Little Things

This is about a girl, Emily, and she applies for a part in her school play,Romeo and Juliet. When she finds out her crush has the part of Romeo, all she wants is to play Juliet, but when she's up against the most popular girl in the school, Laura, she thinks she has no chance. Or does she...?


8. Everyone But Me..

We sat in the corner of the yard, where we always sit.

"I'm sorry i shouted atb you, Emily." Rosie apoligised, "I just realley think you should auditon, but you don't have to if you don't want to."

I smiled, "No you're right, i was thinking, i don't want to sound like i'm full of myself but, most people do come to see me.."

We both laughed.

We all started talking about Saturday's and Sunday's X-Factor and what we thought of the contestents performances. Rosie was going on about how she loved District3's performance and i kept annoying Rosie by saying 'George from UnionJ' (She hates it when i say that)

Charlotte and Lauren were talking about their favourite members from UnionJ and how good Ella was. Then somehow we got onto the subject of our crushes! Rosie had a crush on Harry but everyone knew that, even Harry did. Charlotte had a crush on Liam and everyone knew about that too. Lauren had a crush on Niall but only we knew about that. And no-one knew about my crush. No-one liked Zayn, we didn't dare to, he was already going out with Hannah, and if she found out anyone liked him, she'd do something to the extreme...

Just then Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn all walked past. Harry gave Rosie a look, but Rosie just laughed, as usual, Niall looked at Lauren and winked so Lauren i'm guessing she died. I don't know if anything happened between Liam and Charlotte because i caught sight of Louis and i couldn't help but stare. Just then i heard a voice, "If you like him that much, go and talk to him!"

"What do you mean?" I jumped.

"We know you like him, dont we?" Said Charlotte.

Lauren didn't reply, and Rosie just looked up and said, "Huh?" As she waved her phone in the air.

Rosie then looked at her phone and started laughing hysterically.

Lauren took the phone off Rosie and read the message, she was laughing untill she read the middle bit of the message.

I just laughed and looked at Charlotte, "Okay, so maybe i have a tiny crush on him.. so what?"

"Tiny?!" Charlotte said in astonishment, "We've seen you looking at that bum of his!"

I went bright red. I tried to change the subject by taking the phone off Lauren and reading the message.

Rosie and Lauren were back in reality by now.

I read the message out loud.

"Hey. Liam reckons Charlotte's looking fit over there." I started laughing.

Charlotte gasped.

"And Niall won't stop talking about Lauren."

Lauren started crying, "Aw, that's cute, Lauren." I said.

I lookd up to see two of them, and one waiting for the last bit of the message to be read out.

"And I love your laugh, so i'm gonna get straight to the point. You free this Saturday? -Harry xx"

I burst out laughing and looked up, Rosie was now hyperventilating.

I looked back down at the message, but there was nothing else. I looked over to see Louis laughing with his mates and Harry holding up a piece of paper saying 'Tell her to reply.' as he pointed at Rosie. My heart sunk.

I knew he didn't even know who i was.

Was I invisible or something?


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