Falling for a Princess

Madeline is a normal 17 year old girl who lives in San Diego, California. But what happens when she finds out she's the princess of the royal family? While her life has changed drastically, what happens when One Direction comes into the picture?


24. Telling the fans


A/N: I'm going to skip to a few months later so things get dramatic and good! Haha 


2 months later:

Maddie's POV: Justin hasn't let me go out very much since I started to show. It's kinda annoying. I mean, I want to go outside! But the whole team isn't letting me go. I was sitting on the couch in the bus watching tv. I wasn't really watching though. I was too distracted. Justin, Ryan, Ryan (Good), and Kenny came into the bus. They were laughing and I looked at them. They stopped laughing when they saw me staring at them. Justin came over. 

"Aw, baby. Don't be mad." He said. 

"How can i not?! You won't let me leave the bus! I'm feeling cooping up and I just can't stand being in here anymore!" I turned away from him. Justin put his hands on my shoulders. "I'm sorry. It's not my decision though. It's Scooter's. He's worried someone will see you and...you know." He said sort of trailing off. I turned to him. 

"You know, you or me or us will have to tell the fans at some point you know. We can't not tell them and then have a baby and everyone seeing us take care of a baby." I told him.

"She's right Justin." Ryan said. We turned to him. "You need to tell at least the fans. You don't need to tell the media or anything. Odds are, the fans will tell everyone else and the media will eventually find out." He explained. I nodded. "He

s right." I said. Justin sighed. "I know. It's not like I DON'T want to tell them. They're my fans. I tell them everything. Almost." I nodded. "We need to tell them. But i don't know how." I said.  

"Before we do that there's another problem." Justin said looking at us. "What?" I asked. He stood up walking to the door. "We have to ask Scooter." He said with a serious but scared smile. He walked out the door. Probably to ask Scooter. I leaned back into the couch and rubbed my head. 


"He said it was ok?" I asked Justin. He nodded. "He just said we have to deal with the hate and consequences." I nodded. "I ca deal with that. But how do we tell the fans?" I asked. Justin thought for a minute and then his face lit up. "I have an idea." He said smiling. "What?" I asked following him into our room. He took out his phone and tweeted. My phone buzzed a minute later. I get his tweets sent to my phone. It said:

Got a big announcement to make tonight! Haven't done a livestream in a long time! Tune into my livestream tonight at 7! I'll put the link up before then

I looked at him. "You're going to tell them over a livestream??" I asked surprised. He nodded. "Figured it'd be the best way. Since I can't fit over 33 beliebers in one arena." He smiled. I nodded. "Ok then." I laughed. 

6:55 that night:

Justin tweeted the link and he started to get logged in. There were already over 20,000 viewers. I gulped. "Why are you nervous?" Justin asked rubbing my back. "Because...what if the fans hate me after we tell them?" I asked worriedly. "They won't. They love you." Right at 7 he tweeted saying he was on and the views sky rocketed. 

"Hey guys!" Justin waved into the camera. If you don't know what a livestream is, it's where the person who creates the chat (like Justin), the viewers can see Justin but he can't see them. The viewers can chat with him though in the chat box things. Justin can see them and read them and respond. 

Fans started to comment and Justin read some. "Thanks for coming. I know you are all anxious about the big announcement! Let me tell you, it isn't about music." He said. I wasn't in the picture yet. I was off to the side. 

What is it Justin??!?!?

Stop killing us!!

Tell us Justin! Please! Stop making us wait! Lol

Justin always does this to us...lol 

Justin read a few comments and laughed. "You guys make  me laugh. Ok, so here it is...." He trailed off looking at me. He waved me over. I sat next to him. "You all know Maddie." He smiled. 

Hi Maddie! I love you!

Maddie!! Hi!

You guys are so cute! 

Ugh get her out of here..

"Now now," Justin said. "I'll tell you in a second." He smiled. 

I nodded at him to tell me it was ok. He nodded. 

"Ok...I-WE have a big announcement to make. I hope you still stick with me after I tell you all this." Justin said. 

We will always stick with you Justin!

We will! Belieber forever!

We stick with you no matter what!

Justin smiled and took a deep breath. "Maddie is pregnant." He confessed. Comments went through the roof. And surprisingly a lot of nice comments. 

Ah omg!! Congrats!

Congrats! So happy!

OMG! You two will make a cute baby!

Congrats!! I'm so happy Maddie is the mom! 

We smiled. I stood up. "See, look." I told them and lifted up my shirt to reveal a baby bump. 

Aww! How long are you Maddie?!

Is it a boy or girl?!

It's gonna be such an adorable baby!

I put my shirt down and smiled. "I am now 3 1/2 months pregnant. And we haven't checked if it's a boy or girl yet. And of course we'll let you all know. Thank you for being so supportive." I smiled and blew a kiss to them. Justin kissed my cheek and the comments were like, "You guys are so cute!" "I hope it's a girl!" "I hope it's a boy!" "Justin is going to be an amazing dad and you will be an awesome mom!" 

"Thanks guys! We gotta go, but we'll keep you updated! Love you!" He made a heart with his hands and signed off. 

"Told it wasn't going to be bad." Justin smiled at me kissing me. I kissed him back, smiling into the kiss. "I knew you were right." I told him and kissed him again. 

Maybe this whole thing will go better than I thought.. (:


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