Little Things

This is about a girl, Emily, and she applies for a part in her school play,Romeo and Juliet. When she finds out her crush has the part of Romeo, all she wants is to play Juliet, but when she's up against the most popular girl in the school, Laura, she thinks she has no chance. Or does she...?


13. Run, Rosie, Run!

I went to bed that night, thinking, wondering, what part would i get? Would i get the part i wanted, Juliet? Wait. Would i even get a part? I struggled to sleep that night so when i had to get up for school, i was still half asleep. I had my breakfast, brushed my teeth and got dressed. I opened the door to leave when i heard my mum behind me, "That looks like a painful walk to school." I turned around, "What?"

"Walking to school. Without shoes, Its a brave thing to do." 

"What do you mean? I have got sho-" I looked at my feet. "Oh... I forgot."

My mum started laughing at me as i turned bright red and went on a search for my shoes. I found them under the bed and slipped them on. I had to run to school to make up for the time i wasted looking for my shoes. When i arrived i saw loads of people crowding around a wall. It quickly struck me, "The parts!" I whispered to myself. I used up the rest of my energy to run towards the wall. I managed to squeeze through everyone. I ran my finger down the list looking for my name. "No.. no... no.. nope.. There it is!" I ran my finger across to see what part i had. 


My jaw fell to the floor. "Wait..." I went back to my name and ran my finger across again just to be sure. "Juliet." I started to smile. "I'm Juliet!" My enerygy came rushing back and I squealed and ran to class, looking for Rosie, Lauren and Charlotte. I skidded through the door and looked for them. They were gathered around a table, talking. I ran as fast as I could towards them. I tried to stop myself from running by grabbing onto Lauren, but because i was going to fast, i pushed her over, me toppling on top of her. I sat up off the floor, "I got the part!" I gasped for breath, "I got Juliet!" Charlotte and Rosie smiled and hugged me, "Wait, where's Lauren gone?" I asked. 

"Down here." I looked to see Lauren still on the floor, waving. 

"Well done!" She said. She got up and hugged me. Charlotte interrupted, "We all knew you'd get the part!" 

We all laughed as Laura came walking into class, she didn't look happy. She sat down at her desk with Hannah hovering over her. "What part did you get, Laura?" I asked.

"Guessing not Juliet, with that face!" Rosie giggled. "Who DID get Juliet?" She said quite loud. "Oh yeah, YOU did, EMILY!" She said even louder, trying to hint to Laura. 

Laura stood up angrily, and walked towards Rosie. "You best shut up, right now you- You-" She tried to think of a word, "You dog!" 

Rosie smiled, "Woof." She said as she legged it around the classroom. Laura started chasing her, looking like she was about to bite someone's head off, while Rosie was having the time of her life, running and making dog noises. When Laura got closer to her, me, Lauren and Charlotte had to go and help Rosie by stopping Laura. But as we were chasing her, the teacher came in. "Laura, Rosie, Emily, Charlotte, Lauren! Sit down immediately! You can join me at the end of the day for detention!" We all walked back to our seats, Rosie was smirking a bit and as she walked past Laura she made a dog growl noise. "Rosie!" The teacher screamed. When we were all sat down, She went though her normal announcement and stuff. "All right class, you can go." We all stood up. "Emily, Rosie, Charlotte, Lauren, not you." We sat back down and waited for everyone to go. When everyone was gone, the teacher walked towards us, "Girls, i expect more of you,what was that all about?" Lauren explained the whole thing to her.

"Right I see, okay, you can go."

"Does that mean we're out of detention?" I asked.

She made a sarcastic laugh, "Don't think you can get out that easy!"

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