while, talking about anything and everything, or occasionally sitting and enjoying the silence.




“Well, well, well. Someone’s glowing.” Andie teased her friend the next morning as the group got together to head into town. 


“Shut up.” Cindy smiled then looked at her boyfriend lovingly. “I’ll talk to you later.” She whispered to Andie, who winked to show that she understood.


The group headed down to Hogsmeade looking like a circus. Andie was jumping all around Liam like a little child asking if he would buy her candy when they got there, and Perrie was singing and would occasionally grab Zayn and start dancing while walking just because she felt like it. Cindy was chasing after Harry who stole her wand and was using it to kill bugs on the path, Jessie was doing cartwheels down the road while Niall cheered her on, and Louis and Eleanor where pretend sword-fighting with their wands. The friends couldn’t have been happier. Until about three minutes before they got to town, when Professor Erikson stepped out from behind a wall, scaring all of them and causing them to stop whatever they were doing. 


“Can we help you, Professor?” Zayn was the first to speak.


“As a matter of fact, Zayn, you can. As you know, I am fairly new to the area, and I was wondering if you could tell me at which store I could find unique potion ingredients.” To any normal person, this statement would be nothing to over-think. However, Erikson was not a normal person, and the way he asked lead the group to believe he wouldn’t be using those ingredients for anything good. 


“There is a potions shop two doors to the left of Zonko’s. You should find what you need there.” Niall answered the question so this encounter would end as soon as possible. 


“Thank you, Niall. Carry on.” Erikson walked away. The group gave him a 3 minute head-start so they wouldn’t have to run into him again. They all talked about how creepy he was and what he could possibly up to. Soon enough, they were back to joking and had landed in the middle of Hogsmeade. 


“Hey, Liam, can you come with me into this shop? There’s this really cool snitch watch that I think you’d really like.” Cindy said this loud enough for everyone to hear.


“Sure! You guys go on. We’ll meet up with you in a minute.” Liam kissed Andie on the cheek and entered the shop with Cindy.


“That’s funny. I never even knew this shop was here. I guess it’s because I’m a guy.” Liam laughed as Cindy lead him to the case where the necklace was. 


“That one. Isn’t it so...Andie?” She pointed to a necklace in the middle of the display. It was small, but big enough to see all the detail. It was in the shape of an anchor that had a rope tied around the middle. A card underneath it read, “This anchor is meant to symbolize strength, loyalty, and independence. It will bring good luck to those who hold these qualities.” 


“Wow. That is very much so Andie. It’s so beautiful. And so perfect. I can’t thank you enough, Cindy. This is bloody perfect!” Liam was so excited. He called over the shop keep and she tied it up in a pretty box with a red bow. Liam loved it. Cindy was also rather pleased with herself.


The two met up with the rest of the group and no one questioned the bag in Liam’s hand. As requested, Liam bought Andie her candy and then the girls went off to do dress shopping. 

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