Falling for a Princess

Madeline is a normal 17 year old girl who lives in San Diego, California. But what happens when she finds out she's the princess of the royal family? While her life has changed drastically, what happens when One Direction comes into the picture?


35. Wedding day! *Last chapter*

A/N: Last chapter :( Please read the bottom when you're done reading! Thanks x I'll also be switching POVs a lot in this chapter!

Maddie's POV:

"Get up!! It's time to wake upppp!!" My bed started to bounce. I groaned. I heard a groan beside me and then a weight lifted off the bed. I turned around to see Justin being dragged out of the room. I sat up and got out of bed. 

"Hey! What's going on?!" I asked. Chaz stopped dragging Justin and the rest of the boys stopped. "Can't we say hi or SOMETHING before you go off and take my fiance?" I asked with my hands on my hips. They sighed. Justin came over and kissed me. "Morning beautiful." He smiled. "Morning." He wrapped his hands around my waist and I wrapped mine around his neck. "Only a few hours to go.." He said. I nodded. "I bet you'll look absolutely stunning." I blushed. 

"Alright let's go! We don't have all day! The wedding's at 6! It's 10 now!" Louis demanded. We laughed. I kissed Justin one last time before he went over to the boys. 

"Don't crowd him! You know he's claustrophobic " I yelled in a joking tone. "We know!" I heard someone yell as they walked into one of the guest rooms. I laughed and headed to Blake's room where Pattie was playing with him. She saw me and smiled. "Good morning." She said sweetly. "Morning. Hi there baby boy." I smiled and picked him up. He smiled at me. He held his stuffed dog which he hasn't named yet since he can't talk. He's 9 1/2 months now. He's laughing and crawling and murmuring little things but hasn't said his first word yet.

"Are you ready to be the Ring Bearer?" I asked. He giggled. I kissed him. "See you in a bit." 

"There you are! You have to start getting ready! Take a shower! Let's go!" Katie said in the doorway. "Ok ok I'm going." I laughed. I got into my room and into the shower right away. I started to think about today. 

I'm getting married. 

Justin's POV: 12:00Pm

"Do you have your tux?" Liam asked. I nodded. "It's over there." I pointed to a wrapped up suit hanging in the guest closet. "Ok good. Hey, Lou, do you have everything set up? At Sandbanks?" (The beach where the wedding is).

He nodded. "Yep! We just have to set up the tables! And decorations." We nodded. 

"The limo for Maddie and the girls will be here at 5 so they can get to the pier and change. Kenny and Paul went over there early this morning to set up the changing room. The big one like you requested." Louis smirked. "Thanks. They'll appreciate it." 

After we discussed all the little details i got into the shower. I started to think about today. I wasn't really thinking about the actual wedding until now. 

I'm getting married today.

Kailey's POV: 2pm

"Ow! Stop pulling my hair!" I complained, pulling away from Cassie. 

"Sorry! You're tender headed! But I've got to finish your hair!" She put the curling iron back on my hair and continued to do my hair. 

"We only have 3 hours to get your hair and makeup done before we have to be at Sandbanks!" Katie paced. 

"Relax Katie.." I told her. "everything will work out perfectly." I smiled. She took a deep breath. "You're right. Everything will be great. I'll get the makeup out." 

She left the room and came back a minute later with two armfuls of makeup. We went shopping for more professional makeup a few days ago.

My mom and Pattie came in with bobby pins and clips to put in my hair. We were going with a half up, half down look. Hopefully it turns out good. I saw my mom smiling down at me. 

"What?" I asked looking at her. She shook her head. "I just can't believe my little girl is getting married." I smiled. "I'm 18 mom." 

"I know but you'll always be my little girl." She kissed my cheek. 

Justin's POV: 5pm

Me, Ryan, Chaz, Harry, Liam, Zayn, Niall, Louis, Maddie's parents and Blake all got into different cars and headed to the wedding. I started getting nervous. I had Maddie's ring in a velvet black box in my hands. I sat in the back of Ryan's car. 

