Little Things

This is about a girl, Emily, and she applies for a part in her school play,Romeo and Juliet. When she finds out her crush has the part of Romeo, all she wants is to play Juliet, but when she's up against the most popular girl in the school, Laura, she thinks she has no chance. Or does she...?


14. Detention.

The bell went for the end of the day, everyone rushed out of class but us. We stayed in out seats and waited for the teacher on today's detention duty. Me, Rosie, Lauren and Charlotte were all giving Laura dirty looks. When the teacher came in she looked at Laura, not particularly surprised.  "What for this time?" She said. Laura just shrugged.

The teacher looked at us, quite surprised, "Oh hello girls, I hope you won't turn into regular visitors like some people.." She flashed a look at Laura. We just shook our heads without saying anything. We sat in silence for 45 minutes, time went SO slow, i'm not even joking! We were flashing snarls in each other's directions and half the time we were watching the clock countdown until our 1 hour detention was over. There must have been at least 10 minutes left of our detention when the teacher ran out of coffee, she left us all in the same room without any supervision. We stayed sitting down and as soon as the door closed behind her Laura stood up, pushing her chair back. As the chair slid across the room behind her, she shouted, "This is all YOUR fault!!" She came walking towards me, pointing her finger at me. I thought she was almost going to poke my eye out! 

"Woah, woah, woah!" Rosie interrupted, "Her fault?! What's she done to deserve this hate?!" Rosie pushed Laura's finger away from my face, leaving me now a bit more relaxed.

"She stole my part in the play, that's what."

"Stole?! STOLE?!" Rosie was now raging with fire, "She did NOT steal your part!!! You obviously weren't good enough!!!"

"Rosie, dont-" Lauren tried to stop her but she ignored her. "You're just going to make things worse." 

"I don't care!" No-one, and i mean No-one is horrible to any of my friends.." She took a deep breath, and as she did, the teacher walked in with a full mug of fresh coffee. "Especially not snotty cows that are full of themselves like her." 

The bell for end of detention rang and we all picked up our bags and left. We walked past the completely stunned teacher, who by her facial expressions didn't have a clue what was going on, but at the same time looked like she was about to explode.

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