In the Stairs of Hogwarts

The members of One Direction living their lives in the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With the Tri-Wizard tournament coming up, and a creepy new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, how much trouble will these sixth years get in to?


1. Introduction of Characters



Harry (Slytherin) – Harry is a hard-working student, and is the keeper for his house’s quidditch team. Harry gets better than average grades despite the fact that he spends a lot of his spare time at quidditch practice. His best friend is Louis, the captain of the qudditch team. They are partners in crime. Louis does most of the dirty work though. Harry is seen as the school flirt, and has no trouble impressing the girls. Although Harry is a huge flirt, the only girl he has eyes for is his girlfriend. Harry finds time for her despite his busy schedule and cares about her a lot. He does whatever he can to keep her happy and appreciates everything she does for him.

Cindy (Slytherin)- Cindy is Harry’s better half. She’s always there to talk sense into him when he gets worked up. She’s always there to help anyone who needs it, no matter what the problem is. Not only is she head of her class in the Slytherin house, but she’s also an amazing seeker for the quidditch team. Cindy loves the way Harry treats her and wouldn’t trade their relationship for anything. They are always laughing and joking around with each other, and he is always there for her when she needs a shoulder to laugh or cry on. Every girl in the Slytherin house wishes they were Cindy, and who could blame them? She was the total package. 

Liam (Gryffindor)- Liam is the leader of his group of friends. He is the captain of the Quidditch team, and is the team’s all star seeker. He is an average student, but he tries his hardest. He just wasn’t made to be scholarly, his life is quidditch. Although book smarts isn’t his thing, he is always the one that people go to for advise because he’s very fatherly. When it comes to treating his girlfriend, he is extremely kind and chivalrous. If his girlfriend says jump, he says how high. He is extremely defensive of her, and if you mess with her, you better back up. However, he can also be extremely playful and humorous. All in all, Liam is the best boyfriend a girl could ask for. And as a person, he is funny, kind, brave, and a true leader.

Andie (Gryffindor)- Andie is a Gryffindor, and she definitely fits her house. She’s bold and brave, and doesn’t put up with anyone’s stupidity. The younger people in her house look up to her. She’s very pretty, and smart. She’s a brilliant writer and does well in her studies. Andie is head girl of the Gryffindor house. Andie is a beater on the quidditch team, and a good one at that. Andie has the looks, brains, personality and the boyfriend. Andie and Liam are inseparable. He treats her like a princess, and she treats him like a prince. They are very sweet to each other, and always make sure that each other is happy. All the other people are jealous of how perfect their relationship is, and they have good reason to be.

Eleanor (Slytherin)- Eleanor is the girl everyone wishes they were. She’s not very athletic or smart, but her looks make up for it. She’s very quiet and reserved, except around those she’s close too. Eleanor is always there to support her boyfriend, and he makes time for her despite his busy quidditch schedule. Louis and Eleanor always act silly together, but are very serious when they need to be. Eleanor is very loyal, to both her friends and boyfriend. She may not be the most studious, but she’s clever, always figuring out how to solve problems and make those around her feel better

Louis (Slytherin)- Louis is the ultimate trickster. He is always causing trouble and wreaking havoc. He is one of the chasers and the captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team. When it comes to quidditch, Louis is relentless. Somehow, Louis gets average passing grades in school between his fooling around and endless quidditch practices. He is one of those really smart naturally kind of person, but he doesn’t really try in school. However, when it comes to being serious and addressing a problem, he is extremely level-headed. Louis and Eleanor are one of those couples that have been together for what seems like forever. No one remembers when they started dating, just that it happened a long time ago and that they are adorable. Even though he is a joker in class, he treats El with the utmost respect. He protects her and loves her better than anyone could and wouldn’t let her go for the world.

Zayn (Ravenclaw)- Zayn is the brainiac of the group. He is in the top of his class, and always beats people in every academic challenge the come up with. The thing that’s different about Zayn is the fact that even though he is the smartest of all the friends, he is also a big jokester. He is always plotting little pranks with Louis and laughing his butt off. He isn’t the most athletic person, so he happily sits in the stands and watches his friends rock the quidditch field. When it comes to his girlfriend, Zayn is always putting her first. She insists that he can take the time to study for a big test, but he always refuses and spends time with her instead. Perrie is his world and no one could say one rude remark to her without fearing the spells and wand-work of the brilliant Zayn.

Perrie (Ravenclaw)- Perrie is an extremely popular girl among the Ravenclaw house. She is always surrounded by friends who are eager to hear her sing. She has a beautiful voice and she always seems to be humming one tune or another. She fell in love with Zayn when they were both first years, and finally got the courage to talk to him and ask him out in their 3rd year. They’ve been the ‘It’ couple of the Ravenclaws ever since. She is an above average student, but not nearly as good as Zayn. She loves spending time with her boyfriend but often finds herself being swept away by her crowds of friends. Sometimes, she wishes everyone would just leave her and Zayn alone. 


Niall (Hufflepuff) - Niall is an okay student, but he doesn’t really care much for grades. He’s a very social person and is always care free and tries to make fun out of everything. The only thing Niall really takes seriously is his relationship with his girlfriend Jessie. Niall cares a lot about her and always make sure she’s happy. Niall is very athletic; he’s the captain and seeker for the Hufflepuff quidditch team. Even though they don’t win often, Niall is a great captain. He always makes sure his team tries their hardest and has fun.

Jessie ( Hufflepuff)- Jessie may be a Hufflepuff, but she’s a popular one at that. She’s always making new friends and joking around. She is always happy and cares about others a lot. Jessie is very musically talented playing multiple instruments. Jessie gets average grades, but focuses more on playing music. Jessie and Niall just started dating, and he is her entire world. They are always happy together, and she goes to all of his quidditch games to support him, even though she doesn’t like the sport much. 

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