"You alright bro?" He asked. I looked at him through the rear view mirror. "Yea. Just nervous i guess." 

"Hey, it'll be good. Maddie will look beautiful as always and after a few hours, you'll be a married man." He smiled. I nodded. 

Louis, Chaz, and Niall who were driving with us in this car looked at me. "It's just wedding jitters. My brother had them big time before his wedding." Niall told me. I nodded. "Thanks." 
And just think, you'll be marrying the girl you're totally in love with." Chaz said. I nodded. "That's true. There's no other girl i want to be with." 

Kailey's POV:  5:15pm

"Alright...you're makeup is done!" Katie stepped back and let me look. "Wow." I said looking at myself. "You did an amazing job Katie. Thanks." "You're welcome. You look GORGEOUS. Justin will take one look and fall in love with you all over again." 

I looked down at my hands and smiled. I pictured Justin at the end of the aisle, smiling at me. Waiting for me to get to the end and having my father hand me off to Justin. Waiting for those simple two words that will forever mean something.

"Maddie? Hello?" "Huh what?" I asked. "What were you thinking?" I shook my head. "Nothing. Just help me into my dress." 

It was 20 minutes before the wedding and I had MAJOR wedding jitters. Pattie zipped my dress up and i turned around and looked in the mirror. I gasped. Everyone did. 

"Oh Madeline..you look so beautiful." My mom whispered. "You really do." Pattie smiled. "Absolutely amazing." Cassie smiled. 

"Thanks everyone. For helping with the wedding, Blake and today." I told Katie, Cassie, my mom and Pattie. They all nodded. I started to hear talking outside. My dad came in and smiled at me. "You look beautiful." He said. "Thanks dad." I hugged him lightly, making sure i didn't ruin anything. 

10 minutes.

I peaked outside and it looked beautiful. The pier was decorated in a light blue and dark purple. The chairs were white with dark purple ribbon around them. Light blue ribbon around the alter and there was a tent like thing above the alter that was white with flowers along the poles. Along with light blue and purple. It looked amazing. 

5 minutes.

A few minutes pasted and Katie and Cassie lined up to walk down the aisle. Blake was the ring bearer carried by Scooter ha. The flower girl was Stella even though she wasn't 8 ha but she said she wanted to. Then me. I took a deep breath as the girls started to walk and then everyone else. My dad stuck out his arm and i put my arm through his. 

"Justin's a great guy. I'm glad he's the one taking care of you." My dad whispered to me. I smiled at him. "I love you." "Love you too." 

And then the familiar wedding song hummed through my ears. I took a deep breath and my dad had to pull me a little to start walking. We stopped at the start of the aisle and i saw Justin. In a nice black tux with white t shirt and black tie. His hair gelled back but a little ruffled. He looked very handsome. He smiled at me. I saw the love in his eyes. 

I started walking with my dad.

Justin's POV:  

I saw Maddie with her father and boy did she look amazing. She looked stunning, gorgeous, beautiful. I can't even find words to describe how beautiful she looked. I smiled at her and she smiled. I could feel the love in my eyes and hers. She started to walk down the aisle and i took a deep breath. I looked at Ryan who was standing next to me. He smiled and nodded, as if to say You did it Justin. She's wonderful.

She got to me and her father looked at me and nodded. He handed her to me and i took her hands. "You look so beautiful." I said quietly. She smiled. 

"Please take your seats." The pastor said. Everyone sat down. "We are gathered here today to bring together Madeline Jane Carington and Justin Drew Bieber in holy matrimony." 

I just kept looking at Maddie. My beautiful Madeline. 

"Justin, do you take Madeline to be your lawfully wedded wife?" I looked at her. "I do." 

"And Madeline, do you take Justin to be your lawfully wedded husband?" She smiled at me. "I do." 

Kailey's POV: 

"I do." I said smiling. 

