In the Stairs of Hogwarts

The members of One Direction living their lives in the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With the Tri-Wizard tournament coming up, and a creepy new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, how much trouble will these sixth years get in to?


7. Gryffindor Haze


“Welcome champions!” Dumbledore lead the three students into his office to discuss the tournament. “As you all know, you’ve been chosen to compete in three tasks that will test your abilities as a wizard or witch.”   The three students, all close friends, were gripping each others hands, excited and nervous to see what the tournament has in store for them.  

“When do we start?” Louis stated blunted, the least nervous out of the three.  Andie and Liam were standing close together, too shocked at actually being chosen to speak.  

“You should start training for the first task; there will be one clue for the first task, which you will be expected to uncover closer to the date. This tournament is a true test, this isn’t a game. People have died doing this; I hope you’re ready not only physically, but mentally for the dangers of this tournament.” Dumbledore was showing no emotion or concern for these students. He was trying to act professional because this was a test of strength, courage, and intelligence.  

“Any other questions?” Dumbledore broke the awkward silence between the trio. “You may go back to your common rooms, I’m sure your houses will be very proud.”   

The trio then made their way back to their common rooms. Louis was walking strong and proud. Liam and Andie walked arm in arm and walking closely together, Andie resting her head on Liam shoulder. The two were both thinking about the tournament, shaking from nerves.   

Andie and Liam made their way back to the common room silently. The only time they spoke was to recite the password.    

“Chrysanthemum” Liam opened the door, they walked in and the whole Gryffindor class was there, cheering and shouting for them. Both Andie and Liam stared in shock, unaware of what to do. They were both tired and wanted time alone to think and talk about the tournament. Neither wanted the other to be in the tournament. Both were nervous for each other and themselves.   

The couple greeted friends and classmates and were congratulated by all. They had a big quidditch game coming up, so they said their farewells and went to bed.   Before Andie went up the stairs Liam grabbed her and hand twirled her to face him.   

"Love, I know we're competing against each other, but I love you. This tournament changes nothing. " Liam planted a sweet gentle kiss on her lips, she smiled softly at him and ran off to bed without looking back.  


The next morning the group of friends met up to discuss the tournament. They left extra early and met in the old girls bathroom on the third floor. Andie and Liam arrived last, still in shock.  

"How’d you all sleep last night?" Perrie said as she looked around the room at her tired friends.   

"I was too excited to sleep" Louis boasted. He was very proud to be a tri-wizard champion. Eleanor, on the other hand, looked as if she was up all night worrying about Louis. Andie and Liam obviously didn't sleep well, for they were both thinking all the things that could go wrong with the tournament.   

Cindy picked her head up off Harry's shoulder, “We need to talk about this. We can't let this tournament tear us apart." She was exhausted worrying about her best friend Andie competing.  

“Let's agree now, that what happens in the tournament stay in the tournament.” Liam proposed this idea, talking mostly to Andie. He was worried that the competition between them might stress out their relationship some.   

“We need to sort out groups on who's allowed to help each other, it won't be much of a competition if everyone is helping each other.” Zayn sorted out who should help who. “Eleanor and Harry, you can help Louis. Cindy, Perrie, and Jessie, you can help Andie, and as for Liam he'll have Niall and me.”  

“That plan seems fair, but lets not forget about the DA, I've been working out a plan.” Niall was proud to be in charge of the DA. “We should meet once a week, at least. I think on Sundays, since we'll all be at the castle and no one will have practice.” Niall looked at his friends to see if they were following. He continued to explain, “We should open it to other people who want to learn to fight and defend themselves, other people who are suspicious about Erikson. I think we should start meeting as soon as possible!”  

The group all nodded and quietly made their way into the main hall to eat their breakfast.   

The two Slytherin boys were chatting away about the tournament and up coming quidditch game. Everything was going well for them. However, the Slytherin girls were worried and wouldn't touch their breakfast. Eleanor was worried for her boyfriend, and Cindy was worried for her best friend. Her and Andie were doing the thing where they telepathically sent each other messages.   

“You know I hate when you girls do that. What's up love?” Liam rubbed Andie's back, trying to lift both their spirits.

“Nothing Li, don't worry about it.” Andie kept staring at Cindy. Neither of them ate, and they met up after breakfast to walk together. 

“I'm here to help if you need anything Andie, I'm rooting for you to win this!” Cindy walked next to Andie.   

“Thanks. I'm nervous, but I think once the tournament starts the adrenalin will kick in."    

“I'm sure it will. I'll see you later, Andie. Good luck tonight!” Cindy turned to walk to her common room.   

“Good luck for what..?” Andie gave Cindy a confused look.   

“You guys are going to get your butts kicked at the quidditch game tonight!” Louis caught up to them and started bragging. “My team hasn't been better! We're going to win tonight, no questions.”    

“I totally forgot out the game tonight !” Liam shot Andie a worried look. Their team hadn't practiced all week.   

“Good luck then!” Harry gave them a sly smile and took Cindy's hand and walked off to the common room.   


It was game time. The Slytherin team was excited for this. They had been practicing long and hard and were ready to beat Gryffindor. On the other hand, the Gryffindor team was nervous since two of their members were chosen for the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Louis handled the news much better than the other two.   

