In the Stairs of Hogwarts

The members of One Direction living their lives in the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With the Tri-Wizard tournament coming up, and a creepy new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, how much trouble will these sixth years get in to?


4. First Discoveries


Harry and Louis approached Professor Erikson’s office full of rage. They only had one class with him and they already had a hate for this man, and they assumed it was returned. Erikson’s door was pitch black and seemed to be made out of some sort of indestructible metal, with his name engraved in big red letters.


“What is this? Some sort of maximum security prison?” Louis was put off by the door.


“Let’s just leave. It doesn’t look like he’s here.” Harry’s idea seemed good enough, and they started to make their way to the quidditch field when the dark greasy man opened his door. 


“In. Now.” He pointed inside his office and the boys marched in with arms crossed. “Sit.” Erikson pointed to two metal chairs at a dark wooden table and the boys obediently sat. The professor shut the door and as soon as he lifted his finger off of the handle, it disappeared. 


“Did you see that? How are we suppose to leave this place?” Louis whispered to Harry as Erikson gathered the extra work they were to do.


“You are to analyze these documents from the Ministry of Magic and write 60 centimeters of scroll on how they affect our society. You have three hours. I have some.... business to take care of and you will be in here alone. Don’t cause any trouble because I will find out and I will punish you and keep you from all of your practices if i have to. Get to work.” He touched the door and it opened. As soon as he was gone, the door closed and the knob disappeared again. 


“Well this is going to be super fun! I’m excited!” Louis said sarcastically. 


“What kind of ‘business’ could that man possibly have? Its the first week of school! He is up to absolutely no good. Hey, analyze this document. I’m going to look around.” Harry pushed the documents toward Louis.


“Sure. Make me do the work. You’re the smart one! I should be snooping around! It’s what I do!” 


“Louis, shut up and analyze.” Harry retorted.




“I need a shower.” Cindy said with a disgusted look on her face. “Oh god. You two look like you’re up to no good. How was detention?” Cindy had just collapsed on the couch in the Slytherin common room after running a three hour quidditch practice without two of the teams best players. Harry and Louis were just coming back from detention with mischievous, all-knowing looks on their face.


Harry bent over and wiped the hair off of Cindy’s forehead and kissed it. “Tell me I’m the best boyfriend ever and the you love me more than life itself.”


“Cocky much?” She playfully hit him on the arm.


“Say it or I won’t tell you about what we found in the grease-monster’s office.” He said with a cunning smile.


“Oh, Harry. You are the most magnificent and wonderful boyfriend in the whole world. I love you more than the sun, the moon, and all the stars. I would gladly lay my life on the line for you.” Cindy said all this just like an over-dramatic actor would. Louis was rolling on the floor laughing and Harry was just giggling and shaking his head. 


“You’re lucky I love you. Anyway, so the slime ball can’t be up to anything good. First of all, he made Louis and I analyze this Ministry document...” Louis interrupted by suggestively clearing his throat, “okay fine, Louis analyzed the document. Anyway I thought it was a little weird that he even had a document from the Ministry. I mean, it isn’t like those are just out and available for anyone to read. Then I figured he must have gotten it from an archive, but Louis saw that it was only written a month ago! So I got up and started looking at the top of his desk. And who was in a framed picture on his desk, but none other than the former head of the department of Mysteries.”


“You mean the one that was just put in Azkaban for releasing a handful of dementors onto a group of muggles?!” Cindy asked in shock.


“The very same. How proud are you?” Harry asked with a cheeky look on his face. 


“That’s amazing! You guys did so well! We have to have an emergency meeting with everyone. I’ll send our patronus to Andie and Liam, Zayn and Perrie, and Niall and Jessie. Louis go get Eleanor. She was heading up to our room right before you guys came in. I’ll tell everyone to meet by the goblet in a half an hour so I can clean myself up and that they need to respond ASAP. Harry, stay here and wait for the responses.” And in a matter of seconds, she was up the stairs heading to the bathroom.


“I love her, you know that? I really love her.” Harry mumbled to Louis, who had a perplexed look on his face.


“I’m going to go get Eleanor...” Louis walked off confused.


Not one minute went by before Harry saw Cindy and his patronus, a cat, fly by on the mission. Harry smiled and waved as it flew out of the room. Now, he waited.


Within the first five minutes, Niall and Jessie’s duck patronus had arrived to let Harry know they would be there. A few minutes after that, Liam and Andie’s turtle arrived. Last to arrive was Zayn and Perrie’s snake, confirming that they would also be at the goblet in what was now, 15 minutes. Cindy climbed down the stairs into the common room and sat with Harry on the couch brushing the knots out of her hair with her fingers. Louis soon arrived again holding hands with Eleanor who looked like she had been woken from a very deep sleep. As soon as Eleanor was fully awake, the four quietly left the common room to go meet their friends at the goblet.


When the four Slytherins got to the goblet, Liam and Andie were just staring at the beautiful colors the goblet sent off. You could tell they were captivated by the way they were holding each other’s hands and resting their heads on one another. They were never so quiet and serene. They both had the mutual desire to have their names pulled out of the goblet, but they didn’t want the other’s name to be pulled because of the dangers that came along with it. Harry, Cindy, Louis, and Eleanor didn’t want to disturb the cute moment, so they sat silently on the step watching the flames. Soon enough, Niall, Jessie, Perrie, and Zayn joined them around the goblet. They all sat down in a circle so everyone could see everyone. 


