In the Stairs of Hogwarts

The members of One Direction living their lives in the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With the Tri-Wizard tournament coming up, and a creepy new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, how much trouble will these sixth years get in to?


6. Champions are Chosen


The group of friends had just finished meeting in the library again to go over what had happened in the Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw Care of Magical Creatures class. All of them were extremely confused as to why Sheeran would act that way. He was always so open and willing to help with everything. However, they all decided that they would worry about that tomorrow. They had a bigger thing on their minds at the moment. Tonight at dinner, the Goblet would choose the three wizards to compete in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. 5 of the wizards in this one group of friends entered, and the ones who didn’t were just as, if not more, nervous as to what to outcome would be.  

“Speaking honestly, I think Liam, that manly Hufflepuff girl, and Louis will be picked. I mean they are the most qualified. If I was the goblet, that’s who I would choose.” Perrie spoke as though it was obvious who would be chosen.  

“No way. I think that really tall  seventh year Ravenclaw boy will get it for sure! I saw him enter his name. Him, Louis, and Harry. Those are my guesses.” Jessie hoped it would be those three. She just hoped Niall wouldn’t be picked.  

“Guys, let’s be real, it’s gonna be me, Li, and Louis.” Niall said confidently.  

“Can we just stop talking about it, please? It’s bad enough that my 4 closest friends, AND my boyfriend are entering. I don’t need to hear his name thrown around as a champion before his name is even picked.” Cindy was especially worried for Harry. Harry grabbed her hand and squeezed it tight.   

“Maybe we should all go get ready for dinner and take some time to just clear our heads. This night is going to take a lot out of us. We could use all the rest we can get.” Andie always offered extremely practical ideas. Everyone gathered their belongings and their significant others and quietly walked out of the library to go to their respective common rooms.  

“See, Liam. No one thinks I’ll be chosen. Honestly, I don’t even think I’ll be chosen. You have nothing to worry about. However, everyone in the entire school knows you’ll be chosen. So, even though I won’t be there to protect you, I’ll be there cheering you on every step of the way. I know you can beat any opponent the goblet hands to you.” Andie was extremely sincere in all the words she said.  

“You know I will. And I’ll do it all for you.” Liam picked Andie off the ground and spun her around in a bear hug. They arrived at the common room and went up to their seperate dorms to prepare for the evening.    


“Niall, please. If you get chosen, promise me you will be smart and try your best not to get hurt.” Jessie was so frightened that her loving boyfriend’s name would be chosen that she could barely do anything without thinking about it all day.  

“Jessie, I promise. I will fight my hardest if I’m chosen because I know you’ll be there waiting for me at the end of the competition. Now go get some sleep before dinner. You could use it.” Niall gave Jessie a heart-warming kiss then a loving hug and sent her upstairs.  


The group met up at the bottom of the stairs in front of the dining hall. They all walked in together in complete silence. It was so quiet between the footsteps, you could hear exactly how hard each of their hearts was beating. They entered the doorway to see that the entire hall had been decorated in gold decorations and the goblet had been moved to the front and center in front of the professors’ table. The goblet still shined with all of its wonderful colors, only now they were reflecting off of all the gold in the room. This made everything seem bright and full of life. When the group got as far as they could before having to go to their separate tables, they all hugged each other and wished them the best of luck.   

Naturally, all of the people who entered their names were too nervous to eat. You could look at each table and quickly identify who had entered by their completely untouched plate. The girlfriends of each entry were desperately trying to get them to eat, but it was no use. All they wanted was one thing.   

Dumbledore stood, and before he even said it, the entire room went silent. Everyone knew what it was time for.  

“By the lack of sound, I take it that you all know what is about to happen. I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone just how serious the honor of being chosen by the Goblet of Fire is.” He paused. It was so silent in the room, you could here the house elves underneath the hall doing their work in the kitchen. He opened his mouth to speak again. “The three young wizards that will be chosen out of the goblet will be put through emotional and physical challenges over the course of this school year. The tournament will without a doubt be the hardest thing that any student to walk these halls could experience. Not only does this challenge take strength and valor, but it also requires an immense amount of mental stamina. The goblet will choose three wizards who are not only physically superior, but also show excellence in leadership and wizardry. To be chosen is an honor and a privilege. Once chosen, the wizards are magically bound to the tournament and must compete. This is not something to be taken lightly by the champions, but that is not to say it shouldn’t be celebrated. I wish all of the entrants the best of luck, and I hope to see everyone in this room show the utmost sportsmanship and respect for the classmates that are chosen, no matter what house they may belong to.” You could feel the anticipation in the room. If anyone hadn’t cared or wasn’t nervous before Dumbledore’s speech, they were now. Whether a wizard entered their name or not, they were on the edge of their seat tingling with nerves. “With all of that being said, let’s see who the Goblet has chosen to compete in this year’s Tri-Wizard Tournament!”    

There was much cheering and yelling at this statement, but the entrants remained silent. As Dumbledore approached the goblet, the cheering dulled down and everyone was quiet again.   Dumbledore raised his hand over the goblet. Cindy grabbed Harry’s hand and squeezed it as tight as she possibly could. Eleanor moved her body closer to Louis’s and placed her hand on his arm that was shaking on the table. Liam pulled Andie into his side as close as he could and buried his face into her hair. Jessie entangled her feet with Niall’s and pulled both of his hands in hers. Zayn shot Niall a “Good Luck” look and Perrie sent her best wishes to the rest of the girls in their telepathic wavelengths.  