"Now can i have the rings please?" The pastor asked looking at Scooter who was still holding Blake who held the little box which had our rings in it. He handed them to the pastor. 

He took them out and Justin grabbed my ring. "Repeat after me." Justin nodded. 

He repeated everything. About how he's here through sickness and health. (I can't remember what exactly is said!) 

I then repeated everything. Justin put the ring on my finger and it was beautiful.

"Now, if you have your own vows, please say them now." Justin nodded. He took a piece of paper of of his pocket, cleared his throat and looked me in the eyes. 

"Maddie, meeting you was the best thing that's ever happened to me. At first, I didn't know i was going to marry you. But after a while, I just knew you were the one. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. And i know most adults will say we're too young for love, but all I have to say is, they don't know about us." He looked at Scooter and his mom for a second and returned his gaze to me. 

"I want to grow old with you, maybe have another kid. As long as you're with me, I'm fine. You're my everything Maddie. I love you." 

I felt tears welling in my eyes. Good tears. I sniffed them back since i didn't want to ruin my makeup. I smiled through watery eyes. "I love you too." 

The pastor smiled and looked at me. I grabbed Justin's ring and put it on Justin left ring finger. He smiled. 

"I have a vow, but i didn't write it down." He nodded. 

I looked at Justin.

"When i first met you, to be honest, i thought you were kind of a player." I said slightly laughing. The audience laughed too. "But as I got to know you, i realized, you were the sweetest, kindest guy I've met. And obviously, i didn't know i was going to marry you. We've gone through a lot and most people have thought we wouldn't have gotten through it but we did. I just love you so much. You're an amazing father." I tried not to cry again. 

Justin squeezed my hands. "I want to grow old with you, Have our kids have kids and be grandparents. Have a nice home. You're my gravity Justin. I love you." 

Everyone aw'd. 

The pastor smiled. "Those were very lovely. Alright, so you both mean what you say?" We nodded. He smiled wide. "It's an honor to be doing this for you two. You may now kiss the bride." 

I looked up at Justin. He put his hand on my face and wiped away a stray tear on my cheek and leaned down and passionately  kissed me. Everyone stood up and clapped and cheered. Justin took my hand. A small scream came from my mouth when he picked me up bridal style and he fast walked down the aisle. With everyone still cheering. 

Justin continued to carry me until we were at the beach. He put me down and i looked at it. "Wow. This looks amazing." I commented. "It does. But you look even more amazing," Justin pulled me up and kissed me. 

We waited until all the guests got there seats and got appetizers. Usher came up to the DJ booth and announced us. "Please put your hands together for Mr. AND Mrs. Bieber!" Everyone stood up and clapped. I liked hearing Mrs. Bieber. We walked in clapping and cheering with them. We took our seats at the Mr and Mrs table. 

The reception really was beautiful. White tables all around the beach. Half of it was covered by a white tent. Half of the tables were covered and the other half wasn't. The dance floor was a portable floor that changed colors and it was all covered. Well, it was in the center of everything. 

(I wish I could show you guys a picture of what I picture the reception! But links don't work on here >:( )

There were speakers at almost every corner. The DJ was on a side and me and Justin's table was a rectangle instead of a circle like everyone else's. Every table had dark purple ribbon on the chairs and the napkins were light blue. The center pieces were flowers and little pairs of flip flops and one said Just and the other said Married. It was cute. 

For dinner, we decided on grilled chicken and the other option was spaghetti. Everyone got served and ate. The dessert table was like a candy buffet. M&Ms to brownies. Cotton candy to cookies. It was pretty sweet. SWEET haha. 

Once everyone ate, that's when the party started! The DJ started up the music and everyone got on the dance floor and well..danced. 

Justin and I stayed at the table for a few minutes.

He put his arm around me and kissed my cheek. "This is pretty awesome if i do say so myself." He smiled. "It is." I laughed. 

