Little Things

This is about a girl, Emily, and she applies for a part in her school play,Romeo and Juliet. When she finds out her crush has the part of Romeo, all she wants is to play Juliet, but when she's up against the most popular girl in the school, Laura, she thinks she has no chance. Or does she...?


6. How The Week Usually Starts.


Oh how i loved monday's.

Back to school for another 5 days.

Over 4 hours of lessons per day.

 Sitting in a classroom with people i don't even like.

Wel apart from Rosie, Lauren and Charlotte, i like them!

And that isn't even the worst bit.

I have to sit in a classroom with my crush sitting at the back, with his friends. I can hear him laughing, talking, I turn around to see his smile, his face his boobs?

Oh,they're not his, they're Laura's and Hannah's, they've turned up, as usual.

Chatting him up, as usual.

I turn back round to the front, and the teacher walks in happily.

Well untill she sees Lauara and Hannah.

"Laura! Hannah! Who dressed you this morning? Lady Gaga, perhaps?"

They sit down, "No, Nicki Minaj did, miss." Says Hannah.

"Who dressed you this morning, miss? Your nan?" Laura answers back.

The class stars laughing, each week, it's something new to answer back with.

Hannah goes to high five Laura, but Laura just looks at her weirdly and declines it.

I'm surprised that Hannah hasn't learnt that Laura doesn't do high fives.. because i have by now.

"Very funny, Laura. Now class, i have a special announcement today..."

And she explains to us what the 'special' annoucement is.

And that's how my week starts.



Welcome to my life.

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