A bright burst of red flames erupted out of the goblet. Their were gasps and awes throughout the crowd as a single slip of parchment shot out from the middle of the flames. Dumbledore caught it in his huge, aged hands and glanced down at it for a second. That second seemed like hours to the school. He looked up and opened his mouth to announce the first chosen champion.  

“The first competitor in the Tri-Wizard Tournament is....” Everyone was practically drooling waiting for the completion of this statement. “the Slytherin sixth year, LOUIS TOMLINSON!”   

The entire room burst into applause, every single Slytherin stood up and was jumping around in excitement. Louis was in shock but gathered himself and stood up and marched with pride up to stand with the headmaster as his other two competitors were chosen. Cindy loosened her grip on Harry to grab poor Eleanor’s shaking arm. She slowly rubbed it trying to calm her down. Eleanor let out a single tear, then got up with the rest of the table and started cheering for her boyfriend. Harry was hollering louder than anyone else.

“YEAH! THAT’S MY BEST MATE! MY BEST FRIEND IS COMPETING TO BE THE BEST WIZARD AT HOGWARTS! THAT’S RIGHT! WOO!” Cindy couldn’t help but be relieved that it wasn’t Harry, but she couldn’t imagine what Eleanor was feeling. However, there were two more champions to be chosen. Let’s hope her luck would stick with her.  

“Congratulations, Mr. Tomlinson. Thank you, Slytherins! You may settle down now!” The Slytherins calmed themselves and the room went quiet. “Now to find out the second wizard to compete!”

Niall, Jessie, Andie, Liam, Harry, and Cindy all felt their stomachs flip. They were so proud of Louis, but they were also nervous to find out who the next wizard was.  

Dumbledore raised his hand once again and the goblet spit fire all around. This time, the color was the deepest blue anyone had ever seen. It looked straight out of the middle of the ocean. Oohs and ahhs were let out as the flames danced around the goblet like waves on the shore. Another slip of parchment flew out of the goblet and into the hands of the head master.  

“Ah! The next wizard is another sixth year! An active student of the Gryffindor house!” Dumbledore announced in a teasing sort of way. The Gryffindor house cheered for a moment then paused to hear the name of their champion. Andie shut her eyes as tight as she could and she could feel Liam’s arms get tighter around her waist. She could hear Cindy, Jessie, Eleanor, and Perrie’s voices filling her head with encouraging thoughts. She opened her eyes just as Dumbledore was ready to announce the name.   

“LIAM PAYNE! Come join your friend Louis!”  

Gryffindor started chanting “LIAM! LIAM! LIAM!” and yelling with excitement. Andie stood up right away and joined them. Liam stood up with a sense of confidence but Andie could tell he was just relieved it wasn’t her name called. He winked at Andie and she winked back while screaming at the top of her lungs while her hot shot boyfriend walked up to stand next to Louis. Louis and Liam did a handshake and a funny little dance and everyone laughed and cheered a little louder. Andie smiled big at her boyfriend and he blew her a kiss. She pretended to catch it. Cindy stood up at the Slytherin table and gave Andie a huge thumbs up and wink to show she caught that cute interaction. Andie laughed and sat back down to watch the final contestant be chosen.  

For the final time, the golden cup lit up in flames. For the finally, it managed to produce a flame that looked almost like a pure silver. It was shining and shimmering unlike any diamond the students had ever seen. It looked as though a piece of silver silk flowing in a slight breeze. Awe is an understatement for what the room was in. They were captivated. Everyone almost forgot that a final wizard was being chosen until the last slip of paper floated into Dumbledore’s knobbed fingers.   

“What a surprise! Another sixth year! Who would have thought the younger ones had all the traits the goblet was looking for?”

This was it. Niall and Jessie were practically on top of each other, Harry was stroking Cindy’s arm to calm her down, Zayn was crossing his fingers while Perrie sent one final wish of luck to the girls, and Eleanor and Andie were just sitting waiting to hear the last champion, watching their boyfriends in admiration.   

“And finally, dear students, your last competitor in the Tri-Wizard Tournament is...”   Everyone breathed in at once.  


The Gryffindor table erupted one more in cheers and chants for Andie. Cindy, Harry, Niall, Jessie, Eleanor, Zayn, and Perrie all stood up and started cheering with the Gryffindors. Louis nudged Liam, who’s face was full of shock and fear. 

“Mate, it’s going to be okay. She’s going to be fine.” He did his best to comfort Liam. Liam and Andie were staring at each other. I don’t think it had hit Andie yet. She was still sitting.  

“Miss Kiddoo! Come join us please!”   

Colleen, a friend of Andie’s in Gryffindor, leaned down and nudged her. “Go, Andie! Come on!”  

Andie stood up slowly with a blank expression on her face. She made her way up to the goblet and stared at Liam for a second. He held out his hand, and she took it. She walked to stand next to him and turned to face the crowd of cheering students, still holding Liam’s hand.   

“Here they are! The three Tri-Wizard Tournament champions! Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Andie Kiddoo! Let’s hear it one more time!”   

Like it was planned, every student stood up and started cheering. Louis grabbed Liam’s hand and raised it in the air. Liam did the same with Andie’s. The three friends stood there accepting the applause not letting the fear show on their faces. Dumbledore motioned toward the trophy room off of the dining hall and the three champions filed in to learn more about what they had just gotten themselves into.  

“Oh my god.” Cindy whispered.  

“This isn’t good.” Harry replied.  

“Not at all.” Eleanor added.    


“Uh oh.” Perrie sang.  

“I know.” Zayn let out.    


“Oh man.” Jessie gasped.  

“Well this will be fun to watch.” Niall said bluntly.  

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