Justin got up and went to the DJ and when he started to walk back a familiar tune started to play. 

"May i have this dance, Mrs. Bieber?" He asked putting his hand out. I smiled and nodded. I grabbed it and we danced to I'll Be by Edwin McCain. 

I put my head on his chest. He pulled my chin to him and kissed me. We swayed through the song and everyone was taking pictures and videos. We also made sure we had a lot of security so no paparazzi came in. 

"I love you so much Maddie." Justin said looking into my eyes. 

"I love you too Justin." We kissed a last time as the song ended. 

Then my dad and I got our father, daughter dance. We danced to My Little Girl by Tim McGraw. 

Cake time! Justin and i walked over to the 4 layer cake that was decorated with purple and white. 

Justin got the knife and i put my hand on top of his. We cut it together. Once we got it on our plate, Justin got a forkful of cake and brought it to my mouth. I opened my mouth. I screamed when he pushed it to my face. "Justin!" I laughed screamed. 

Everyone started to laugh. I got a forkful and smashed it in his face. "Ha!" I said. I got some on his mouth and nose. Then he threw some more in my face and it got in my mouth. I nodded. "It's pretty good. Now I've got it all over my face thanks JUSTIN." I joked. I grabbed a napkin but Justin stopped me. "Let me get it." He smirked and kissed me. He pulled away and actually got most of the cake off of me ha. 

What a day.


"Congrats guys!"

"We're happy for you!" 


Everyone was yelling congrats and goodbyes at us before we left for our honeymoon. Which i didn't know where we were going because Justin wasn't telling me.

I hugged my parents. "Thanks for everything mom and dad." I smiled. "Justin will take good care of you. He's a great guy. But remember, you're always going to be my little girl." My dad said kissing my forehead. "I know." I smiled up at him. My mom hugged me and kissed me too. "We love you Maddie." "I love you guys too." 

I got into the limo and waved out the window. Everyone waved back. The limo drove off and Justin grabbed me and i squealed landing on his lap. He kissed me right away. "Where are we going Justin?" I asked. 

"You'll see." He smirked.

SEVERAL hours later:


We finally landed in...I don't know. We got our bags and i saw outside. There were palm trees. Hmm. 

We got into a car and the driver took us to our VERY nice hotel. I saw a sign at the hotel:

Welcome to Atlantis Royal Towers! In Paradise Island, Bahamas. 

"The Bahamas??" I asked Justin. He nodded. "I've always wanted to come here!" I said happily. 

The bellhop got our bags and showed us to our suite. It was the nicest one in the hotel apparently. And it was. Dang. 

After we got changed and relaxed, we got into bed. It was later here and we were exhausted. Justin wrapped his arms around me. "Goodnight Mrs. Bieber." He whispered. I giggled. "Goodnight." 

3 days later:

"Look i'm getting a tan! I laughed. Justin laughed. We were sitting poolside getting some sun. It's been 3 days and it's been SO amazing. I can't imagine being with anyone else. 

That night, we were cuddling on the couch just talking. I love talking with Justin. 

My legs were over his lap and he was resting his head on my shoulder. 

"This has been amazing Justin." I said. "It has." He smiled. I kissed him. "Thanks for everything. I couldn't be happier." 

"I'm so glad." 

We continued to talk about anything and everything. I can tell him anything and he won't judge or laugh or anything. It's amazing. 

"Can I just say something?" Justin asked. "Of course." 

"I've said this before, but...I'm truly, deeply, overwhelmingly in love with you Maddie."

"I'm in love with you too, Justin." 

He kissed me. 

"I'm so glad I fell for a Princess." 

A/N: THE END! Sad but happy :) :( 
Thank you everyone for reading this story! I enjoyed writing it! Make sure you read my new story I'll be posting the first chapter tomorrow! AND read the epilogue I'll write for this story! Thank you again! 

If you are sad about this ending, you can read my other stories! 

Love you all!

~Kailey xoxo

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