Falling for a Princess

Madeline is a normal 17 year old girl who lives in San Diego, California. But what happens when she finds out she's the princess of the royal family? While her life has changed drastically, what happens when One Direction comes into the picture?


34. Party time!

3 months later (Night before the wedding):

"Ok, what's going on? Where are you taking me?" I asked Katie and Cassie. They just continued to pull my arms to the car. 

"You'll find out! It's the night before your wedding! Duh, this is your bachelorette party!" Katie said excitedly.

"I know! But i want to know where you're taking me!" I got pulled closer and closer to the car when i heard my name being yelled. I turned around and Justin was running to me with Ryan, Chaz and the 1D boys behind him. I laughed. He ran up to me, picked me up and spun me around and kissed me. 

"Don't have too much fun without me." Justin winked. I laughed. "I should be saying that to YOU." I smiled. "Don't be showing off to all those girls."

"What girls? I only have one girl in my life." He smiled and kissed me again. "What about your mom?" I joked. "Ok TWO girls in my life." He laughed. 

"Aye! Love birds! C'mon we need to go! You weren't suppose to see each other tonight but Justin begged to. Plus he ran off." Ryan said. I laughed. I kissed his cheek. "See you tonight." I smiled and waved. As i walked off a slap on my butt made me squeal. I turned around and saw Justin sly walk away. I narrowed me eyes and smiled at him as i got into the car. 

Justin's POV:

"You guys better not be taking me to a strip club or anything." I said from the back seat of my car. "Or crash my VERY nice EXPENSIVE car." I added. 

"Don't worry," Ryan said calmly. "we aren't taking you anywhere TOO fancy." I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms looking out the blackened windows. 

It was a 15 or so minute drive when we stopped. I opened the door to a big building. It had no name on it so I couldn't tell where we were. "Where are we?" I asked as we walked to the entrance.

"You'll see." Chaz smiled, 

We opened the door and an older man sat behind a front desk. He saw us and smiled. "Through the doors. Have fun." I nodded slowly but confused. I followed Ryan, Chaz and the boys into a HUGE room filled with trampolines, foam pits, bikes, basketball hoops, everything a guy could imagine. It's like boy heaven.

"Woah...this is awesome!" I commented.

"I knew you'd like it. Now let's go!!" Chaz yelled. We all ran into the arena and went our separate ways doing whatever.

This will be a fun night.

Maddie's POV:  

"I want to know where we're going!" I demanded. They started laughing. "You'll like it. Trust us." Katie smiled. 

We arrived 10 minutes later at a SPA. "A SPA? That's my bachelorette party?" I joked and laughed. 

"We want you to look your best for tomorrow." Cassie smiled. We walked in and the lady at the front desk stood up and led us to a room where we change into our suits and robes. 

We spent about 20 minutes in a hot tub then we got massages. And let me tell you, I've never felt more relaxed. 

We got served a dinner after that and once we were done we got manicures and pedicures. 

"This is nice.." I commented with my eyes shut. 

And lastly, we got facials. Which I desperately needed. I want to look my best for tomorrow. 

As we left, I felt refreshed and ready for tomorrow. We got back home and the boys weren't home yet so I went upstairs and said goodnight to Blake and got ready for bed. 

15 minutes later i hear the boys downstairs. I put my phone down and put my hair in a pony tail and rush downstairs to see Justin...I mean, everyone...not just Justin....oh who am I kidding? I want to see Justin. 

I'm on the last step of the stairs when Justin turns around and smiles. He comes up to me and picks me up and kisses me. 

"Why hello there beautiful." He said looking into my eyes. "Hey there." I replied with a smile. He puts me down and the rest of the boys are staring at us. 

"What?" I asked. 

"Nothing. You two are just so cute." Ryan smiles. "Oh. Well thanks. We're going to go to bed. I'll see you in the morning." I told them. "Goodnight. Remember, you and Justin aren't allowed to see each other tomorrow." Louis smirked. 

"Thanks for reminding me Lou." Justin said sarcastically. We went upstairs, Justin said goodnight to Blake and he changed and got in next to me. He wrapped his arms around me and his warmth of his body made me relax. 

"Can't wait for tomorrow." Justin whispered in my ear. I giggled. "Me either." 

"I can't wait to say I Do at the alter and you being mine....forever." 

A/N: I hear wedding bells already! Haha the next chapter will be the last one :( But I also have an Epilogue for you guys! It's bittersweet. The last chapter will be LONG! Thanks for reading everyone! (: PLEASE  comment! xx 

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