Falling for a Princess

Madeline is a normal 17 year old girl who lives in San Diego, California. But what happens when she finds out she's the princess of the royal family? While her life has changed drastically, what happens when One Direction comes into the picture?


32. Wedding planning

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"Ahhh oh my gosh!! I can't believe you're getting married!!" Katie squealed with excitement. I nodded with a big smile. Her eyes widened. "Oh my gosh that means you need to pick a date for the wedding, the theme, the bridesmaids and maid of honor.." she looked at me. I laughed. I nodded. "I know haha don't worry you ARE my maid of honor." I hugged her. "Oh yay! But why didn't you tell me Justin proposed to you last night?? You could have woken me up!" She playfully hit my arm. "Sorry! Haha i figured it'd be better to tell you this morning." She laughed. "Ok fine. But now that you're ENGAGED, we need to start planning the wedding! Have you and Justin picked a date yet?" She asked. I nodded. I got out my iPhone and pulled up the calender. "Well since it's January now, we planned it for...May 22nd." I told her. "Great! A spring wedding." She smiled. 

One month later (February):

Everyone seems like they're in good moods today. We've been doing little planning for the wedding every week and things are getting closer and closer. The wedding is in 3 months and Pattie and my mom is planning the venue. Justin and i agreed on a beach wedding because we both have always wanted to have our weddings on the beach. (True story lol) 

My parents came down right away after they heard the news. And of course got the invitation. My dad was a little apprehensive about me getting married at 18 but he really likes Justin so he was eventually ok with it. You should have seen my mom when she met Blake though. She went crazy. She's been with him ever since they got here. Which was 4 days ago. 

The One Direction boys have come down and same with Ryan and Chaz. The boys are planning a bachelor party Justin even though the wedding isn't for another 3 months. And i'm pretty sure Katie and Cassie are planning me a bachelorette party too. They aren't telling me anything.

Pattie and mom showed me and Justin the perfect beach that the wedding will be held at. It was beautiful. The actual wedding will be on a pier and the reception will be on the beach. It'll be beautiful. The girls handled everything obviously. The guys kinda sat back and watched us stress over all this. 

"I think the color for the bridesmaids should be like a periwinkle. A very subtle purple." Katie smiled and pointed to a color in a fashion magazine. I nodded. "I like it. Plus, purple is Justin's and I favorite color." I beamed. She nodded. "Then it's settled. Periwinkle it is." She circled the color in the magazine, bookmarked it and closed it. 

"So, we've got the color, venue and date. AND the invitations have gone out. What next?" I asked. Pattie looked at her checklist she made. "We need to figure out the decorations. What we want on the tables, what you want as the center piece, etc." I nodded. "I'll think about it." 

You may think since Justin is very famous we would have a HUGE wedding. Well, think again. We are actually having a smallish wedding. Just close family and friend. So far i know who's coming:

Pattie, Jeremy, Jazzy, Jaxon, Erin, Kenny, Scooter, Allison, Scrappy, Dan, Bruce, Diana, Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn, Katie, Cassie, my mom and dad, Usher, Carly, some of Justin's cousins, my brother Matt, Stella (my "maid" back home) and that's all i remember. So pretty small. 

I was looking at some wedding dresses in a magazine Cassie got me when i felt arms around me. I smiled and turned around to see Justin adoringly looking down at me. "Is everything going like you want it my beautiful fiance?" He smiled and leaned down and kissed me. "It is." I smiled. "Can't wait for you to be Mrs. Bieber." He said still smiling. "I can't wait either." He kissed me and i kissed back full on, not wanting him to pull away. 

"Get a room!" We pulled away and Ryan stood there with Blake in his arms. "Well i guess you've already got a room. And got right down to it." He winked gesturing toward Blake who was making little noises and giggling. We both smiled. "Come here Blake," Justin walked over to Ryan and picked him up. "let's get you away from Uncle Ryan." He joked. "Hey, for your information, I'VE been looking after him for the past hour while you seeked to wedding things." 

"Thanks Ryan." I said. 

I looked over at Justin and he was on the couch with Blake, bouncing him on his knee gently. I smiled, thinking what a great father he was. 


"Maddie! I have some AMAZING news!" Cassie came running into Blake's nursery. I just finished changing him. I picked him up and put him on the floor in front of some toys. 

"What is it?" I asked. 

"You'll never guess where I got YOU booked to try on dresses!" She said excitedly. "Where??" I asked getting more excited. She looked at me as if she was about to burst. 

"La Canada Flintridge!!" She squealed. My eyes got big. 

"What?? That's like the biggest bridal shop in Canada!" I said excitedly. She nodded. "Thank you!!" I hugged her. "You're scheduled for tomorrow at 11! So be ready!" I nodded. I can't believe she got me in at La Canada Flintridge! Now I'm even MORE excited for the wedding!


A/N: Ok sorry for the short chapter! The next one will be when Maddie tries on a bunch on dresses and finds "the one!" 

Anyway...the reason I wanted you to read the bottom is because, sadly, this story will be coming to an end soon. I have an awesome ending and epilogue for you guys though! And after i end this story, i have a brand NEW story i'm going to start! I don't know the name yet but I'll start it when this one ends! Thanks for reading! PLEASE comment! Thanks! Xo ~Kailey(: 

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