Liam poked his head out to see all the people, and his house was enthusiastic.   

“I hope we have enough natural talent to win this.” Liam turned to his girlfriend. “We've both been to distracted by the anticipation of the tournament to schedule practices.”  

“Our team is pretty good this year. If we don't win, we will at least put up a fight.” Andie rested her hand on Liam's forearm and gave him a smile.   

The two teams walked out onto the field, the Slytherin team proud, Gryffindor's looking nervous. Liam and Louis faced each other, shook hands and said good luck. Madame Hooch blew her whistle, and the two teams took off.   

Liam and Cindy hovered over, keeping a watchful eye out for the snitch. Harry sat on his broom, sitting up straight and proud, with his shoulder back, ready to protect his goals. Louis got quick to work , handling the quaffles with ease. He already threw two past the Gryffindor keeper. Andie was looking out with her club in hand, ready to protect Liam from bludgers.   The game was going well for Slytherin. Louis kept scoring and every time, Harry would throw his arms up and shout. The stands were roaring. The Slytherin house standing up chanting for their team. “Louis, Louis , Louis!” They chanted. Eleanor helped hold up a banner and looked happy that her boyfriend was doing well.    Gryffindor hadn't lost hope yet. Their house still had some spirt, and they still had their strength. Liam leaned down, and raced toward the snitch. He had it in his eye, and it was in his arms reach.   

“If I could get just a bit closer, I could win this!” The adrenalin was racing through his veins, he was going to win the match! Cindy noticed the snitch, but Liam was too close for her to catch up.   Just as Liam reached his hand forward, his fingertips almost touching the golden fluttering wings there was a large thud and a scream. He pulled his hand away and turned back and immediately flew to the ground. At this moment Cindy grabbed the snitch and immediately won the game.   

Liam planted on the ground and sprinted over and picked up his girlfriend. “Andie?! Are you okay? You took a nasty hit with a bludger, can you hear me?!” Liam held her close and kissed her forehead.   

“My arm, it hit my arm. Liam what about the tournament?!” Andie was trying to keep a strong face and hold back the pain.   

“It'll be okay love, you have time to heal.” Liam was doing his best to comfort his hurt girlfriend.  

Suddenly, a dark figure appeared over the two. “I'm taking you to Madame Pomphrey immediately.” Professor Erikson was down on the field, hovering over them and lead Andie and Liam away in a hurry for the hospital wing.   

Cindy planted her feet on the ground and looked at her friend leaving. “What's wrong, where are they going?”   

“It doesn't matter, nice work Cindy! You won the game!” Louis was a proud captain, Slytherin winning the first quidditch match was a big deal. The bigger deal was it was against Gryffindor.  

“That's my girl! She won! We won!” Harry picked Cindy up and spun her around.   

The Slytherin team went back to their common room, unaware of the state of their friend. Although they didn't know she was injured, Cindy was worried about what Professor Erikson was up to, walking away with her best friend after the match. The three Slytherins split up to shower before going to the celebrations in the common room.  


Liam carried Andie bridal style to the hospital wing. Professor Erikson was walking in front of them. The two shared worried looks, confused about why Professor Erikson was so concerned. Liam walked in the hospital wing and laid Andie down on a bed. Madam Pomphrey came over and inspected Andie carefully.   

“Luckily it's only a broken bone. You must have took a pretty nasty hit.” Madame Pomphrey immediately went to work on a potion to help speed up the process of Andie's arm. Professor Erikson looked somewhat disappointed in the news.   

“Does this mean she'll be better in time for the tournament?” Erkinson raised his eyebrow and looked Andie up and down and left without an answer.  

“Drink this dear, I'll bandage you up and you'll be fine to go back to your common room. Make sure you get your rest.” Madame Pomphrey gave Andie the concoction and she drank it without argument. “I'll be right back, don't move a muscle.” Madame Pomphrey went to get something to set Andie's arm, leaving her and Liam alone in the hospital wing for a few moments.  

“How are you? Are you okay?” Liam looked at his girlfriend concerned, and gently pushed her hair out of her face and planted a sweet kiss on her forehead.   

“I feel a bit better, I was worried I wouldn't be okay in time for the tournament.” Andie smiled at her caring boyfriend to reassure him that she was okay. He always worried a bit too much about her.   

“Andie, why do you think Erikson was so concerned? He looked very disappointed that you're going to be okay.” Liam looked back as he said this, afraid that someone was in hearing distance.   

“I don't know Li, but it seemed very odd that he was so concerned. Do you this he's out to get me?”

“Love, I don't know. Maybe we should do more investigating. Something definitely isn't okay about this.” Liam was about to say something else, but was cut off by Madame Pomphrey's arrival. She cast Andie's arm and sent the two off to bed.   

Liam lifted Andie up and carried her bridal style, once more.   

“Liam, my legs are working you know.”  

“I know, but I want to carry you. I love you, Andie.”  

Andie smiled and kissed his cheek. “Liam, we may have lost, but you played really well. I love you, too. Next time we'll kick some Slytherin butt!" They laughed and walked back to the comfort of their common room to cuddle by the fire before bed. 

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