“We called this secret meeting because of some information Harry found out about Erikson. It isn’t much, but it is very important. Go on, Harry, explain.” Cindy started the conversation in a barely audible whisper. They were all used to the hushed conversation because this was definitely not the first time they met against school rules. Harry explained everything he found while in detention and everyone remained silent, trying to put together possible explanations in their heads. 


Andie, who was now sitting in Liam’s lap due to her being freezing (Andie was always cold), spoke quietly. “What if he conned Dumbledore into thinking he was good to get to the endless supplies that Hogwarts houses. He could make so much evil stuff here, it’s scary. We need to find out this guy’s motives and stop him before someone gets hurt.”


“I agree. Harry, maybe now is the time to tell them about your plan.” Niall nudged Harry and gave Zayn a suggestive look. Zayn looked at Harry and began to speak.


“Today after dinner, Harry told us of a plan he thought up during his Defense class this morning. He thinks it would be a good idea to set up a sort of Army to practice Defense Against the Dark Arts on our own. Harry, Niall, and myself could easily teach the skills. We just need to inform people and find a secret place to meet. We just wanted to inform you ladies before we acted on anything. What do you think?” Zayn seemed intimidated by all the girlfriends staring at him. They were all doing that thing where they talked telepathically. The boys hated that.


“Will one of you please tell us what is going on in your silent conversation?! We don’t have all night!” Louis said what was on all the guys’ brains.


“We all agree that it’s a brilliant plan. We were just trying to figure out how we all managed to get so lucky with our boyfriends.” Perrie said with a huge grin. It seemed as though all the boys let out a breath at once. They were pleasantly surprised by their girlfriends’ reactions. 


“Can the meeting be over now? I’m really tired and I think they might be picking the chosen wizards tomorrow at dinner and I’m nervous.” Liam was not to be messed with when he was nervous. Everyone stood up and said their goodnights. Cindy took Andie aside.


“Listen, I think what they found was good, but I think we can do better. Let’s get ourselves a detention tomorrow and see what we find.” Cindy needed to get her own look inside Erikson’s prison cell and she knew her partner in crime would be the one to help.


“Sounds like a plan. See you tomorrow.” They hugged and joined their boyfriends again. Andie jumped into Liam’s arms and he carried his ice cube of a girlfriend back to the Gryffindor common room.


“Liam, don’t be nervous. If you get chosen, you will win without a doubt. Unless of course, I get chosen. But to be honest, I don’t think it will happen. That one Hufflepuff Seventh year girl is like a freaking professional weightlifter or something! She’s huge! She’ll probably get chosen. But you can beat a he-she anyday.” Andie said then kissed Liam on the cheek.


“I don’t know what I did to deserve a girlfriend like you, but I am the happiest person alive. I love you. And please understand that the only reason why I don’t want your name to come out of that cup is that you could get hurt, and I honestly don’t know what I would do if you get hurt. I could never forgive myself even if it was something I couldn’t help. I have no doubt in my mind that you could win it.” At this point, they had arrived back into the warmth of the Gryffindor common room where the fire was roaring and no one was around. Liam set Andie on the couch and put a nearby blanket over her cold body and sat down by her head. She rested her head on his lap and he gently brushed his fingers through her hair.


“You are right. You are extremely lucky. I am freaking awesome. And I totally understand where you are coming from. I am sorry I entered if you felt so strongly about it. I hope I don’t get picked. But if I do, I’m gonna try my hardest.” Liam leaned down and kissed her forehead. They sat watching the fire until they were both on the verge of falling asleep. They then kissed each other goodnight and headed up to their respective rooms.


“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” Harry was watching his girlfriend do her homework in the fire light of the common room. Eleanor was asleep on the couch and Louis was playing with some sort of new pranking device he bought. “Especially when you give people orders. No, thats not beauty, that is sexiness. Wow. Not only is my girlfriend beautiful, but she is also the sexiest girl in the world.”


“Harry stop! You’re making me blush! I have to get this homework done for Professor Sprout!” Cindy laughed from embarrassment.


“Cindy, I’m serious! I just want to throw a parade in your honor. Can I?” Harry sounded like an 8 year-old.


“No you can’t throw me a parade! If you feel compelled to do anything, buy me a bunch of jewelry and a new car and a new broom and a new...” Harry interrupted her. 


“Fine. I won’t throw you a parade. Promise me that you know I love you. Promise me you know you’re beautiful.”


“Harry, you’re being ridiculous. Of course I...”


“Just promise!”


“Alright! I promise I know! I love you too. Even though sometimes you act like a crazy 8 year-old.” She leaned over and kissed her boyfriend. She then shut her book and collected her belongings to bring to her room. “Louis, are you going to carry her to our room? I’ll hold the door.”


Louis put down his toy and lifted up his sleeping girlfriend and carried her into her room like she weighed nothing. Cindy closed the door behind him and went over to give her loving boyfriend one last kiss goodnight. He pulled her close and hugged her for a good 3 minutes. Then he silently kissed her and turned to go upstairs.


“Hey, Curly. You’re detective skills are pretty sexy, you know that?” Cindy winked and ran into her room with the fear that he would run after her to scold her for calling him curly. He just watched his girlfriend run away and smiled pleasantly to himself. 

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